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Yes, even we eat Toblerone.

We love it because it's one of the hardest Christmas presents to disguise. (Take That, Santa!) Why, we at Darth Wiki always condone productivity in being a Troll to others, and being bitter, snarky and mean, but first you have to have a Toblerone, because Real Men Eat Toblerone. Besides, even we can't deny that they're DELICIOUS.

You could learn more in THAT OTHER WIKI, or the official site, but why do that when you could take our word for it? It's in nearly every supermarket in the world. The snack tastes amazing. We THINK we know what we're talking about. (Though the official site isn't a bad idea...)

To say that we Darth Wiki Tropers don't like Toblerone is like saying that Bowser likes Mario. It just ain't true, man. It just ain't true.

In fact, it's our newest Wiki Song, The Toblerone Song. Sing with us:

Verse 1
It's my favorite treat
It's an evil sweet
Makes me want to dance
And upload my rants
Now, stop there.
Like I really care.
Make a wish.
As you eat a bear.
Hit a ball.
As you hit us wrong,
Sing us the,
Toblerone Song.
Whyyyy do we fight,
When no one's right?
Whyyyy do we run,
If that's no fun?

Chorus (Sing 3 times)
It's Darth Wiki, it's Darth Wiki,
We always have to have a bitter day.
It's Darth Wiki, oh Darth Wiki,
Have Toblerone to spite another's way.
It's Darth Wiki, yeah Darth Wiki,
You know we hate to have a decent day,
It's Darth Wiki, ugh, Darth Wiki,
Use Toblerone to ruin Santa's way,

Rap Segment (Optional)
Everybody knows Toblerone is the best
There’s no other chocolate you can suggest
You can eat it anywhere for a tasty treat
You can spit it on your enemies in their defeat
Toblerone is where we stand
Triangle sweetness in hand
If you told me it was bad
It would make me very mad
Got grizzly in my teeth
Chocolate goodness underneath
And I’ll always bear it proudly like a door with a wreath, ‘cause–
(Back to Chorus)

Toblerone, because villains won't settle for less.