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Placeholder Title for some stories/game ideas created by Hanz. A hiding place for it until the author is ready to actually tell others about it.

List in development...

The Legends
The first takes place in a Standard Fantasy Setting with a large degree of parody. The story is for the most part a satirical piece about The Hero's Journey with a good deal of Deconstruction and black comedy.

In this setting, Elves are the dominant species of the world, being the ones favored by the main god of the realm as well as being just naturally better than the "Primitives". Most other races are either rivals or servant races. Amongst these are Humans and Orcs, who tend to live in either the outskirts or in the cities as manual workers.


Deity-wise, the world is embroiled in an Order Versus Chaos conflict, with the Goddess Kalynd and God of Chaos Sir Joniboi. Both are not explicitly good nor evil, though since Kalynd is the stronger one whose religion is much more organized her more zealous followers often cast Joniboi as a dark god/borderline Eldritch Abomination.

Characters include:

Kreilyn: The Chosen One of The Goddess of Order. Fits all the standard RPG Hero Archetypes, including having Anime Hair, using a Sword of Plot Advancement and being a Marty Stu. Underneath his heroic appearance however he is shown to be very prone to Moral Dissonance.Tropes Associated:

The Narrator: A purposely unnamed Loremaster (occasionally given nicknames by others such as Squibbo) whose main duty is to record the legend of Kreilyn. His initial blind devotion/guycrush of Kreilyn tends to initially cover up most of his acts of Moral Dissonance, though eventually he starts questioning his ways. Although he insists on being the First-Person Peripheral Narrator and only staying around to record the journey, he occasionally is forced to become a Hypercompetent Sidekick.Tropes Associated:


Grimgul: An Orcish Swordsman who is one of the first to tag along with Kreilyn. Practical and to the point, he tends to use When All You Have Is a Hammer... type philosophy when solving problems and prefers having annoying people Talking To The Fist. Nonetheless he is something of the Only Sane Man in the group.

Kasha: A Feral Elf (equivalent of Wood Elf) who was Raised by Wolves and as such has a very savage personality. Is later picked up by the group and ends up as something of a romantic interest.

Princess Tevyn: Not so much a princess as the daughter of a minor human noble with delusions of grandeur. She travels with the group mostly out of a personal belief that if they do manage to defeat the elves she can become a true princess. Experiments with magic and carries around a crossbow.

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