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Yeah, it's kinda like that.

The Spectacular Gargoyles was a roleplaying community composed of anonymous fans of the shows of Greg Weisman. Previously located on Twitter, the Roleplay expanded rapidly after migrating to question-asking site Formspring/ Sadly, after OKCUPID purchased, and turned it into a dating website, all of the pre-existing accounts were wiped, and so the RP was killed completely.

As its the name implies, it takes place in a Shared Universe created by combining the casts/settings of Gargoyles and The Spectacular Spider-Man, a Crossover first explored by Weisman himself in the radio play Religious Studies 101: A Handful of Thorns.

The group took place place entirely in Real Time and was composed of a wide variety of characters from both series, with a number of additions from world mythology, Classic Literature, and the wider Marvel Universe (plus a few others thrown in Just For Fun. Some of these suggest relationship with the Buildingversenote .) to round out the cast. It was notable both to due to its huge scope, with more than 300 character accounts, and the ability of the participants, often anonymous even to each other, to stay in character regardless, even as many have clearly maintained multiple accounts.


It also had a spin-off group that explores a number of Alternate Universes, as introduced through Thomeheb's Gateway. It was known as The Spectacular Omniverse. Unfortunately, the bankruptcy of Formspring, and its reformulation into a dating website twoo under the new management, had completely destroyed all of the accounts used for the roleplay. Only a fraction of the accounts have been saved at the Internet Archive, and the character folders below contain all such links. Even then, archive captures only preserved around 50 of the latest posts at the time of the capture, and so provide a highly-incomplete picture of the more active accounts. Thus, this page is close to the only proof this work had ever existed, and the only coherent summary of it.


Provides Examples Of:

  • Aborted Arc: What ever happened to Artemis's oath of revenge on Aphrodite for her betrayal, or of the Oberati's hunt for Typhon, the one remaining Mab supporter?
  • Adaptive Armor: The New Olympian Armor that that Demona sold (And Fleur and LTC Stacy stole from) HYDRA. It can adapt to any species and any environment.
  • Affably Evil: Peredur, who, when the world was threatened by Mab, handed The Spear of Destiny over to Arthur hoping that it could be used to destroy her. It did
  • All Guys Want Cheerleaders: Subverted. Rand breaks up with Sally Avril because she wants him to join the Quarrymen and he thinks they're "full of crap".
  • All Myths Are True: Duh...It's a crossover between Gargoyles and Spider-Man.
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us On New Years Eve, 2011/2012 Falstaff's gang took control of New Camelot.
  • Ambiguously Gay: Lexington and Staghart. However they have been much less subtle about Staghart.
  • Anyone Can Die: Just ask George Stacy, Ned Lee, Poseidon, Mandy, Behemoth, Monparnasse, Gwen Stacy, Norman Osborn, Natsilane, and Beth Maza.
  • Attractive Bent-Gender: Loki spent much of his time in the form of an attractive female.
  • Badass Boast: "I am Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, one of the Führer's hand chosen and Leader of HYDRA!" Countered with "I am Arthur Pendragon, the Once and Future King."
  • Baleful Polymorph: Mab's preferred method of dealing with someone who fails her. She turned Aphrodite into a vulture and Balor into a skin full of wine.
  • Because Destiny Says So: Literally, the Stone of Destiny is a talking rock.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Mysterio's latin spells. Merlin even comments on them when he fights him, but does not actually translate them.
  • Call-Back: Often, to the shows that they were based on, and to events that have occurred since, in-story
  • Cast as a Mask: Spider-Man and Peter Parker have separate accounts, ditto Green Goblin and Norman Osborn, and Owen and Puck. Hobgoblin and Roderick Kingsley seemed to be separate accounts, with the Kingsley account being his true identity, but "Kingsley" turned out to be Daniel (most of the time) and Hobgoblin was always Roderick Kingsley.
  • Character Development: All the characters appear to grow and change, as their canon counterparts do.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Too many to count. They do this a lot. The Crown of Thorns and The Spear of Destiny from the Radio Play become this in Grail Arc, then the Spear becomes this in the Mab arc. Then there is the throwaway scene when Lacunae first meets Thomeheb, and we see Tinkerer is working on something large underneath a tarp...a MONTH later we find out it's Thomeheb's Gateway to other Universes.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Lacunae Rahdan gets mutated into a gargoyle-mutate named Raksha and attempts to do the same to lots and lots of other humans. She also desperately wants to meet and please Demona. When she and Demona do finally meet, Demona smacks Raksha in the face with the steel butt of her bazooka, kicks her onto her stomach and rips her wings right off, tears out her tail, rips her horns right off her skull, and is briefly tempted to rip her glowing eyes out too, but tosses her off a building instead to slowly bleed out and watch the world fade as she dies. Demona does this not because Raksha ate a human being, not because she was making gargoyles look bad, no Demona did this because Raksha did nothing other than offend Demona's gargoyle supremacist ideology by merely existing.
  • Downer Ending: Occasionally, due to the fact that the RP largely takes place in real time. The Halloween Mini-arc was a definite downer, as Dracula turned the London Clan's only human friend (besides King Arthur) into a vampire, forcing Griff and Arthur to kill her, which was Dracula's plan all along, as he wants them all dead and she was the only one passionate enough to get a pro-gargoyle movement going. Worse yet, there are gargoyle claw marks on her mutilated vampire corpse.
  • Everyone Join the Party: This happens twice. The first time during the Grail Arc when Duval uses The Spear of Destiny and Crown of Thorns to literally subjugate every human being on the planet. Just about every active player had a cameo when this happened when every human dropped to their knees (some to hilarious results) results and chanted "Amen" and we all saw them again when Duval's control was broken. This happened again during the climax of the Mab arc. Every single character put in an appearance whether they were aiding in the fight against Mab, or narrowly avoiding collateral damage.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Oberon, in response to Mab: It's why you lost the first time, Mother. What you continuously fail to understand.My power does not come from my magic. Nor Avalon. But from my true friends and allies. Something you'll never understand.*An army of Oberon's Children suddenly materialize on the buildings surrounding the Empire State Building.**A moment later, Brooklyn and Goliath Come charging in, leading two waves of gargoyles from the Manhattan, Avalon, and London Clans, and Spider-Man too* Triples as a Callback to the episode "The Mirror" and as a Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • Fan Disservice: Demona has Goliath chained in a dungeon (uh oh), strips down naked (so far, so good), sits on his lap and carresses him (admit it, fanboys, you wish it was you), and then she stabs him and proceeds to brutally torture him... Squick.
  • Fantastic Racism: Quarrymen to Gargoyles. Gargoyles to Humans. New Olympians to Humans. Jove to the Gargoyles of New Olympus.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Demona on the Green Goblin's glider. She got better.
  • It's Always Mardi Gras in New Orleans: Justified, because the arc and battle for the "Call of the Wendigo" arc DID take place on Mardis Gras.
  • The Missus and the Ex: Brooklyn, Katana, and Tamora. But averted, the moment Tamora appeared back in Brooklyn's life, he went to Katana and told her everything.
  • Ms Fan Service: Demona. While very much in character, she has had more gratuitous nude scenes than any other character except for Raksha who went naked all the time after her mutation.
  • My Girl Is a Slut: It has been very heavily implied that Xanatos and Fox are swingers. It has also been implied that Roderick Kingsley and his arm candy of the week are regular partners. It has also been implied that the Osborns are no longer welcome at such parties the Xanatoses host.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Mab is this In-Universe. Casting a spell that causes every character to have nonstop nightmares for weeks on end.
  • Once Done, Never Forgotten: As Dominique Destine, she slept with Tony Stark. Yes, it was to steal his armory, but no one is letting her forget it and Stark wears it as a badge of honor.
  • Secret Identity: Spider-Man is Peter Parker; Dominique Destine is Demona; the Green Goblin is Norman Osborn; John Castaway is Jon Canmore; Hunter is Robyn Canmore; Cu Chullain is Rory Dugan; Owen is Puck, the Hobgoblin is Roderick Kingsley.
  • Shared Universe: It appears that Greg X's fanfic, Rhapsody, is set in the same universe, albeit 43 years down the road. A descendant of Cordelia appears in the Labyrinth in his 2198 fics, too.
  • Shout-Out: Often. To Greg Weisman's other works, and anything else that is appropriate for the situation. For example, Griff was wounded by HYDRA, but he brushes it off as "Merely a flesh wound."
  • Shown Their Work: The players for the Leader of the New Olympian Clan and Jove have very clearly done their research on Egyptian and Greco-Roman civilization.
  • Show Within a Show: As in "Gargoyles," The Pack were once a popular TV show, and both WITCH and Young Justice currently are popular TV shows.
  • Take That!: The supremacist, violent, PETA-like PIT was an obvious shot at the cardboard cutout hippie PIT Crew from "The Goliath Chronicles" which has also imbibed its way into many "Gargoyles" fanfics, even those written by TGC haters.
  • This Just In!: The RP just stopped in place when, in Real Life, it was announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed. The characters then celebrated, in character, in their own way. Even some of the villains were at Ground Zero in civilian identities celebrating. Demona, of course, was probably the only one who didn't care either way.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Despite being a sociopathic, self professed Lord of Chaos reviled by most members of the Third Race, Set sided with Oberon in both wars against Mab, solely because his archenemy Apophis was supporting Mab.
  • The Unfair Sex: Betty Brant gets upset when Ned is nice to a waitress he's tipping. She cheats on him with Flash Thompson.
  • Valentine's Day Episodes: Just about every couple got in on Valentine's Day. Some had quiet dates, some went out, some hooked up, some had epic sex, some struck out, and some relationships were shown to be teetering on the edge of collapse. Throw in a marriage proposal too.
  • Van Helsing Hate Crime: The Quarrymen's murder of Montparnasse during the London Clan Exposed arc being a prominant example.
  • The Voiceless: Averted with Emily Osborn. She speaks and she's a cast-iron bitch. Played straight with Nought, Pistol (who both "speak" entirely in ellipses), and Claw (who uses emoticons). Hammerhead's chauffeur and Debra Whitman also have yet to speak.
  • Year Outside, Hour Inside: Since everything takes place more or less in real time, when the characters go to Avalon, they spend a lot of time there. The sun rises there, and the gargoyles spend two weeks (from a real world perspective) in stone sleep. Spidey is there too, and when he get's back he ends up in trouble with Aunt May and Gwen due to it being almost a month later.

The Spectacular Gargoyles, with its large cast interacting in various permutations, can get a bit confusing for newcomers to follow. Here's a rough list of the major Story Arcs that the Roleplay has engaged in so far.

The Gang War

Demona and Dr. Octopus engage in a Gang War with New York caught in the middle. The gargoyles and Spidey attempt to restore order. This arc ended with Demona escaping to Paris, and Doc Ock getting arrested and sent to Ravencroft.

The Search for Merlin

Actually occurred before the Gang War, but it was the Gang War that activated and cemented the Roleplay. Griff, King Arthur, and Fleur seek out the Crystal Cave, and successfully revive Merlin.

The Search for the Holy Grail

Nimue leaves Avalon against Oberon's wishes, to explain her motives to Merlin for locking him up in the Crystal Cave. She is then poisoned by an unknown assailant. In order to save her life, King Arthur, Griff, and Fleur begin questing for the Holy Grail, eventually competing against Xanatos and Macbeth for the right to claim the cup.

London Clan Exposed

During the Grail arc, the Quarrymen expose the existence of the London Clan, and Demona attempts to wrest power from Una. At around this time the first of the Crossover characters begin to appear with Loki; a Multiversal traveler who accidentally creates a path that some of the Flashback Clan use to cross over. Introduces the Omniverse for the first time.

The Return of the Green Goblin

Norman Osborn returns, hires the best lawyers he can, and manages to clear himself of all charges of being the Green Goblin, although anyone with a brain can see through him. He quickly schemes to unmask Spidey and discovers he is actually Peter Parker. The two have been playing an unending metaphorical chess game ever since. Goblin also acquires a sample of Peter's DNA and used it to turn an ex-HYDRA agent named Jessica Drew into his own Spider-Woman.


A radical Animal Wrongs Group called "The People for Interspecies Triumph," led by a zealous gargoyle-worshipping leader appears in Manhattan and performs terrorist attacks on the Quarrymen. The leader, Lacunae Rahdan, becomes mutated with gargoyle DNA by Sevarius and changes her name to Raksha. She then attempts to do the same thing to a large crowd, only for PIT to be defeated and for Raksha to be killed by Demona.

The Interview

A minor mini-arc around the beginning of the Mab arc. Travis Marshall interviews Goliath, Zafiro, Una, and Kai.

The Rising

Was being built towards even as far back the Grail and Gang War arcs. Morgana le Fey, seeking revenge upon Merlin, teams up with Demona to unleash Queen Mab — the most powerful and dangerous entity that ever existed. Back, before King Arthur was born, Oberon rebelled against his mother, Queen Mab. Joining forces with his bastard son, Merlin and a Time Dancing Brooklyn, Mab was defeated and thanks to blood from all Three Races, Mab was imprisoned and sealed within the Earth's iron core. Demona journeyed to Antarctica, bringing a jar of "Dominique Destine's" blood and she and Morgana spilled their blood within an ancient structure called the Antarctic Dance, and chanted the spell (the Mab poem from Romeo and Juliet), and unleashed Mab. Planning treachery, Demona attempted to imprison Mab within iron chains to enslave her, but failed. Mab seemingly killed Morgana and spared Demona to spread word of her rising. Mab then unleashed her Unseelie Court, composed of some of the most dangerous Eldritch Abominations from mythology: Apophis, Typhon, Balor, Surt, Tiamat, etc... she easily reconquered Avalon and imprisoned Oberon within the Earth's iron core.

The Rising lasted the longest (over several months) with a number of major events occurring. A number of characters died or almost bit the bucket. A large number of main characters went to Avalon, and more characters were introduced in this arc than any other.

The arc came to a climax when Mab came to Manhattan, planning to use the Empire State Building's antenna to create her eternal winter across the face of the Earth, potentially wiping out all life in the process. Merlin and Brooklyn freed Oberon and the Children of Oberon, along with the Manhattan Clan, the Avalon Clan, the London Clan, King Arthur's Knights, and Spider-Man battled her at the Empire State Building. Seeing another opportunity to destroy humanity and Mab, Demona made a failed attempt to take advantage of this by releasing an iron carrier virus and using Prospero's staff to take control of Mab's winter. Finally, Mab was slain when Goliath ran her through with The Spear of Destiny... she blew up, seemingly taking the Spear of Destiny with her. As a reward, Oberon declared that gargoyles the world over were immune to the arts of him and his people.

A number of minor things occurred around the end of the arc, including Thomeheb revealing that he had Tinkerer build a gate capable of reaching other universes in order to steal from them.

Three arcs began shortly after the Mab arc ended, at around the same time.

The Hobgoblin

The Hobgoblin, a new super-villian has arisen in New York, and had begun stealing from the Green Goblin and threatening the wealthiest—and some of the most corrupt—"People" in the Big Apple. The Hobgoblin also allied himself with Silver Sable in an attempt to rule the underworld, and after many twists, turns, red-herrings and murders, he was finally unmasked as Roderick Kingsley and brought to justice by Spider-Man.

Matrix/New Camelot Arc

After Matrix does some amazing things on Avalon while fighting Mab's forces, he's deemed to dangerous to live, so the Redemption Squad is ordered to take him down and destroy him. Dingo and Matrix run away before this can happen, and fall in with Falstaff's gang. This arc is was finished with the HYDRA attack on Paris.

The New Olympian Arrive

Terry Chung winds up on New Olympus, and the inhabitants decide that it is time for the world to learn of their existence. This arc is also current.

Natsilane's Quest

Raven informs Natsilane that Coyote and Grandmother have gone missing. He and Rory head out on a Quest to find them and find out who's responsible. Ended when Nick, Rory, and Beth Maza confronted Prospero.

The Quest of the Magi

King Arthur, Macbeth, and Peredur seek out the Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh of the Magi. This arc ended with Falstaff invading and temporarily taking over New Camelot.

The Mystery of Morgana le Fay

On the Winter Solstice, Morgana le Fay, who Mab supposedly killed in front of Oberon and Titania returned mysteriously. This arc ended when Morgana discovered a message left to her by Mab, claiming her as her heir.

The Attrition of the New Olympian Clan

Began when Demona arrived on New Olympus, and began sowing seeds of dissent within the ranks of the New Olympian Clan. This arc is not yet finished, but appears to have peaked at the moment, with the New Olympian Second Turning on his leader, and getting banished from the clan for his troubles. The banished second joined up with Jove, who Christens him 'Erichthonius', and who had allied with Demona in a devil's agreement before making his way to Manhattan and formally joining her.

The Skull of Ah Pukuh

A unique find from Guatemala, was stolen from it's display at the museum by Black Cat, Nashville and Spider-Man attempted to stop her, but failed for reasons they didn't quite understand. Black Cat delivered it to Demona.

The Death of George Stacy

Dr. Octopus has escaped from Ravencroft and assembles the Sinister Six, this time including the New Olympian, Proteus. After several attempts to run Spidey through a gauntlet, they lure Spidey to Times Square, and in the battle between Ock and Spidey, Captain Stacy is killed by falling debris. As he dies in Spidey's arms, he he reveals that he knew who Peter Parker was all along. Just as Ock is about to finish off Spidey, Officer Jean De Wolff takes him down, and the press labels her a hero cop. As both a reward for her service, and a political move, Mayor Waters has De Wolff promoted straight to lieutenant and placed in charge of a new Supervillain Taskforce.

Journey To Atlantis

Something of a continuation the crossover with Team Atlantis known as The Last. A race between HYDRA and King Arthur's knights to find Atlantis. Arthur does indeed get there first, and comes away with a new knight; Namor.

Montmarte & Jessica Drew

To fulfill her obligation to the Green Goblin, Spider-Woman captures Montmarte after he timedances into Central Park, but the Goblin betrays her, intending to have Dr. Miles Warren dissect them both to create new weapons and supervillains. Stripped of her costume and Spider-Woman title, Jessica and Montmarte escaped, but are chased down by Green Goblin and his Gob Squad, and while some of the gargoyles as well as Blanchefleur try to protect them, the phoenix appears and takes both of them to the future. The Goblin flies into the phoenix but is burned and sees fragments of the near future, a future he believes will be his triumph. This arc led into...

The Demon & The Goblin

The Green Goblin and Miles Warren mutated a mercenary named Paul Pierre into the Grey Gargoyle thanks to their studies of Montmarte. They set him loose on a Quarryman rally where he is defeated by Spider-Man and the gargoyles, before turning a few civilians to stone... permanently. The Grey Gargoyle is sent to the Vault, but Demona witnesses this investigates and kidnaps Warren who lures her as well as Coldsteel, Erichthonius and her Fu-Dog into the Green Goblin's trap. In the ensuing battle, Demona is impaled on the end of Green Goblin's glider, while Spidey and the gargoyles attempt to restore order.

Inside HYDRA

Griff and Arthur arrange for Arthur to be captured in order to sneak inside HYDRA's base of operations, a successful mission, however, Reaper gets a sample of Griff's blood, which is promptly taken to Sevarius to grow a new clone.

Prospero in Opar

Coming back from his proposal to Beth on Valentines Day Nick encounters Prospero again, and finds out he's headed for Africa. Without a leader, the Knights bicker about how to proceed with this information before eventually voting Fara the leader and attempting to beat Prospero to Africa using Thomeheb's unfinished Nigerian Zeta Tube entrance. But there is a glitch, and the group is spread out throughout the jungle.

The Call of the Wendigo

Mardis Gras, Morgana le Fay breaks Setebos, Faust, and Elizabeth Bathory out of the Raft—A S.H.I.E.L.D. prison in New Orleans. She busts the Wendigo out as well to cover her escape. The knights, investigating the mysterious message that sent Arthur to HYDRA island, show up in New Orleans and fight the Wendigo. Eventually, Natsilane takes it down. Hawkeye joins the Knights, and we see that Morgana and her new minions were watching the entire time.

The Scorpion Strikes

J. Jonah Jameson hires a Private Investigator, Mac Gargan, to trail Peter Parker. After he's spotted, they visit Miles Warren and hire him to transform Gargan into a superhero to take down and replace Spider-Man. The Scorpion strikes and nearly defeats the web-head, but he keeps on mutating into a human/scorpion hybrid. The Green Goblin manipulates him into attacking Ravencroft while Jameson is visting his son to exact vengeance only for the Scorpion to be defeated by Spider-Man.

Something W.I.T.C.H.y This Way Comes

Thomeheb is at it again, this time, having stolen the magical jewel containing Nerissa from W.I.T.C.H. Also, around this time, his motives and reasons for acting in the Spec Gargverse have become clearer, and a deal of an unknown nature was struck with Demona.

Operation: Götterdämmerung

The New Olympian Senators arrive in New York to meet and greet the elite of the city...But Jove and Demona have something sinister planned. World War III, and HYDRA is the catalyst. HYDRA attacks New Olympus, causing massive damage and death. Sphinx's mother is MIA and Boreas's son Xetes is killed.

The Ultra-Pack Goes Wild

From the 10th to the 23rd, the Ultra-Pack was loose in the Big Apple, and no one could stop them. They were finally taken down by the Redemption Squad on the 23rd...Unfortunately, Goliath was caught in the crossfire and is now locked in the Vault like an animal.

The Lizard, The Wizard, and the Fountain

Dr. Curtis Connors goes missing, and Spidey calls in a favor from the Knights. Griff, Left Bank, Namor, and Hawkeye investigate Curt's disappearance which leads them right into the middle of a magical showdown between Prospero and Calypso, who are grappling over the Fountain of Youth. Worse yet, Calypso has used voodoo to turn Dr. Connors back into the Lizard. Merlin arrives from Atlantis (by way of Avalon) and rescues the Knights from Kraven and Lizard, and Griff calls Spidey in as a reinforcement. Merlin, Prospero, and Calypso tussle over the Fountain with Merlin the eventual winner, while Spidey combines gene-cleanser with Fountain water to restore both Kraven and Lizard to humanity. The arc ends on a twist though, as when Merlin enters the chambers where the Fountain rests, there is a mysterious girl asleep at the bottom of the Fountain.

Iron Origins

Reichsadler, Griff's newly minted clone working for HYDRA comes up with a plan to capture Tony Stark, and use him to decipher the secrets of New Olympian Armor.

The Battle For Nightstone

With Goliath in chains and the Manhattan Clan weakened by his absence, Demona decides to strike at Thailog and reclaim Nightstone. Armed with a device created by the Tinkerer, she is able to take control of the remaining Steel and Iron Clan robots, the Thailog Shock Troops and the Talon Commandos. As well as Coldfire. The battle is fierce, the Manhattan Clan and Spider-Man interfere but while Coldfire is freed, Demona is victorious and Thailog is driven into hiding. The next night, Demona discovers a clone of Angela in Sevarius's lab and after being rejected by Angela once again, she decides to program this clone to be her ideal daughter.

The Skull of Ah Pukuh continued

The Mayan clan observes Nightstone Unlimited Workers dismantling a pyramid near Chac Ixchel. This Pyramid; Kawil Ah Pukuh, was the resting place of the Skull of Ah Pukuh originally. Lydia Duane and Arthur Morwood-Smyth protest the destruction of this treasure.

The Trial

After nearly four months of being held in captivity, Goliath was granted a trial. With Margot as the prosecutor weeks of witness and testimony ended when Brendan Quarters testified for Goliath, which moved the court to allow Goliath to speak. Goliath was brought before the court in chains when Demona and her clan, including Angela's clone, Cordelia attacked, meaning to kill him along with everyone in the courtroom. Her plan foiled, Goliath saved everyone's life before surrendering himself to the mercy of the court. He was found to be a sentient being and released where he reunited with his clan after a long absence.

The Pyramid of Kawilahpukuh

Directly connected to the Skull of Ah Pukuh arc that is still ongoing. Demona is having Nightstone Unlimited break down a pyramid in the Mayan Clan's territory, to be shipped to New York, and is tired of the Mayan Gargoyle's interference. She calls in a favor from HYDRA who send Reichsadler and Reaper down to join Demona and Cordelia in Guatemala to finish the Mayan Gargoyles off once and for all. Fortunately, help arrives for Zafiro's clan receives help in the form of several Knights of New Camelot: Griff, Beth Maza, Rory Dugan and his Beast, and Doc Sweet. They're able to fend off an attack by the two clones, but Reichsadler escapes with Obsidiana's pendant, shifting everyone's priorities towards catching the HYDRA clone...Leaving Kawilahpukuh to be plundered by Demona...

Critical Mass

A particularly huge story that begins when Norman Osborn murders a Daily Bugle reporter named Terri Kidder. As the Bugle and the police investigate, Sally Avril dumps Harry Osborn who then overdoses on drugs and is rushed to the hospital where he is comatose. Norman Osborn confronts his wife, Emily, over her Illuminati membership and the domestic dispute ends with the Green Goblin destroying the apartment building with Emily inside.

Exposed and hunted as the Green Goblin, he goes underground for a week emerging again to break every criminal and supervillain out of Riker's Island. The battle goes badly for Spider-Man, the Manhattan Clan, and the newly revealed to the world Iron Man and New York City is in a fit of panic for a week as the Green Goblin allies with Dr. Octopus and the Sinister Six to fulfill a master plan to cut the city off from the rest of the world and detonate a large scale EMP. As King Arthur and his Knights arrive, along with the Redemption Squad, Macbeth makes a failed assassination attempt on Dominique Destine and every hero carrying an Os Berry (along with Demona) are abducted by the Green Goblin's forces and held captive where he plans a mass execution to prelude his EMP.

Goliath, Spider-Man, Sir Griff, Dingo, Matrix, Hudson, Iron Man, Coldstone and Coldfire are forced to ally with Clan Nightstone and they track the Green Goblin to Madison Square Garden where they defeat the Goblin's forces, although many of them (including the Goblin escape), Hunter and Dingo finally kiss, and Demona allies with her enemies to foil the Goblin's plans. After Demona and Clan Nightstone disappear into the night, Iron Man invites the heroes out for victory shawarma.

The Night Gwen Stacy Died

The following day after having his plans foiled, the Green Goblin struck again, and kidnapped Gwen Stacy before Peter could propose to her. The Goblin took her to the Brooklyn Bridge to draw Spider-Man into a trap. In the resulting battle, Gwen was killed. Spider-Man vowed vengeance and began tracking the Goblin. Nashville found out, told the Manhattan Clan and Elisa, who fanned out to try to stop him from making a huge mistake. Spider-Man found the Goblin in an abandoned refinery where the two battled one last time. Spidey nearly killed the Goblin but stopped himself, vowing to see him in prison instead. However, in a twist of fate, the Goblin was killed on the blade of his own glider and impaled through the heart.

Spider-Man fled the scene and afterward the body of Norman Osborn was found by Elisa Maza. Jean De Wolff declared Spider-Man a supervillain in the aftermath, and Os Corp was divided up and sold, with Nightstone Unlimited getting the biggest piece. Emily Osborn was revealed to be alive, abandoning her old life and going underground into the Illuminati for good. At Gwen's funeral, Peter apologized to Gwen's headstone for never telling her he was Spider-Man. Afterwards, he was confronted by Elisa Maza who asked him what happened in that refinery, he told her the truth and she chose to believe him.

Wheels within Wheels

Reichsadler arranges for an attack on the 2012 London Olympics, but it's really a ploy to draw the Knights out so that they can be scanned with a stolen New Olympian device that scans each knight for a listing of his powers and weaknesses. Everyone is scanned except for Natsilane and Beth. A week later, at Nick's Bachelor Party, Reichsadler put's this information to use, capturing Rory's father. The male Knights immediately depart for Ireland to rescue him, and are quickly greeted by the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, the result of the genius of Howard Stark and Halcyon Renard. Nick Fury reveals to Rory his connection to his family, through his old war buddy and Rory's grandfather, Dum Dum Dugan. The Knight's rescue Mr. Dugan, and take him back to New Camelot for safe keeping...But things are not what they seem, as Reichsadler and Baron Strucker reveal that they still have Mr. Dugan...Strapped to a New Olympian device that allows someone else's biometrics to read as his if placed under an advanced scanner like the Zeta Tubes, The Master Matrix, or an Osberry. The Chameleon has infiltrated New Camelot.

The Weird Macbeth

The Weird Sisters begin meddling again as fate begins sowing its seeds for Erichthonius. Meanwhile, Shakespeare In the Park's production of As You Like It is about to come to a conclusion when Demona makes her way to the play in an attempt to kidnap Macbeth and is spotted and pursued by the Manhattan Clan. As the play is about to begin, the Weird Sisters appear on stage and slowly entrap people one by one within the play as our heroes, and a couple of villains end up trapped within their own private production of William Shakespeare's Macbeth. Macbeth plays himself, Goliath and Elisa play Macduff and Lady Macduff, Peter Parker as Banquo, Mary Jane as Seyton, and of course Demona as Lady Macbeth among other characters.

As the play proceeds, Erichthonius and Cordelia attack a charity gala in Bryant Park being hosted by John Castaway where Erichthonius murders Mayor Waters. Once the play concludes, Demona makes a fast escape where it is clear that the incident had a profound affect on her. The next day, Macbeth and Mary Jane meet for coffee where he reveals to her who he really is and the two part as friends.

The Hunter's Quarry

At first, Demona is pleased by Erichthonius's actions because humans in every country where gargoyle clans dwell are rioting, and lashing out in fear. Even forcing the Mayan Clan into a deeper part of the Green, where humans cannot reach. Unaware, or willfully ignorant, Demona refuses to notice that backlashes are against /anything/ pro-gargoyle. Cyberbiotics, Xanatos Enterprises, and Gateway Dynamics are all targeted by vandals because of their habit of giving to pro-gargoyle charities. As well as Nightstone Unlimited (Under Thailog's tenure, Demona does not give to charity) After an attack on Demona's Gramercy Park Mansion by the Redemption, Coldsteel finally convinces Demona that her boytoy has become a liability. Demona makes plans...While at the same time, in London, a group of skinheads sneak into Knight's Spur and get away with smashing Lunette's Ex-Boyfriend Falcor, before the RGDT manages to stop them.

Falcor's Wind Ceremony

Lunette, Amp, Gnash, and Lexington return to London for Falcor's wind ceremony...But the clan leaders are all mysteriously missing all over the world.

The Trial of Erichthonius

The Redemption Squad captures Erichthonius and hands him over to Griff, who takes custody of him in the name of the Gargoyle Nation. He then Zeta's to New Camelot, where the Clan Leaders of the World have secretly gathered. Erichthonius must face a tribunal of the GN's Clan Leaders: Goliath, Coco (Newly Installed Leader of the London Clan), Kai, The Praetor, Zafiro, Gabriel, Griff (leader of New Camelot's breakaway Clan) and the Xanadu Leader (who is still secretly allied to Demona). Unbeknownst to any of them, Demona secretly planted a tracking device under Ericthonius's skin, and is arranging to have HYDRA attack the trial and abscond with Erichthonius...Thinking that the world can chase HYDRA for a while, while they secretly return Erichthonius to her.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn arranges with Mary and Finella, the co-owners of WVRN News, to spirit away Travis Marshall to cover the events of the trial for the world. Erichthonius is tried before the Tribunal (and the world) and found not only guilty, but that his punishment must be death (to the sorrow of the clan leaders, as before now, Banishment was the highest form of gargoyle punishment, but no other option is viable). Erichthonius, for his last request, asks to speak to Demona one last time only for Demona to ignore him and threaten Goliath with death when the call is made. HYDRA attacks New Camelot, and Erichthonius is killed taking a shot meant for his former leader. His body is taken to New Olympus for the Wind Ceremony, and this act of poetic justice by the hands of Fate, draws the Korean Clan out of hiding, and they seek to join the Gargoyle Nation.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, word of Falcor's death has reached the Loch Ness Clan, whose leader chooses to make a journey south, to seek out the London Clan, and make contact at last. Reichsadler makes his way to Manhattan, having offered his life as forfeit to Demona, but Demona spares his life in exchange for a favor to come later.

The Jewel Cracks

After a break in at Shrewstone Inc, Nerissa was released from her jeweled prison, and while running on magical fumes to maintain her youth, she began working for Prospero as an assistant while he set her up with an identity and taught her about this universe's Earth. Eventually she started a romantic relationship with a woman she met in a pub named Cassandra.

Back In Black

Shortly after the death of Gwen Stacy, Spider-Man donned a new black costume and became a little more aggressive in his pursuit of criminals and supervillains. Meanwhile, the Black Cat breaks into Tombstone's headquarters and steals a jump drive supposedly containing specs for the Ultra-Pack. As she escapes, she is pursued by the Enforcers and runs into Spider-Man before being cornered by the Enforcers and Cordelia, who has been loaned out as extra muscle to the Big Man. Cordelia and the Enforcers chase Spidey and Black Cat into the sewers where they come upon the stoned Thug being guarded by Malibu. Black Cat has a chance to escape but helps Spidey protect Thug and when the rest of the Labyrinth Clan arrives, Cordelia and the Enforcers retreat. Spidey and Black Cat make it back to the surface, kiss, and Cat seems to promise to turn over a new leaf, the two of them then break into a hotel suite, unmask and get intimate. After Spidey falls asleep, Black Cat collects a DNA sample from him and the jump drive and leaves, meeting up with Tombstone, Glasses and Anton Sevarius at Nightstone Unlimited's new labs where we learn that the entire evening was planned to allow Cat to get close to Spidey and bring the DNA sample. The jump drive contained passwords to bank accounts so she could collect her payment, and then... once Demona stepped out of the shadows, Black Cat recognized her voice as the one she delivered the Skull of Ah Pukuh to back in January, and left before any of them could register the fear and especially the regret. The next day, as Felicia Hardy, she visited Peter Parker at Aunt May's house and the two them agreed to give a relationship a try.

Griff's Journey

After the assault on New Camelot, Griff feels that he must confront Reichsadler once and for all. But not knowing where the HYDRA clone is holed up, he chooses to let Avalon guide his journey. Taking Left Bank with him, his first stop is France, where he comes into possession of the magic sword Durenal. Following that, he finds himself in Manhattan just in time to save Jill Stacy from Elizabeth Bathory. They escape to Avalon where Princess Katherine and Tom make here a second Guardian. They then find themselves in Prague, where Griff teams up with Max Loew and the Golem to fight Tomas Brod and the Hobgoblin. Max has begun to lose control of the Golem, and has started using Renard's spell to become the Golem...They succeed in dispatching Brod, but Hobgoblin get's away...And has begun franchising Super-Villains. From Prague; Griff, Left Bank, and Jill find themselves in Loch Ness, where they are joined by Jill's father (The head of the Royal Gargoyle Defense Team) and Vinnie Grigori to put a halt to Morgana's cloning operations in the Loch. Jill makes Vinnie the third Guardian, and they depart with him to Avalon. Which then takes them to Florida where they discover Merlin's absence.

Back In Red & Blue

Since "Back In Black," Peter has moved out of Aunt May's house and into an apartment he shares with Harry Osborn after having a fight with her over Felicia Hardy. After a fight in a department store with the Vulture, Mary Jane Watson confronted Peter over her knowledge that he is Spider-Man. After an uneasy discussion where the two of them revealed things about themselves the other never knew, their friendship strengthened.

Meanwhile, the Big Man's newest Enforcer, Kaine, a deformed clone of Spider-Man attacked his "father" while on patrol with Black Cat. Afterwards, it was revealed that Kaine's awakening would not have been possible without Black Cat stealing a DNA sample from Peter after their first night together. Spider-Man ended the relationship with Black Cat right then and there. In an effort to make things right with him, Black Cat broke into the old Os Corp building (now owned by Nightstone Unlimited) to steal back any DNA samples they had left... after that, she broke into Nightstone's corporate headquarters and attempted to steal back the Skull of Ah Pukuh from Demona's vault when she was confronted by Demona herself. Black Cat managed to escape with a jump drive and make it back to her apartment, but as soon as she plugged it into her computer, Demona managed to track her down and attack Black Cat, brutally beating her into a coma... the jump drive itself falling into an air conditioning vent. Peter visited the comatose Felicia, sorry over what had happened and then, after a talk with Mary Jane about Felicia and Gwen's death, he re-donned his old red and blue costume.


After more than a year of preparation, Demona's plans began to culminate when December 21st, 2012 arrived. As all of the pieces fell into place, Thailog emerged from hiding and got into a brief skirmish with Cordelia. Hoping to use Elisa Maza's blood to activate her doomsday spell on humanity, Demona sent Cordelia and Coldsteel to abduct her from her loft, and returned to Nightstone Unlimited with Beth Maza and Mary Jane Watson (who was there to meet up with Lunette to talk theater and acting). As this happened, Spider-Man found and brought the jump drive Black Cat stole from Demona to the Eyrie Building where they accessed New Camelot's Master Matrix and decrypted it, uncovering Demona's plans to amplify the powers of the Skull of Ah Pukuh with the final page from the Grimorum Arcanorum. When the sun finally set on the 21st, on Elisa's call, both the Gargoyles Taskforce and Supervillain Taskforce converged upon the Nightstone Unlimited skyscraper in time for Reichsadler and HYDRA to turn on Demona once they realized she had the means to destroy all of humanity, not just all the humans in the New York area. The Manhattan Clan, Sir Griff, King Arthur, Jade and Turquesa soon arrived, batting their way through hundreds of Thailog Shock Troops, Talon Commandos, and HYDRA soldiers. Brooklyn and Fu-Dog battled their way into the main chamber at the apex of the pyramid first where Brooklyn's Fu-Dog slayed Demona's before Goliath and Elisa finally fought their way in. Upon their arrival, Demona slammed Beth Maza down on to the altar and stabbed her with the ceremonial dagger, spilling her blood onto the skull... it's power pulsed and began to spread and many humans in Manhattan collapsed ill, some died. With victory in her hands, Cordelia went into a trance and destroyed the skull... causing the skull and pyramid's power to feedback in on itself. On her way out, Demona shot Cordelia square in the chest, calling her a disgrace (and finally ending what was Clan Nightstone) before grabbing Mary Jane as a hostage on her way out, and dropping down to the streets... where she was saved by Spider-Man and the two shared their first kiss. Angela also arrived in time to rescue the gravely wounded Cordelia. With the skull destroyed, the pyramid began tearing itself apart, and Coldsteel slammed Beth neck first into a wall, killing her. Staying with his wife as the pyramid collapsed, Natsilane asked Goliath to take care of their kids and Goliath and Elisa escaped the pyramid's collapse, and followed Demona several blocks south before taking her down and finally capturing her. With the power of the pyramid still pulsing, it threatened to destroy all of Manhattan once it exploded... but the day was saved with the timely arrival of Alexander Fox Xanatos, who used all of what Puck taught him to contain the magic of the pyramid, whereby only the Nightstone Unlimited skyscraper was destroyed. The surviving HYDR As were captured by the police as well as Victoria Hand (charged with aiding and abetting in kidnapping, murder and terrorism) and Demona herself, brought back by Elisa in chains. The gargoyles returned back to the castle with Elisa to mourn the loss of Beth and Nick, while Thailog revealed to Brentwood that when he created Cordelia, he programmed a code word into her brain to force her to obey him and he was the reason she destroyed the skull when she did. Cordelia herself was brought by Angela to Dr. Sato to save her life, before being turned over to the authorities. Demona herself was shackled and loaded into an armored police van for delivery to the Vault, but the police in charge of the van delivered her to Khulan Borjigin aka Jade, the new leader of the People for Interspecies Triumph (who have infiltrated the city's government and infrastructure), who released Demona and promised themselves to serve her cause... and renamed themselves The Demon's Talon.

Happy Holidays

Not really an arc, but the fallout of the events of "Transitions" over the course of the holiday season. Elisa gains custody of her nephew and niece, and is now raising them with help from the gargoyles. Beth Maza and Natsilane's memorial service is held at New Camelot and attended by many. Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson begin a relationship. King Arthur and Sir Griff confront Thomeheb abour his alliance with Demona, and he promises to allow them to monitor his use of the gate and never work with her again. Goliath, Elisa, and Angela confront Matt Bluestone over his Illuminati confessions after he waits a week to tell them Demona has gone missing, and Angela place peacemaker in the argument. Demona travels to China in the hopes of getting a new fu-dog, but is cast out by the Xanadu Clan and returns to find Thailog has re-taken control of Nightstone Unlimited, where the two come to an arrangement while Khulan and the Demon's Talon begin organizing a cult that worships Demona like a god. Elisa visits Cordelia in the Vault with a gift from Angela. Victoria Hand is given a choice to serve as the Director's liaison to the Redemption Squad or spend the rest of her life in prison, much to the chagrin of the Squad itself.

Meanwhile, Rory and Molly have a drink in a pub in Manhattan and afterwards Molly is captured by Prospero.

Happy New Year

Kaine breaks Cordelia out of the Vault where she ends up joining Tombstone's enforcers. Demona threatens Tombstone but pulls back upon receiving a copy of an invitation to Prospero's auction. Prospero captures Oberon and the Erlking, planning to auction them off.

Demon In the Armor

Demona turns her attention on rebuilding her arsenal and, per Thailog's insistence, Dominique Destine attends the Stark Expo and goes home with Tony Stark, seducing him and sleeping with him before the sun sets and she rips out his arc reactor and members of the Demon's Talon arrive to steal his armory. Pepper Potts saves Stark's life and he defeats Demona and recovers his armory, however she escapes with the arc reactor.

The Auction

Prospero hosts his auction on February 26th, at the Apex Tower. Among the attendees are Doc Ock, Thailog, Demona, Reichsadler, Nerissa, Duval, Tombstone, Taro, Sevarius, the Tinkerer, Calypso, the Hobgoblin, the Mandarin, and Morgana le Fay. The Redemption Squad staked this auction out with every intention of raiding and capturing them as magical talismans and objects were auctioned off. Demona made off with the Lemurian Arcana (an Atlantean spell book), Hobgoblin made off with the Coward's Sword, the Mandarin bought the Djinn ring, all the while a silent auction was going on for a large Medusa bomb. Just as the Redemption Squad was about to raid the auction, Prospero suddenly started auctioning off captured Children of Oberon. Nerissa buys Pele by offering Prospero a map of the Omniverse as she's documented it. Reichsadler and HYDRA buy the Erlking. But the greatest danger is when Morgana le Fay buys Oberon, adding his power to her arsenal and making her the most powerful individual on Earth.

Crystal Cavern

Arthur and Griff come to Manhattan seeking out Merlin. They call Spider-Man in for help as Griff and Spidey break into Morgana's penthouse in the Apex Tower and battle with Venom and Morbius, before Morgana appears and learns that Prospero has Merlin.

Meanwhile, King Arthur breaks into Shewstone Inc, and encounters Nerissa who uses her new powers to battle him before Prospero himself reveals Merlin's location in a crystal cavern he built beneath the building S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives as Nerissa and Prospero escape and Arthur releases his mentor.

The Order of the Guardian

Jeffrey Robbins, suspicious of Khulan's acquisition of the Friends of Humanity asks Elisa to investigate her, whereupon she and Goliath meet her and she promises to be an ally and friend to gargoyles the world over, as they leave she is visited by her estranged father, the Mandarin. Later Nashville and Lunette finally become mates, they are caught in Central Park at sunrise where Jill Stacy stumbles upon them and a flyer advertising a Quarrymen rally that afternoon. Jill calls in Vinnie and the two of them fend off the Quarrymen as Jill declares herself and the Order of the Guardian to their attackers. Elisa later approaches Jill and the two have a friendly chat.

Gorgon's Gaze

HYDRA takes over the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier as Reichsadler announces their intentions to bomb Manhattan with the Medusa bomb. Griff attacks and allies himself with Nick Fury as they intend to finish this fight once and for all. The helicarrier is evacuated by Maria Hill and some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents as Strucker and Fury do battle one last time. Griff sets off the bomb early causing every HYDRA agent on board including Strucker, Grim Reaper, and Reichsadler to petrify... only Black Widow and Bob Grigori manage to escape before the helicarrier crashes into the ocean. As this happens, Rory unmasks the Chameleon and rescues his real father from a HYDRA base. The next night, Reichsadler transforms back into flesh and blood and escapes from the wreckage of the helicarrier, while Maria Hill is promoted to director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and received a message left by Fury warning her of the Illuminati.

Bound By Blood

Cordelia and Kaine attack Hammerhead's chop shop only to be confronted by Demona as they attempt to escape. Demona knocks out Kaine and attempts to murder Cordelia as the clone begs for forgiveness. Angela intervenes, placing herself between Demona and Cordelia. Cordelia doesn't want Angela's help, Angela won't allow Demona to kill Cordelia, and Demona refuses to kill Angela to get to Cordelia. Demona is soon outnumbered when Reichsadler shows up to help his mate, and offers her a place at his side. But Cordelia chooses her own path and rejects Reichsadler, shuns Angela, and realizes that she'll never gain Demona's forgiveness... and leaves with Kaine to find her own path (which is what Reichsadler really wanted for her). Angela and Demona briefly converse, where Demona confesses that Cordelia was a mistake and that she wanted Angela at her side and still does. Angela declares that unless one of them changes for the better, they will never have a relationship. As Angela flies off, Demona ponders upon this.

Hail, HYDRA!

Reichsadler and Black Widow gather what remains of HYDRA and unleash the Erlking (and the Wild Hunt) on Washington DC as they break into Secretary of Defense, Dell Rusk's office at the Pentagon to steal his files. But while there, they discover that Dell Rusk is actually the Red Skull whom willingly gives them everything they could ever need to know about S.H.I.E.L.D.. Black Widow flees to New Camelot, where she is placed into a dungeon but reveals that she was on a mission to go deep undercover inside HYDRA. Reichsadler then breaks into the Raft and frees Viper, intending to rule HYDRA with her. But upon being released, she fulfills a promose to the agent assigned to guard her and murders his wife and child before killing him, all while announcing her return to the world, and calling herself: Madame Hydra. Reichsadler soon regrets freeing her, knowing she is a threat to all, including him. Black Widow is soon allowed to walk free inside the castle of New Camelot in exchange for information on Viper.


After spending several months living in the Labyrinth, Scorpion encounters the Sinister Six, who he allows to infiltrate the Labyrinth during the day, and take it over. The homeless denizens are forced to flee, save for Al and Shari who are taken hostage. Talon, who is barely conscious when they are brought before Dr. Octopus is unable to respond to the question "which one of you is Talon" to which Paw volunteers, and is killed for it. He then allows the rest to join him, all refuse except for Delilah. Ock gleefully declares themselves the Sinister Seven.

Meanwhile Goliath, Angela, and Broadway are attending a Friends of Humanity event which is then attacked by John Castaway and several Quarrymen. Angela saves Khulan's life, and Castaway is gravely wounded by Goliath before the Quarrymen flee. In thanks, Khulan gives Angela a present, a ruby attached to a choker with Angela then wears. On their way home, Angela lies to Broadway saying she needs to check in on the twins. Instead Angela heads to the Statue of Liberty where she meets, and embraces Demona.


In the real world, formspring announced they were shutting down and the previous arc was set to be a cliffhanger while they prepared to move to a new home. When the shut down never happened, the players proceeded with small stories such as Peter and Mary Jane seeing Alan Cumming's Macbeth on Broadway; Demona having a secret meeting with Angela in Elisa's loft, not to mention Angela becoming more aggressive and violent when dealing with the street thugs.

Scorpion II

After several weeks, Dr. Octopus and his Sinister Seven completed the upgrades on the Labyrinth's security, at the same time a Cyberbiotics database was discovered containing a means to mass produce experimental super soldiers. Once Ock decided to kidnap some homeless people to experiment on, Malibu, Burbank, Hollywood, Talon, Claw, Maggie, Shari, Al, Erin, and Benny were mysteriously released from their cells and one by one, took down Ock's henchmen before Malibu confronted Ock himself and lured him into a trap, where he was defeated, and Delilah turned their new security system against the Sinister Six. The Six were then banished, and leadership of the Labyrinth returned to Talon, afterward, Delilah privately thanked Brentwood over the phone for his help, since he hacked into the Labyrinth and opened the cells.

Meanwhile, Thailog Shock Troops captured Dr. Octopus and brought him and his henchmen to Thailog, where he and Ock made a deal to work on Thailog's latest project. After Ock left for his new/old laboratory, Thailog was visited by a gargoyle named Tamora, an Illuminatus of the fourth rank.

The Goblin Prince

While on patrol with Goliath, Angela suggests that maybe it would be best for Brooklyn to step down as second-in-command in favor of a younger gargoyle, a thought which Goliath ponders. Around this time, Harry Osborn finds out that Peter Parker is actually Spider-Man and dons his stashed Green Goblin gear and then breaks into Nightstone Unlimited to steal some left over caches of Globulin Green, becoming the new Green Goblin. He finds Mark Allan and ropes him back into supervillainy with a promise to find a cure for his condition, and then wires the apartment that shares with Peter to blow up, hospitalizing Mary Jane. Recognizing the Goblin's explosives, Peter visits Felicia Hardy at Riker's Island (who is doing well in physical therapy) and discovers that Roderick Kingsley is still in custody (or so the world thinks), and tracks down the new Goblin at the refinery where Norman Osborn died, and quickly deduces that it is Harry. Harry vows vengeance and when he has the upper-hand, Harry reveals that he had abducted Aunt May and Mary Jane and locked them in separate rooms across the city, both wired to explode and Spider-Man can only save one of them. But Spidey calls in backup from New Camelot, and Hawkeye rescues Mary Jane while Spidey saves Aunt May. Inspired by Spidey's use of backup, Harry and Molten Man decide to get their own team (allying himself with the Big Man and gaining Cordelia and Kaine as allies). Later that evening, Goliath, Hudson, and Brooklyn meet to discuss the issue of second-in-command. Although reluctant to step down, all agree it might be for the best, and decide Angela should be the new second. Having spied on the meeting, Angela is wickedly delighted, as is Demona.

Viper's Venom

In eastern Europe, Viper acquires a nuclear bomb as well as an attempt on her life by S.H.I.E.L.D.. In order to keep both S.H.I.E.L.D. and Reichsadler on a leash, she kidnaps a school bus full of Austrian school children, strapping explosive vests onto them before sending the nuke and all of HYDRA's remaining forces to destroy New York City. On the way there, Reichsadler contacts Griff at New Camelot offering to turn himself over to the Gargoyle Nation for trial if New Camelot and their allies defeat Viper. HYDRA's man in Manhattan, Hammerhead leaks word to his former boss, now enemy, Tombstone about the bomb and Tombstone contacts the Illuminati, who arrange to have it dealt with. The Manhattan Clan again allies with the Knights of Camelot to remain vigilant and watch the waters for HYDRA's arrival, while the US navy and War Machine attempt to defeat HYDRA at sea. Viper arrives in Manhattan ahead of her forces to make final preparations, and that night the HYDRA armada lands, when Reichsadler betrays Viper and orders his vessel to fire on Viper's and those that don't stand with her to stand down. Black Widow abandons the Knights in the battle to be pursued by Clint to Viper's nest where he loses sight of Widow but is captured.

As Viper attempts to arm the bomb at Federal Hall, Reichsadler attacks her, and nearly defeats her before she resorts to trickery, but the intervention of Black Widow, Goliath and Griff defeat Viper, and stop the bomb. Reichsadler turns himself over to Griff while Widow frees Hawkeye before fleeing; King Arthur and Hawkeye release Viper's hostages and the police capture Viper, and imprison her in the Vault (at Secretary of Defense, Dell Rusk's insistence).

Meanwhile, Bob - Ex-Agent of HYDRA knocks on his cousin, Vinnie's door asking for a place to hide out only to be punched out by Vinnie and handed over to the police... the last remnants of HYDRA as Baron Strucker knew it, finally destroyed.

Return to Atlantis

Namor and Dr. Sweet are approached by Champs about acquiring an Orichalcum crystal to power his experimental zeta beam platform. The homesick Namor leaps at the chance to return to the lost city. Accompanied by the New Olympian ambassadors Periclymenus and Arethusa, they arrive in Atlantis only to find the city overrun by the Knight of Vengeance Tiger Shark and his clone troops. Tiger Shark is supported in his coup by General Attuma, a rogue Atlantean warlord and Lady Dorma, an Atlantean noblewoman and old flame of Namor's. After many trials and tribulations, including a stay in the palace dungeons, our heroes eventually succeed in driving out the invaders. Tiger-Shark and Attuma make their escape while Dorma feigns innocence in the conspiracy.

Hunt's End

John Castaway's son by Margot Yale is born, named Jackson. After learning of her husband's true identity, Margot demands John promise their son will grow up with a normal childhood, not in the Canmore legacy. John agrees and initiates a plan to destroy the Manhattan Clan once and for all. Upon learning of the birth of their nephew, Jason and Robyn Canmore confront John asking he stop this madness, only to be taken captive. The Quarrymen abduct Tachi and lure the gargoyles into a trap at a hanger owned by Bushido Concepts. Broadway is seriously injured, and Angela (under Demona's magical influence) kills John Castaway. The Quarrymen and the Manhattan Clan evacuate, and the Illuminati removes the body in order to prevent Castaway from becoming a martyr. Margot promises to lead the Quarrymen until the gargoyle menace is finally dealt with.

The Lost Children

Peter Parker returns home to discover Gwen Stacy sitting on his couch. Knowing that this cannot be the real Gwen Stacy, he throws her out of his home, and "Gwen" gives Jill Stacy a scare later when she attempts to return home. "Gwen" turns out to be a clone created by Harry Osborn in an attempt to be reunited with his "one true love." He then releases a clone of Norman Osborn from a pod before suiting up as the Green Goblin and, alongside Cordelia and Molten Man, capturing Spider-Man while Kaine captures Mary Jane and the Gwen clone. Kaine explains to "Norman" that he is not the original and to choose his own identity, not what others would have him be, advice that Cordelia also listens to and heeds. As Harry tortures Peter and prepares to kill him, "Norman" attacks and helps save Peter's life only to be killed by a broken Harry who then breaks down. Kaine releases "Gwen" and Mary Jane as Spidey takes Harry to Ravencroft for help. Molten Man returns home only to be checked into Ravencroft as well by Liz who transfers there to work as a nurse. The "Gwen" clone takes the name of Sarah after realizing she has six months to live and wants to make the most of the time she has.

New Scars

At Angela's suggestion, half of the eggs in the rookery are sent with Broadway via skiff to Avalon. Upon arriving on the island, he and Gabriel meet and due to the differences in time, the island still has not recovered from Mab's reign... something Angela should have known. As Broadway visits Avalon, Demona uses the Lemurian Arcana to forge a talisman that, once placed into body of water, will lure any skiff leaving Avalon to it. Once Broadway leaves, he finds himself at Demona's dockside warehouse where he is captured by her and the Demon's Talon (unmasking Khulan as their leader). Once visited by Angela in his cell, he realizes what's been going on and blames himself.

Demona quickly moves the eggs to her townhouse, and into a rookery she's prepared there. After this, Elisa's worrying about Angela's recent behavior leads her to wonder about the influence her friendship with Khulan may have had, and remembering her early suspicions, she begins investigating the woman and her background, and uncovers nothing but rumors and a closed file on her father (who is rumored to be a terrorist). When she investigates "Lacunae Rahdon's" past, she discovers via a photograph evidence that Khulan is dangerous. She warns Goliath, who tells Angela (who reacts with faux shock) and as they patrol, she leads Goliath into an ambush where he is captured by operatives of the Demon's Talon... who, at Angela's insistence, wound her with a Quarryman hammer so she may easily blame them for Goliath's abduction. She calls for help, and Khulan forgotten, Elisa with the clan focuses on rescuing Goliath from the Quarrymen.

As Goliath comes to, Demona begins torturing him with hi-tech devices provided by Khulan. Angela assumes leadership of the clan and vows to find Goliath. The next evening, growing bored of the hi-tech devices, Demona performs a more physical and mental torture, but still Goliath doesn't break; as Angela and the clan raid Quarrymen buildings. The next day, Elisa confronts Fleance and demands to know where Goliath is, but Fleance denies having him, and insinuates the existence of a pro-gargoyle cult that controls both the People for Interspecies Triumph and the Friends of Humanity. After comparing notes with Jill Stacy of the Order of the Guardian (and thanks to Vinnie's own investigating), Elisa determines that it was Khulan who took Goliath.

That night, Angela orders the clan to watch for Quarrymen activity before a midnight raid on the brownstore to kidnap the infant Jackson Castaway; the clan protests but Angela's decision is final. As the clan flies off, Elisa calls to warn Angela about Khulan... and Angela already plots against Elisa. But before Elisa can leave her apartment, she is confronted by Cordelia who tells Elisa that Demona has been controlling Angela for months, and that she wants to help save her and defeat Demona. Patching the Manhattan Clan into a call, they plot a means of defeating Demona, and Cordelia pretends to capture Elisa to bring as tribute to Demona, and begs for a chance to rejoin her. Elisa tries to take Demona out, but is spotted... the rest of the clan bursts in and battles Demona's army, who while skilled are outmatched. Gnash and Fu-Dog free Broadway and Boudicca and they immediately begin tracking the eggs. Elisa frees Goliath, and as Demona and Angela are nearly cornered, Cordelia rips the ruby choker from Angela's neck, freeing her. Angela attacks Demona with all her anger and guilt before throwing her into the East River.

The gargoyles and Cordelia immediately head for Demona's townhouse to recover the eggs, but arrive only after Demona and her Talon have already come and gone, removing all of Demona's weapons, magical tomes and talismans and ONE egg. Broadway and Angela have an awkward and painful reunion as the gargoyles relocate back to the castle and return the eggs to the rookery. A guilt-stricken Angela retreats to the library where she confesses to Brooklyn that she wasn't being controlled, but that she had all of Demona's memories and her own darkest instincts had been brought to the forefront... Brooklyn then tells her that in the future, Demona will help save the world and find true redemption. A struck Angela asks why he's telling her this, and he says it's so she can learn to forgive herself. In uptown Manhattan, Demona moves into Khulan's mansion, and although she has an egg and enough servants to satisfy her every need, she thinks about Angela and what she's done and cries.

As this happens, Thailog plots his master plan to sell immortality to the world, and Hacker and Tamora recruit Sarah Browne into the Illuminati to keep the Quarrymen on the course they've set for them. Cordelia is welcomed by Delilah and Talon into the Labyrinth.

Old Wounds

We learn that, since Natsilane and Beth Maza died on December 21st in the Temple of Ah Pukuh, the God of Unnatural Death took their souls captive in the realm of Xibalba rather than allowed them to pass on. As an hour on Earth is 24 in Xibalba, the two Knights were tormented there, not realizing they were dead, for centuries. They unconsciously called out to the other Knights through their dreams, so they headed to Guatemala to investigate, meeting up with the Mayan Clan. Obsidiana turned out to be familiar with Xibalba, having ventured there as a child, and guided Arthur and the Knights to find Nick/Beth. Ah Pukuh and his Lords of Death minions waylaid them, forcing them all to relive their personal regrets and sins.

But Griff, having made personal peace with his own past and - as a gargoyle - immune to Third Race magic by Oberon's post-Mab War decrees, managed to break free and broke out the other Knights as well, eventually finding Nick/Beth and freeing them too. But Ah Pukuh revealed his secret weapon - the spirit of the Child of Mab Huitzilopochtli, who was killed by Nick on Avalon and granted a chance at revival if he destroyed the Knights. As a Spirit he was immune to their attacks, but Nick/Beth could fight him off, and were soon joined by the surprise cavalry of ALL the deceased Knights of the Round Table, who had been summoned to aid Arthur by Merlin.

They fought off the Hummingbird, took Nick/Beth's Spirits to join them in the afterlife, and allowed the living Knights to escape... but not before giving Beth's Spirit a brief, last chance to see her children, and thank her sister for taking care of them.

Intermission II

Angela starts seeking therapy with Dr. Kafka while Broadway spends his night guarding the eggs in penance until Brooklyn forces him out on patrol. As they glide near the newly rebuilt Nightstone Unlimited skyscraper, they have an encounter with Tamora, who turns out to have had a romantic history with Brooklyn during his time dancing before she joined the Illuminati. After Brooklyn does not hesitate to talk to Katana about this, Broadway and Angela have a heart-to-heart conversation and agree to work through this. Later, Xanatos arranges a vacation for them both up at Xanadu.

Xanatos also arranges Felicia Hardy's freedom and brings her back into his service to serve as a thief for him against his competitors. Meanwhile, Peter Parker and Mary Jane try to find a way for Sarah Stacy to live, and determined that she won't die in six months, Peter calls Dr. Curt Connors.

The Moon Knight Rises

Prospero was approached by Isis at Cleopatra's needle, who offered him the Scroll of Thoth in exchange for aiding in resurrecting her husband, Osiris. Isis had spent over a year gathering the various talismans containing Osiris' essence, including the Left Hand of Osiris formerly worn by Baron Strucker, all she required was a mortal sorcerer to invoke Osiris' power. While Prospero intended to halt his daughter's continuing deterioration by using the scroll to create an Avatar of Khonshu... the Egyptian God of Time and the Moon.

Meanwhile, Marc Spector, S.H.I.E.L.D's newest deputy director, conceived a plan to infiltrate New Camelot. All he needed was an opportunity for one of their agents to prove their heroism in front of Arthur. When he learned that Prospero went to Tombstone looking for a volunteer to become Khonshu's Avatar, and the latest super-villain on the Big Man's payroll, it's seemed like just the opportunity Agent Spector had been looking for.

While all this is happening, Prospero nears the end of his patience with his latest apprentice, Quentin Beck AKA Mysterio. Prospero had been hired by Doctor Octopus (after much convincing) to take on Mysterio as pupil. But Mysterio's utter ineptitude at true sorcery, and his tendency to accidentally set fire to Prospero's library, pushed the ageless sorcerer to his limit. After speaking with Doc Ock, Prospero (after much convincing) agrees to give Mysterio one last chance to redeem himself... by assisting in the Avatar ceremony.

Everything came to a head at the next full moon, when Prospero, Dr. Octopus, Mysterio and Shocker gathered for the ritual. Prospero succeeded in transforming Shocker into the Avatar of Khonshu just before either Arthur and his knights or Agents Spector and Coulson can intervene. Dubbing himself Time-Shock, NYC's newest supervillain used his new time manipulation powers to wreck havoc on our heroes. Fortunately, Agent Spector was able to use the Scroll of Thoth and his own eidetic memory to replicate Prospero's spell, transforming himself into the new Avatar of Khonshu.

Unfortunately for Agent Spector, Mysterio inadvertently destroyed the Scroll of Thoth ensuing battle, leaving Marc and Khonshu no way to separate themselves. After Prospero, Octavius and Beck have made their escape, an impressed Arthur wastes little time in dubbing his new ally Sir Marc Spector... The Moon Knight.

Meanwhile, a thousand miles away in the shadow of the Great Pyramid... Osiris lived again.


Murder on the Oriental Zeta Tube

As the summer production of Shakespeare In the Park comes to an end, Lunette finally performs on stage. While she receives bad reviews she is determined to keep acting. But after her debut performances, Goliath leaves for New Camelot with Delilah, and Cordelia as the Labyrinth Clan has finally decided to join the Gargoyle Nation, and Cordelia is to stand as a witness in Reichsadler's trial. But before leaving, Cordelia is visited by Thailog who speaks his control code which sends her into a trance and he gives her instructions.

Upon arriving, the clones are greeted with suspicion and hostility from the likes of Praetor, the leader of the Pukhan Clan, and the leader of the Xanadu Clan... who is murdered by an unknown assailant later that night. Goliath and Griff immediately mount an investigation which quickly rules out Cordelia, Reichsadler and other suspects. Eventually, the murderer is revealed to be Proteus who snuck into New Camelot weeks ago. Proteus is quickly captured, and in the aftermath it is revealed that he was working with Periclymenus who has recently been inducted into the Illuminati along with the second in command of the Xanadu Clan who was inducted by the Mandarin. Now all the known clans are part of the Gargoyle Nation, and will soon be under the Society's influence.

Shortly after, the Labyrinth Clan is officially inducted into the Gargoyle Nation and Reichsadler is put on trial, showing no remorse for his actions. Cordelia speaks on his behalf, but he is sentenced to life in prison. Afterwards, thanks to a deal made by New Camelot and the Redemption Squad, Reichsadler is recruited into the team, to be judged by Yama as his warden.

Goliath, Delilah and Cordelia return to Manhattan and Cordelia, seemingly in grief over not being able to see Reichsadler one more time flies off, but she falls back into her trance and heads to Nightstone Unlimited where she gives Thailog a capsule with several robotic mosquitoes she used to steal DNA samples from each clan leader. He sends her back to the Labyrinth with no memory of him or their dealings.

Intermission III

The next several months were relatively quiet, Sarah Stacy, Mary Jane, and Peter Parker become friends, with Sarah making romantic plays on Peter... ultimately resulting in Mary Jane ending their relationship as Peter begins to see Sarah as a substitute for Gwen, and MJ won't play second fiddle. Around this time, Felicia Hardy is released from prison where she is given experimental enhancements from Xanatos in order to function as the Black Cat again, and sent to be Xanatos's spy inside Nightstone Unlimited, posing as a maintenance worker... as word of Thailog's latest project has 'intrigued' him, meanwhile the audience learns that Petros Xanatos is dying. Thailog purchases the property surrounding Into the Mystic in order to keep an eye on the London Clan.

Viper escapes from prison after being freed by several of her loyal troops, whom Sevarius upgraded into the Serpent Squad, and takes refuge at Khulan Borjigin's home where, much to Demona's lack of interest (as she spirited the egg and herself off to Paris), the Demon's Talon is folded into a resurgent HYDRA.

Meanwhile, Morgana le Fay completes her new army, lays siege to Avalon, defeats and imprisons Titania, claiming the island as her kingdom.


Dracula contacts to Demona, offering her a small stash of Atlantean crystals in exchange for creating a Praying Vampire that would make Vlad and his vampire spawn nearly invincible. Demona completes the Praying Vampire in a blasphemous ritual involving the massacre of an entire Franciscan monastery. Demona has also secretly implanted a small explosive device in the statue to be used once Vlad has outlived his usefulness to her.

With Bathory, Baron Blood and a reluctant Morbius at his side, Vlad sets his sights on the conquest of Britain. Intending to use the Praying Vampire to transform it into a homeland for his Vampire Nation. Unknown to Vlad, Demona has already contacted Old Pog of the London Clan, warning him of the Vampire Lord's plot and providing him with the detonator for the bomb hidden in the Praying Vampire.

Things come to ahead as the London Clan confronts the Vampire Nation at Carfax Abby. Old Pog and Vlad face off, the veteran gargoyle warrior stabbing the Lord of Vampires through the heart, seemingly to no effect. Only when Vlad attempts to turn Pog, does the London Gargoyle reveal his trump card, the detonator provided by Demona (who was once a friend). As the Praying Vampire is blown to pieces, both gargoyle and vampire begin crumbling into dust.

In the wake of Vlad's true death, Bathory and the remaining vampires flee swearing vengeance and the London Clan return home to prepare Pog's Wind Ceremony. Later, in the now abandoned and desecrated Carfax Abby, the remains of the Praying Vampire begin to regenerate.


As July Fourth came to a close, Axel Asher stepped into a Zeta Tube...and so did Axel Asher. The combination of the “same” person on two worlds, connected by Thomeheb's Gateway, traveling at the same time had unexpected effects...namely, these. A new reality, fused between the SpecGargsVerse and Earth-16 was created, removing most alien characters from being present and merging disparate points in time from the various series. Some who had died were alive again, and others who hadn't died yet suddenly already were.

Three weeks later, an Axel Asher, an amalgam of both of the originals, emerged from a Zeta Tube and was discovered by Captain Atom. Not long after that, Montmarte was dropped off by the Phoenix, the only member of his clan still extant in this amalgamated universe. Eventually, the two of them came together along with Doctor Stephen Strange Sr. and Doctor Fate. The Mortal and Immortal Sorcerers Supreme came to an accord and combined forces, releasing Zatara from his duties and becoming Doctor Strangefate, another composite being with memories of multiple realities. As all this was going on, Alanna and Adam Strange returned from space with dire news; an invasion had taken place, devastating Rann. The invaders were known the Space-Spawn.

After Axel pointed out the differences in time as well as the disappearances to members of the League and the Team (problems which had to be continually reminded about as most people's minds tended to forget), allies were gathered to deal with the problem...namely, that this new universe was unstable and likely to collapse soon. Indeed, the Light were already planning for such an inevitability with their Partner, Darkseid. As the Light pursued the course of maintaining the status quo, the League and Axel's group began to search for the cause of these problems.

While these major concerns were being dealt with, “life as usual” continued on for this merged reality. King Arthur and Griff continued their search for Merlin and new allies, coming into contact with the former Knight Jason Blood, still bound to Merlin's demonic half-brother Etrigan. Klarion alongside the Light's Enforcers, consisting of the just-recovered Deathstroke, Talia, Silver Sable, and Coldsteel enhanced with a Father Box, attacked Blood's home, stealing the Arcana Myrddin from him as well as forcing Etrigan to emerge. While King Arthur and Sir Griff managed to stop the Avatar's rampage, Klarion and the Enforcers all escaped.

A few weeks later, Batman and Batgirl, alongside Angela, Broadway, Lexington, and Guardian, broke up a meeting between Demona, now part of the Light, and Cordelia with Drs. Sevarius and Crane who had developed a new “Fear Plague.” Unfortunately, all escaped in the chaos caused when The Phantasm appeared and blanketed everyone with the Fear Plague via her smoke. At the same time, the new Sinister Sixteen were ordered to cause distractions in New York to keep both the League and the rest of the Manhattan Clan occupied. If the gargoyles had not been immune to the Fear Plague (though they remained carriers until the carrier virus was eliminated), the humans that had been exposed would not have been taken to get help in time back at Wayne Manor...where a “guest” awaited a word with Bruce Wayne...Nerissa.

Nerissa had been a witness to the alteration of reality around her yet was untouched by it herself thanks to not being native. She stood with the group looking to save reality, ostensibly seeking to help, but while the rest continued their attempts to restore things to the way they were, Nerissa instead went on a quest for the Hearts affected by the amalgamation, supposedly to protect them from any further potential damage. She was accompanied by Zatanna and, eventually, the two met Firebrand, another universal outsider like Nerissa, saving him from a foolish attack upon a group of Quarrymen, and convinced him to aid them.

It had been discovered that the Gateways had somehow become resonant with one another – one in Central City, the other in Paris – and the warping between them was the cause of the universal merging. The warping energies were eventually moved to the Watchtower but at great cost...for The Light and their Partner had seen fit to revive Queen Mab, still alive in this new reality and made aware of her demise in the previous one, with the tome stolen from Jason Blood. Determined not to suffer the same fate, Queen Mab infiltrated the merged Gateway Room. Utilizing the warping effects to be in both cities simultaneously, she grew to immense size in both Central City and Paris and destroyed both cities with power equivalent to a nuclear device, killing Barry and Bart Allen along with millions of others as well as throwing Captain Atom forward into 2198.

Even the Watchtower would turn out not to be secure enough as the Enforcers of the Light invaded and took the station (and thus the warp) thanks to the merger of the Zeta Tube systems – Riddler discovered a backdoor through the Gateway Dynamics programming. However, Axel managed to save himself and the just-married Adam Strange by utilizing the warp itself to escape back to Earth. However now, not only were the Light's Enforcers in possession of the Watchtower, they were soon supplemented by the Sinister Sixteen, led by the returned Green Goblin.

The League and their allies, including Tony Stark of the Avengers, began to prepare for a final assault to retake the Watchtower as the Light began to withdraw to Apokolips. Demona, having already failed to convince Angela to come with her and be saved, chose this moment to betray the rest of the Light and use the stone by night spell from the Grimorum once again. Unfortunately, she was not prepared to deal with Darkseid, who quickly set fire to the skies overhead and released the other members of the Light. As it turned out, the others were also prepared for this betrayal. Queen Bee had enthralled Macbeth some time ago and, thanks to her pheromonal powers, the two immortals killed one another. It was also around this time that the universe began its final collapse and Nerissa discovered a strange island in the Caribbean Sea – an amalgam of Avalon and Brigadoon, the mystical isles from each world, and the location of the merged Hearts.

Zatanna's memories of the show W.I.T.C.H. were restored in the presence of the Hearts and she faced Nerissa before the former Guardian could absorb the two Hearts into her seal, eventually emerging triumphant thanks to a well-timed spell allowing for the return of Superboy and Miss Martian. In the meantime, the League, Team, and other allies began their assault, though the universal decay caused strange alterations to many of them. The Alpha Squad led the charge with a massive strike force of Cybots supplied by Halcyon Renard himself and space vehicles provided by Iron Man. The Beta Squad came through the Zeta Tubes after control was retaken by The Atom using a systems override. As the tide turned, it became clear that these two groups were merely distractions from the real attempt – Omega Squad, consisting of Tigress, Spider-Man (now officially a Team member, having admitted his secret identity to Aunt May), Broadway, Angela, Lexington, Batgirl, Axel Asher, Adam Strange, Montmarte, Brooklyn, Bronx, Fu-Dog, and Wolf, heading surreptitiously for the warp.

It was at this point that Queen Mab reappeared on the Watchtower, growing to a more significant size than when she had killed Bumblebee earlier. However, this time she was confronted by Strangefate. The combined powers of Nabu and Stephen Strange proved to be a match for the mad queen as the Green Goblin fled to confront Omega Squad and Boom Tubes opened throughout the Watchtower, disgorging a legion of Parademons. Still, the various "distractions" continued to fight on against the new opposition along with any remaining members of the Pumpkinheads, Thailog Shock Troops, Talon Commandos, the Sinister Sixteen, and the Light's Enforcers. Black Canary herself was so impressed by the actions of King Arthur and his Knights (now including the Shining and Black Knights) in the fight that she told the King to consider themselves all League, come what may.

The Goblin presented the corpses of Macbeth and Demona to Angela, causing some of Omega to split off to chase after him. In the end, Angela kept herself from killing Osborn in cold blood, but the cost was terrible – Goliath himself was slain as the Goblin escaped via Boom Tube. In the meantime, Dr. Strangefate managed to trap Queen Mab in a crystal prison after a lengthy magical battle that very nearly killed his mortal half. And finally, the rest of Omega Squad reached the warp...only to find it secured by a huge number of Parademons and the Joker himself. Joker immediately killed Artemis and went after the rest, looking forward to the ultimate cosmic joke of Oblivion.

In the end, the Phantasm saved the group, appearing out of nowhere and impaling the Joker upon her scythe. As Andrea Beaumont and the just-arrived Bruce Wayne looked at one another for a brief moment, Axel Asher, now committed to his role as “The Access,” jumped into the warp holding a magical item prepared in advance by Dr. Strangefate...the Ambre Jeune Perdu. Montmarte and Brooklyn each took the other's hand and managed to “summon” the Phoenix to surround the warp and The Access while Adam Strange activated a special program for the Zeta Tubes – all stations were activated by enhanced Zeta beams simultaneously. With the Phoenix covering time and the Zeta beams covering space, The Access drew the last remaining shard of the physical Gateways and split the Ambre Jeune Perdu in two, restoring the universes to their intended forms (though not without some problems remaining). In the last gasps of the merged reality, the Spectre makes its vengeance known to both The Green Goblin, consigning him back to the death he suffered, and Queen Mab, transforming her into an ant that is killed by a colony that considers her an invader.

On October 25th, in two re-separated universes, Demona awakens in her chateau, Barbara Gordon misses someone she can't recall, Lexington misses someone he CAN recall, Artemis Crock wakes up from a nightmare next to Wally West, and Elisa Maza celebrates an important anniversary alongside her beloved Goliath while the Batman searches for a now-missing Robin, the young Jason Todd...