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Captain Jezebel Templeton vowed years ago that no man would ever rule her again, not after wresting control of the Harpy's Kiss from the cruel dominion of Archibald Tallmast. Piracy is a brutal world, however, forcing her to hide her vulnerable side from everyone, even her own crew. When she discovers a map tattooed on the back of her latest prisoner, one Javier Bonner, however, she finds herself facing off against his former captain, who will stop at nothing to get him back.


Soon, both ships are racing to the island tattooed on Bonner's back, and in the course of ensuring he stays in her custody, he starts to find the cracks in her emotional armor. While she has always used her body as a tool to get what she wanted, she's never encountered anyone—especially a fellow sailor—willing to see past this, and who embraced her brand of shipboard discipline quite so enthusiastically.

Wealth comes in many forms, as does imprisonment...

The Pirate Queen's Mercy is an erotic tale of swashbuckling adventure, currently a work in progress.


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