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A mysterious project by Zealous Thaumaturge that might or might not exist in the near future (it won't). In all seriousness, this is basically just a series of vague ideas that I'm throwing at the wall for two reasons: to have some fun brainstorming, and to get used to editing and formatting on this site. That being said, whether anything comes out of this stunt will be revealed in the future.

Twenty-two students from the prestigious Prometheus Academy for the Gifted and Talented are kidnapped and taken to Mangetsu, an abandoned island resort as far as they are concerned. They are held captive by a mysterious entity who goes by the name "John Doe". The students only have one month to figure out how to leave the island - what happens at the end of the month is never specified, but heavily implied to be something not pleasant.



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     The Students Collectively 

Tropes Applying to All the Students

  • Aerith and Bob: The eccentricity of their names varies wildly - on one hand, you have names like Miles, Gerardo, Elizabeth, and Shawn. On the other end of the spectrum you have names like Xander Artemus, Octavian Aschenputtel, and Heliotropes Craig.
  • Dysfunction Junction: A good portion of them don't have the happiest stories, and their issues are only exacerbated by being held hostage on the island.
  • Teen Genius: Well, they were accepted to Hope's Peak's successor, so all of them apply in one way or another. The exception is the Ultimate "Loser" Craig, but even then he's capable of pulling off some impressive feats for someone his age.

     The Male Students 

Ameryuu "Ame" Shiraga

The Ultimate Webcomic Artist

Gerardo Giovanni

The Ultimate Trickster

Hachi Etsuko

The Ultimate Jack of All Trades

Heliotropes Craig

The Ultimate "Loser"

Hikaru Minami

The Ultimate Track Star

Kyoshi Orinosuke

The Ultimate Critic

Miles Valen-Rogers

The Ultimate Actor

Octavian Aschenputtel

The Ultimate Bachelor

Shawn Ruth Devereaux

The Ultimate Conman

Xander Artemus

The Ultimate Video Game Developer

Yusei Ishiyama

The Ultimate Pyrotechnician

     The Female Students 

Elizabeth Dresden

The Ultimate Military Strategist

  • Abusive Parents
  • Card-Carrying Villain: She makes no mystery of her intentions, nor is she particularly subtle in her brutality and disregard for others.
  • It's All About Me: Her main concern is looking out for number one (i.e, her), and everything that doesn't involve that is utterly pointless to her.
  • Napoleon Complex
  • Jerkass
  • Self-Made Orphan: Attempted, but only succeeded in offing her father.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: Ultimately, she craved her father's love and praise despite his abusive nature. His final words, "You'll never be on my level," is what made her realize that she'll never be happy on the path she's on - not like she'll ever admit it, anyway.

Hinoka Minazuki

The Ultimate Storyteller

Horatia Baggio

The Ultimate Clockmaker

Masuyo Etsuko

The Ultimate Psychologist

Mieko Shiratori

The Ultimate Knitter

Minerva Noir

The Ultimate Delinquent

Misaki Rin

The Ultimate Daredevil

Nyla Wakahisa

The Ultimate Rollerblader

Shiori Ayashima

The Ultimate Witch

Sora Kurosaki

The Ultimate Translator

Takara Sumeragi

The Ultimate Romantic


     John Doe 



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