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This page is hopelessly out of date, but don't worry, progress is being made, for great justice.

Tropers are making a console-style rpg featuring loads of tropes and various tropers. More details go here.

Current tasks:

  • Coding - Take V
  • Scripting - (Kiwikaos/general)
  • Mapping - (unassigned/general)
  • Spriting - E
  • Tiling - Take V
  • Sound - Solanth
  • Music - Solanth
  • General artwork - Skellie

So far, we have decided:

Established/Planned Elements:The game is currently planned to revolve around the inhabitants and a loose take of the history of the #tropers chatroom.As detailed later on, the structure will be made episodic and different characters may play different roles based on different perspectives within each chapter.



Battles are currently decided to follow a Chrono Trigger-style battle system, with Paper Mario-esque Action Commands with more variance on both to attack and to counter.The Player Characters:


Tropes which apply to:

[Additional edits and details to characters requested and awaited.]

Direct Antagonists:

  • Nohamotyo is planned to be an Arc Boss.

Status Effects:

It is somewhat noticeable that unlike the majority of Standard Status Effects, the majority of the tropey status effects will directly alter characters, and that they may have plot purposes and puzzle solving intents behind them.

  • Gender Bender is a status effect that can affect all PCs - and, depending on the PC in question, may simply change their gender, or may change other aspects of them a little, or may change them a lot, both in terms of gameplay and plot progression.
  • Idiot Ball is also another planned effect, mostly to lower intelligence scores and impede strategic progress in battle and to progress plot.
  • Villain Ball makes a character oppose the rest of the plot, but unlike the "Charmed" effect, makes the character remain as such for a portion of the plot. Due to the episodic structure, some characters may fight each either due to opposing viewpoints, misunderstanding, or this.
  • Incendiary Exponent leaves a character on fire and thus deals constant and large damage but also deals exorbitant amounts of additional damage through sheer awesome.
  • Ear Worm will prevent a character from hearing both their allies and their opponents (unless either of them are perpetrating the ear worm): the character has a tendency to lose track of events and be unable to hear others' commands (strategic orders or enacting of Dual Techs, and possible painful application of items from others', which is fine if a potion splats someone in the face much but not nearly as fine when a weakpoint is accessible and somebody's tossed a grenade...
  • When a player character dies, they are noted to be Only Mostly Dead.

Other notes:

All items, weapons or otherwise, have their effectiveness depend on context.


Chapter 0:

Chapter 0 is a tutorial chapter, focusing on the adventures of Skellie, as well as providing an intro to the game. More details to come once we agree on them.

Chapter 1:

At the beginning of Chapter 1, Skellie is Late for School.

The chapter's plot revolves around a plan by the Absurdly Powerful Student Council - which includes Sarge - to take over Trope High. At the end of the chapter, the party confronts the Council. All but Sarge leave, Sarge flees to the first level of hell and calls for hellp. He only manages to fuse with a minor demon, and is defeated by the party.

Suggestions from various tropers (feel free to add your own):

Chapter 0 is focused on a flamewar about Faster-Than-Light travel. Suggested in the original brainstorming, currently advocated by Ambar.

When she is Late for School at the beginning of Chapter 1, Skellie discovers a part of the Absurdly Powerful Student Council's plan, but doesn't realize the significance. However, the council assumes she knows their full plan, and punishes her harshly - which causes her, or possibly someone else, to realize that there is a plot, and begin to stop it. (Conglomeration of various suggestions; Advocated by Ambar)

A text game section or two would be appropriate to show both general arguments/debates, allow improvement of relations with teammates, possibly fulfill the meta-quota of self-reference, and invoke some of the random small text-games in the channel.

Feel free to add your own suggestions, or add your name to a cause you agree with (or remove your name from a cause you no longer agree with). Note that "suggested by" here means the person who originally suggested the idea, not whoever is advocating it now.

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