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"Get down! Back up!"
-Jackson Besto, Dr. Evil's Revenge

The War of Action is a series of Power Point presentations that tells the story of a civil war in "The City". Two continuities exist, which meld together in confusing ways.

Original Continuity, 2004-2007

The original series of movies began in 2004 and is being produced to this day. In 2006, work on it was suspended in favor of an attempted remake that was later cancelled. Elements from the remake were then integrated into the original storyline when it resumed in 2014.

The first movie in the series, The War of Action: Show No Mercy!, released in September 2006, had a very simple plot that involved a single battle between two rather small armies. The "good army" consisted of an engineer, a doctor (later named Maryann) and a unit of Girl Scouts. The incompetent "evil army", headed by a then unnamed Evil Commander, employed rather lazy and unmotivated soldiers. The good army won easily by annihilating all enemy units. Future movies would expand on and then deviate from this simple premise.


The plot of the first chapter is a simple one. In its five frames, the good army prepares to do battle with the evil army by training and constructing heavy artillery. The Evil Commander is struggling to get his forces under control to prepare for the war. After they meet on the battlefield, a countdown marks the start of the war, and after a blackout, the good army has defeated the evil army.

In The Revenge, the Evil Commander, humiliated after his defeat in the last episode, has recruited a much larger army, consisting of soldiers from armies around the world (including Nutcrackers). The good army has a new commander (revealed to be Jackson Besto in the remake), who trains his army to face the new and improved evil forces. The Good Commander at first was reluctant of his chances as he acknowledged his adversary's power. However, he quickly turns the tables on him by sending out his fleet of battleships to destroy the entire army at once.


The director's cut adds an extra chapter between The Revenge and its sequel Final Fight. The Evil Commander attempts a hasty retaliation on the good army, which was still celebrating over their second victory over the evil army. The good army narrowly thwarts the Evil Commander's attempt at revenge, and the Good Commander is forced to think about his own abilities as a commander. In the night, he receives a phone call from series Big Bad Dr. Louis Evil, who claims that he will be coming after him. Fearful of defeat, he leaves the city and abandons the good army.

The next morning, the good army has learned the Good Commander has run away and is now left without leadership! Final Fight opens with the Evil Commander taking advantage of this by hiring Dr. Evil to provide him with an even stronger army to take out the remnants of the good army. Just as the good army loses hope, Dr. Jason Good arrives on the scene to train and rebuild the good army. Both armies train hard over the next few days, and when the Evil Commander asks the good army who their new commander is, he goes to Dr. Evil and reports that his stepbrother has taken over command. Dr. Evil arrives on the battlefield himself to taunt Good before leaving it to the Evil Commander to finish him off. Though the Evil Commander eventually succeeds in killing Dr. Good, the good army's retaliation is so fierce that Dr. Evil's army is repulsed. Furious, Dr. Evil kills the Evil Commander.


The final chapter that centers around battle is Dr. Evil's Revenge. Inspired by the success of the good army in the previous battles, many new recruits have come to join in the fight. Dr. Evil plans a comeback that begins with a letter to the good army (once again without a commander) calling them out to one last fight, where they are set to face "the most violent people alive". After a week of training, the biggest iteration yet of the evil army comes out to meet the good army, which they outnumber over 100 to one. Just as the evil army advances, the good army's old commander has come out of hiding. He explains that he has fled to New Jersey to train harder as a commander and has returned after hearing of the good army's success. Immediately after he finishes explaining, Maryann is shot, and soon after, most of the good army is shot with her. Miraculously, one last member of the good army gets the drop on the entire infantry, literally suplexing the entire army to its demise. Evil calls in for backup, and the Good Commander responds in kind. Ultimately, the heavy artillery of the good army prevails.

Eight hours later, Dr. Evil stands alone in a desolate field, his entire forces collapsed over it. The Good Commander takes a final shot at him, and he is presumed dead. However, his shot was not fatal. The movie ends with Dr. Evil on the phone with his wife, who calls to say that she threatens to leave him if he doesn't change his ways. His two children ask their mother when their father is returning home, and she replies that "he was so evil he divorced me", though this has not been explicably shown.

The conclusion in Payback sees the Good Commander visiting his soldiers in the hospital when he runs into Mr. Wazz. Mr. Wazz has escaped to search for his dead dog, Smog, but the Good Commander refuses to hear him out and immediately reports him and has him locked away once again in the Besto Asylum. Shortly after, he attacks a guard and escapes again. He finds himself in a forest where he believes that he has finally found Smog, but it turns out to be a hallucination, and before long, he is captured by the asylum guards. Meanwhile, Maryann has fled the hospital to train harder for the next war and sees Mr. Wazz being taken away. The Good Commander catches up with her in a distant plain and tries to convince her to rest, but Maryann insists on training. Mr. Wazz escapes yet again, this time with the help of his fellow inmates. Mr. Wazz discovers Maryann and the Good Commander, and he immediately assaults the Good Commander for turning him in. A furious Maryann summons several tanks and fighter craft to attack Mr. Wazz, and they make short work of him. Meanwhile, Dr. Evil is on the phone with his children when an assassin hired by his wife shows up and kills him.

The epilogue explains that Mr. Wazz was locked up in maximum security, Maryann succeeded the Good Commander, who had retired, and the children of Dr. Evil lived happy with their mother, although they are still waiting for Dr. Evil to return their call.

Remake Continuity, 2007-2008

The remake of the series expands and retells the backstories of Jason Good and Louis Evil.

Original Continuity, 2014-Present

When The War of Action was Uncanceled in 2014, the plot points of the remake story were suddenly made canon, and the characters introduced in it were suddenly now a part of this story despite not being seen in the original conclusion. It picks up where it left off, with improved production values to show for the long hiatus, and due to the author switching from PowerPoint 2003 to PowerPoint 2010.


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