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Where do you stand?
Starting in 1951, The Company, a research group dedicated to finding the missing link between human beings’ current state and their full potential, injected Imprint X322 into newborns in hospitals throughout the country. These children developed superhuman powers, each varying from the next according to the child's unique biology. The Agency, a unit from the United States government, shut down The Company and now searches for its experiments in order to exploit their power (or remove it, if necessary).

This role play begins during a time of social unrest. High crime rates plague the city, and recently there’s been rioting against a slew of newly introduced policies. High unemployment rates and the lowest standard of living within the state have left residents frustrated — angry and willing to do anything to survive.

Our idea of a superhero has been crafted—molded since we were young. Just a click of the remote took us to Superman, the very definition of the word. We saw him utilize his enhanced agility and strength to defeat the unethical schemes of Lex Luthor, his arch-nemesis. When all was right, he ran to the shadows to become a common man named Clark Kent. He then battled everyday evils, such as staplers, traffic jams, and the pain of unrequited love.

Though he was portrayed as a civilian, he was never considered one. He was always alien to us, as most well-known superheroes are. It’s never an average man without a run-in with toxic fluids or bites from strange creatures who saves the day, but for these citizens, that all changes...


Weekend Warriors' concept is strongly influenced by comics, television, and movies such as Scott Pilgrim, Kick Ass, and Heroes. It’s relaxed, character-driven, and allows for new sub-plots alongside the existing one.

Site can be found here.

Tropes found in this roleplay include:

  • Blessed with Suck: Several powers have really negative side effects, or are simply not that great.
  • City Noir: Though, being in Northern California, there is less rain.
  • Crapsack World: With a corrupt political establishment, police who work for the Family, and extreme disparities between the rich and poor, expect pretty much everything that can wrong, count on it to do so. Plus, the government is out to get you.
  • Dysfunction Junction: Pretty much a roleplay trope, but clearly there in the characters on the board. Most have some sort of tragedy in their lives that continues to effect them.
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  • Feuding Families: The Agnesi and the Tam's are in full out war over both their leaders being assassinated by the other side.
  • Grey-and-Gray Morality: None of the factions involved seemed to be entirely without guilt, they also all seem to be convinced they're right.
  • How Do I Shot Web?: Some people are born with their powers, others develop them when they are young, and during game play, additional powers can be added for leveling up a character, at which point there's a certain amount of this.
  • Inherent in the System: The city itself has a tendency to cause problems.
  • Love Chart: plus an intense amount of spreadsheets. Love Chart
  • Love Dodecahedron: Kate and Mo had a wild night back in 2001 (and many more after the fact). Years later Mo met Lola, it didn't work. Lola had a rebound with Cal, then Michael, then Rick, and finally Flynn. Flynn was then heartbroken over Gracie, who happened to have slept with Kate, as did Cal (who has also slept with Gracie). And that's without adding Michael's connections.
  • The Mafia: The Agnesi crime syndicate has a lot of influence in the city.
  • The Masquerade: Most people don't know about super powered people.
  • Mundane Utility: Many of the characters use their powers in a fairly mundane way.
  • No Such Agency: The Biological Counterintelligence Agency doesn't exist in the government, technically. Considering the fact that they monitor and capture dangerous mutants, there's a reason for it.


These are some of the characters running around in Weekend Warriors.

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Blake O'Malley / Lucy Morrill

Actor: Carey Mulligan / Amelia Pool
"I don't do clean breaks. I'm too messy"
Former undercover cop who was captured by the Agency during the fire at Aqua, presumed dead now.


  • Casting a Shadow: Blake's power, which she uses often and casually.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Dad died when she was young, brother shot and paralyzed, and she went undercover shortly after, and that was all before she got into the story and is now considered to be dead by most of her friends and family.
  • Death Faked for You: Lucy was picked up by the Agency in the midst of the Aqua fire. Since she was known to be in the building at the time, her death was neatly faked without too much extra effort.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: Despite her angst, Blake spends most of her time trying to make jokes and/or laughing at herself.

Clara Gold

Actor: Tina Fey
"If you don't sit down again I will make you."
Operations coordinator for the Agency. Has been involved since the very beginning.


  • Badass Bureaucrat: Clara will do anything, anything, for her agents. They just won't know it.
  • Lady of Black Magic: Too bad she's not a field agent any more. Clara uses her ability to its full effect only occasionally these days, but when she was younger, she would play with people constantly.
  • Mama Bear: To her agents, since she's never had kids. Though she doesn't show this off to the agents, that would mean showing she liked them!
  • People Puppets: Clara likes doing this to people with her abilities. It is often how she gets out of sticky situations.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: A lot of what Clara does is to earn her father's — a five star general — respect. Yes, despite the fact that she's 40, she still has daddy issues. She also has turned around and become rather like her father to the majority of the agents she deals with, so they will never know her nicer traits.

Nigel Livingston

Actor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
"You just have to decide what you want, and then the details fall into place behind it."
A new Agent, Nigel also works for the Family as a con man. He's a bit of a chameleon.

  • Con Man: Pretty much how Nigel got this job. He talked himself into a restaurant, had a chat with Clara, and ended up with a job.

    Blue Anchor Employee 

Aiden Morrill

Actor: James McAvoy
"Mind being Professor X, the most powerfully awesome mutant in Marvel? Um, no, I don't mind at all."
Once a cop on the street, Aiden Morrill took a bullet while on duty, and ended up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He helped form the Blue Anchor Security Faction, and now works there. Recently his little sister was killed and he's... taken it badly.


  • Disability Superpower: Aiden didn't discover his ability until after he got shot.
  • In the Blood: A large part of why Aiden wanted to be a cop was because of his family.
  • Mind over Matter: Aiden is still developing his telekinetic powers, but he's starting to get the hang of it.
  • Parasol of Pain: Aiden's weapon of choice is an umbrella. He uses his telekinesis to move it around.
  • Promotion to Parent: after his dad died, Aiden took on his dad's role.

John "Pyro" Tyler

Actor: Alex Pettyfer
"If you don't like that, there are crab cakes, salmon, tilapia... I like to think I've perfected the recipes... There's a swordfish on the wall. Can't go wrong with a mounted swordfish..."
Owner and chef of The Blue Anchor, known almost exclusively by his middle name. Much to his father's disapproval, Pyro went to culinary school in California before opening his own restaurant in New Haven. Now it's not just a restaurant, but a security service for supers. Complications all around.


Megan Wolfe

Actor: Anne Hathaway
"Having a power is usually more trouble than it’s worth anyway…"
One of the founders of the security branch of the Blue Anchor, Megan teleports near to supers, and has been spreading the message that there is a dangerous anti-mutant agency out there.



Ava Hunt

Actor: Charlott Cordes
"I am the most gorgeous thing here."
Interim CEO of Hunt Steel. Through mismanagement ended up making a deal with the Agnesi to keep her business afloat.


David Cross

Actor: Caleb Landry Jones
"I don't need to be perfect. I'm a firefighter. Chicks love that shit. Mr. May in the calendar every year."
A firefighter from New Haven with quite a few romantic problems.


Evan Cross

Actor: Emma Stone
"I can make anyone want to be in the spotlight with me."
Bit reporter turned newscaster, before being accused of arson and murder. Currently awaiting trial for her supposed crimes.


  • Playing with Fire: Evan can set things on fire with her mind.
  • Pyromaniac: Using her ability makes Evan feel the urge to set things on fire more and more. Stress also brings this out in her. Flame soothes her.
  • Stutter Stop: Seeing a flame of some sort, or even thinking about one, has a calming effect on Evan allowing her to get rid of her stutter.

Gilberto López

Actor: Amaury Nolasco
"I can't just sit here and do nothing."''
Pediatric surgeon, who's wife vanished one day. He picked up and moved to New Haven in order to be near his brother, who had much more information on the Agency, in order to try and find his wife.


  • The Lost Lenore: Nesa for Gil, though she's probably still alive, as far as we know.

Nick Tam

John Cho
"Well then I expect to see results. Soon."
Eldest son of the Triad's previous Dragon Head, Nick was supposed to inherit his father's role when he died. However he passed this off to his younger brother Wei and took up the position of The Dragon to him, preferring to actually run the operation, as opposed to watching other people do the work.


  • The Stoic: Nick remained calm while killing his own brother. Nothing flusters him.

    Company Associate 

Charlotte Turner

Actor: Emily Deschanel
"Is there a chance you are... special?"
Looks much younger than she really is, currently she is researching a "cure" for powers.


  • Blessed with Suck: Some might say never getting past 33 is a blessing. Charlotte disagrees. Her ability also rewrites her bodies history. In one instance, Charlotte no longer believed her daughter was her own, and tried to drown her in the bathtub. She's never forgiven herself for this.
  • Broken Bird: Charlotte remains distant from people so she doesn't have to worry about loosing emotional attachment to them.

Deliah Floss / Claire Bishop / Snow White

Actor: Alona Tal
"Do you really want to know what cold is?"
A young woman who organizes the universe. She is also a Reaper.


Mortimer McCarthy

Actor: Alexander Fatkulin
"I'm afraid my experiments may not have the impact that I had originally hoped they'd have."
A doctor with some odd ideas.


  • Deadly Doctor: Mortimer is going around the city, cutting people up, and then bringing them to the hospital where he pretends to treat them until they die. Yeah, just a little.
  • Meaningful Name: Mortimer the necromancer. One might wonder what his parents thought he would become.
  • Necromantic: He preserved his wife's corpse for ten years in the hopes that one day he could return her to life.


Dinesh Malik

Actor: Dev Patel

The son of two prominent doctors, Dinesh never was that into school, so he let his brothers go on to college, while taking up a job at a liquor store and decided to just have fun. Dinesh got involved with the Company so as to get a cool super power — what he got was caffeine production. He is constantly hyper, and in general a very cheerful person. Now he plays in Derelict as their drummer, and is living with the other Fae. Din just wants to have fun.


  • Genki Girl: Dinesh's ability makes him extremely perky.


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