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A story about a quirky group of superheros that sadly only exists in This Troper's head. I'm still working on some things, such as the Superhero Origin and some of the names, but here are the superheros as they are now:

Superhero Name: Character

Civilian Name: B.J.

Powers: She can shapeshift into different fictional characters and use whatever powers they have while she's in their form. If she stays in a form too long, however, she'll start taking on that character's personality as well, and once she changes back, it will be a while before she's fully back to normal. (I'm still working on a Power Limiter for her, because being able to shapeshift into any fictional character at any tme would be a Game-Breaker.)Characterization Tropes:


Superhero Name: ???

Civilian Name: Edward Culton

Powers: Thought to be just Super Speed. Later on, it is discovered that he has low-grade Reality Warper powers. Also, if he is de-powered or killed, the other heroes loses their own powers.

Characterization Tropes:

Superhero Name:???

Civilian Name:???

Powers: Most of the Stock Superpowers. Few of the Required Secondary Powers.

Superhero Name: Robotica

Civilian Name: ???

Powers: She can make her mind work like a computer does. But, while she's using this power, she loses her human qualities, such as creativity and emotion. She's also vulnerable to getting hacked etc. while she's using her power.Character tropes:


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