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The Starr Verse is a world of interconnecting stories centered around the Starr Family & Organization (though not always). Sometimes the setting has very little to do with the Starr family or their associates depending on the story. The Starr's themselves are basically glorified placeholders for the verse, despite being major players. The world is not that much different from the real world, except for some cultural changes in entertainment here and there. But there's hints of the supernatural, and Urban Fantasy stuff going on, in addition to some low level Sci-Fi as well. But overall on the surface the world is still pretty much the same sometime miserable, sometime divisive place as the real world. And America's politics is still as toxic, and divisive as ever too.


Stories within the Verse are:

  • Outlaw Starr- About a very popular Genre-Busting Rock band, comprised of absurdly gorgeous black women. Story touches on themes dealing with fandoms, the music industry and the politics found within, addiction, what is, or is not sexual liberation, censorship, racism/sexism within the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal community, celebrity's place in the world of politics, over sexualization, commercialization, alternative media, fame, and good ole fashioned stereotypical wholesome Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll, and new found obscene wealth etc

  • The Scorpion- Centered around the founder of Outlaw Starr, Tishauna Starr. Usually about her place in the Rock, Soul/R&B, and Hip-Hop worlds, her battle with colorism (and the privilege, and condemnation that comes with it), and her adjustment and grappling with being a very powerful businesswoman, media mogul, entertainer, and a tech & industrial-magnate. Also about her navigating the far reaching hidden world of the top 0.1% of the ultra wealthy elite that she now finds herself a member of. Though she's mostly still seen as a outsider (she considers her self an outsider too, so there's that).

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  • Shadows & Vengeance- A grieving black military family taking on corrupt law enforcement and politicians in the state of Louisiana with an army of ninja at their disposal. But they might have a shadowy enemy of their own hiding in the background.

  • Starr Industries- A very powerful corporation owned by the aforementioned Tishauna Starr, and operated by her and her associates. The story usually deals with the cut throat corporate world, corrupted and compromised politicians, The Government, institutional corruption/racism/sexism and other institutional ills.


Alternate Starr-verse:

  • Dying Starrs- A post-apocalyptic tale set in both the early stages and the in progress stages of a Zombie outbreak. Told from the POV of first responders, emergency services and civilian volunteers. However It's a alternate continuity to the rest of The ’Verse.

  • Fallen Starrs- Set amidst a second American civil war, that gradually spiraled out of control and became horrific. Another alternate setting.

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