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A bastard Farm Boy with Only One Name Darren comes home from selling his adopted father's harvest at the nearby market-town to find that his home has been burned to the ground. He confronts a hooded figure nearby and learns that the evil spirit that did this deed was actually after Darren. After being pursued from the homestead by well-meaning villagers to whom he is Mistaken for Murderer, he accompanies a new friend he met to her nomadic tribe's camping ground. There he is again attacked-by a dragon. The hooded figure reappears, and after a fierce battle the evil spirit ditches his dragon form and flees as a disembodied spirit.The hooded figure, named Levi Drake, suggests Darren take up hunting evil spirits and monsters to protect humanity from the kind of supernatural predation he has just suffered.


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negative information - prior to and during WWII, nuclear physicists around the world could tell that many governments were researching atomic bombs because their colleagues had stopped publishing papers (i.e., their research had become classified).

Robert Ford- killer of Jesse James

The Institute passed the "robotic workforce" point when they started creating synths with functioning AI. You don't give a toaster the ability to question why it should be making toast. At that point, it ceases to be a tool and becomes a slave.-Tobias Drake

     to be introduced 
  • Alecto-ceaseless
  • Mikhael
  • Nightfreeze: of Eve Online fame

Major characters so far:

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     Levi Drake 
Hunter, Dragonslayer, mysterious hooded figure.


The guy whose house was burned to a crispy crisp.




    Tribal Matriarch 
Lachesis's grandmother and Mentor



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