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  • Dethroning Moment of Suck: Chapter 89 is a chapter that became almost equally hated in parts of the fandom for how it clearly signalized the story's cut by magically resolving every plot issue that had been built up for several chapters in the span of a few pages, reverting Yuuki back to a needy crybaby, and the crowner being Kaname telling her to sleep with him in the words of "if you can't decide who you love, I'll teach you", which, while it inevitably made many Kaname/Yuuki shippers happy for the fact that they did sleep together, it equally pissed off or disturbed plenty of them for many of the same reasons it did Zero/Yuuki shippers, that being Kaname's reason for proposing sex, and for how it happened after a depressing conversation of which he stated his inability to make her happy. Neither did it help that just two chapters prior, Yuuki had kissed and admitted to being in love with Zero, again leading to fans from both sides finding it unforgivable of a shoujo mangaka to, regardless the "reasoning", make her heroine jump between the two guys in a heartbeat like that. Ultimately only the fans refusing to let go of their ship no matter what remained, while the rest either left the series altogether, or only stuck around to see how it would end while having no hope or care left for the endgame couple, feeling the story had been completely sacrificed in favor for a then money-milking love triangle.

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