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-This page is a work in progress, and therefore is incomplete. Please be patient. Thanks.-

The Witch's Forest is a story about a cursed forest.



Heather Kennedy

A stubborn girl with a passion for investigacion.

Mario Di Palma

A broke artist recovering from a gambling addiction that loves women a little bit too much.


Diane Lévesque

A snobbish and xenophobic French model that is having trouble understanding America

Antonio Fernandez

A Spanish biker that loves to go to eating contests.

Martin Luquez

An Argentinian guy that's having trouble getting a job.[[Spoiler:Turns out he also killed someone]]

Catarina Ferreira

A professional Brazilian thief that has been hired by an important company to steal the MacGuffin

Himiko Tomizawa

A tired mangaka that very sleeps. Decided to quit her job after being contacted by the witch

Sasha Novikov

A Russian spy that has also been tasked with stealing the MacGuffin

Joey McIntosh

An Australian photographer with terrible ego problems.


Other Detective

A rookie investigator Heather hired tLévesqueut with the case

Iriney Novikov

Sasha's son. He's the real chosen one

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