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The Purplman Empire, or simply Purplman Empire is a sci-fi comic that is also a bit of an odd take on the Deep-Immersion Gaming concept. Its plot begins focused on three galactic travelers; Jonny (a home-grown "slightly irritable" scientist on the run from Earth for various reasons), Cybrog J (a mercurial, half-zombie, half-robotic neon green cyclopean centipede with an arsenal of tools who was created by Jonny), and Chries (an alien who is obsessed with trash and whatever vestiges of Japanese culture he can find), as they travel the galaxy searching for work. Eventually they reach the gates of the titular empire, where they are approached by the mysterious demigod, Purpl, who is in search of beta testers for a set of reality-warping tools he has just developed. The tools include a portable tractor beam, a tablet which lets its user reverse any environmental damage they may have caused no matter how severe, the power of respawning, and a scanner which can upload nearly any known object across the galaxy into the world. Sound familiar?


Accepting the job, the two new beta testers (Chries takes to tending the empire's landfill instead) are dropped into the empire with no apparent way out, and are left to their own devices with their new gadgets. Hilarity Ensues as the two grow into their newfound powers, discover their potential, and interact among themselves and with the inhabitants of the empire's capital city, Freespace. As time progresses, more characters find their way into the empire, be they more beta testers for Purpl's gadgets, or people dragged in by way of Jonny and Cybrog's abuse of their powers. Not all of them are fond of the duo's status, and many attempt to steal their gadgets or try to kill them off for good; not so easy in a world where respawning exists...


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