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First movie

  • Most Annoying Sound: If you hate remixes and medleys in a burning passion, all of such songs in the movie's soundtrack (which comprise about more than half of the total tracks) will definitely be this to you.
  • Not Safe for Work: Think this movie aimed at kids is completely safe for work? Think it again. There are a number of NSFW things in it, some of which are aleadry noticeable at first glance!
    • To begin with it all, the overall synopsis is basically that the Bergens treat the Trolls like drugs.
    • Starting immediately in the opening, King Peppy slowly takes off his clothes until he's compeltely nude. He's dressed back again during the main storyline, but still.
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    • As if that wasn't enough, Guy Diamond and all the other Glitter Trolls go around naked all the time. And so does Cooper, who only has a cap. Perhaps Fuzzbert can count in too.
    • A particular kicker is that Cooper actually defecates upon getting scared by Chef. The poor attempt at censoring it with cupcakes doesn't help much.
    • "Get Back Up Again" is basically just nature trying to kill each other, and it's not even for nutrition. In short, it's an ecosystem war!
    • Chef constantly puts Bridget under abusive labor non-stop.
    • During the "They Don't Know Song", Gristle and Bridget do some very sexual poses while dancing.
    • Guy Diamond takes a full crap at Gristle's pet alligator.
    • The "True Colors" also seems to be pretty much erotic, even though actual romance isn't involved at all.


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