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Created by Brontozaurus, Walkabout is the Haro, a boy from a village on the larger of a pair of islands roughly analogous to New Zealand. He's 16, and in his tribe 16 is the age when boys go 'walkabout' to find themselves and so become men.

Haro, however, has a bigger problem. He's the chief's son-and, as the future ruler of the tribe, his walkabout is much harder than anyone elses. He must traverse an entire continent (called Gondwanaland), across the ocean from his island home, to obtain a feather from a bird. This is meant to widen his outlook upon the world so that he does not condemn the tribe to extinction through a bad decision.


Fortunately for Haro, who is very much accident-prone, he's got friends to help him:

  • Baiji, his totem animal spirit. A dolphin, she only came down out of the spirit world due to Haro's accident-prone nature. Baiji can manipulate water in various ways. While she happily performs her role as Haro's guardian, she is not above pulling a prank when she can-usually by turning invisible and talking to people who cannot see her.
  • Whiro, a warrior from the smaller of the two islands. Whiro was captured by pirates, but he and Haro escaped to the continent. He's very much of the 'might-makes-right' mentality, and is very serious, as he believes a warrior should be.
  • Trugannini, a girl from one of the forest tribes on the continent who acts as the group's guide. She claims to know everything there is-while she does have extensive knowledge, she chooses to defend her claim by vigorously denying the existence of anything she doesn't know about, until she's presented with visual proff.

Together, these four trek across Gondwanaland, encountering friends and enemies alike, along with the strange denizens of Gondwanaland and the even stranger denizens of the Spirit World. Along the way, they also encounter the mysterious People of the Sun-who are doing more than they let on.

It is NOT to be confused with the Australian film of the same name.

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