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Vampire/Amazon (or V/A), is a novel series series of shorts series of fiction works in progress by Nyke.

Colin is a Voided (person without a soul). The only way he's survived is by using an innate power called the mirrorseed to make fake souls. He still has the urge to steal (most of) others souls.

Alexis is a mage, with a preference for strength-enhancers and close combat. Sure, she has the same arcane powers as other mages, but firing off spells at a distance isn't as fun as knocking the problem into next week.


Together they take odd jobs organized by the local restaurant owner in an effort to pay off their bills and the tab.

Along the way they cross a local crime family, a couple of hunters that have issue with Colin's lack of soul, a more traditional vampire, and demons. Under all that is someone's plan to summon something big, unless Colin, Alexis, and their allies can stop it.

This ...whatever has examples of:

  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl (Reversed and Played with: Colin is only a few inches shorter than Alexis, but weighs HALF what Alexis weighs)
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia (Voided Erasure)
  • Magic Knight (Alexis)
  • Our Vampires Are Different (Soulus Voided and Arcanus Vampires share a few rules, but they’re still distinct types)
  • The Big Guy (Alexis is class 2, with shades of 5)
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