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The Mudders is yet another unfinished (and very likely to remain so) story and experiment by Shadow Warden, heavily based upon his own experiences playing MUDs and talking in IRC rooms. The story is presented almost entirely in chat log format closely resembling that of IRC, presenting a completely unique twist on characterization that is further enhanced by snippets from the MUD (Shadowcraft) that most of the characters play on. The story's main themes are the Internet and the psychological ramifications of its existence - it is a study in isolation, addiction, and obsessiveness, and will almost certainly lead to some kind of Downer Ending.


The cast so far includes eleven characters, and promises yet more along the way:

  • lessthanthree, a nineteen year old grade A computer geek. Plays Yemeth on Shadowcraft.
  • shinigamigirl1, a twenty-nine year old flirtatious fan of anime (Death Note in particular). Plays Yagamisa on Shadowcraft.
  • Veckle, the male head op. Plays Veckle on Shadowcraft.
  • Alice Mk 3, a high school girl whose life outside of school is defined by guns and the Internet. Plays Alice on Shadowcraft.
  • Bazooooka, a guy in his twenties with a touch of Ax-Crazy.
  • Capn Crunch, who keeps quiet and plays the game for fun. Works in an office in real life, plays Daniel on Shadowcraft.
  • f15az, a thirty-year-old male and fully obsessed gamer who routinely quotes TV Tropes. It annoys people.
  • Khanberserker, one of the room's ditzes. Plays Daneth on Shadowcraft.
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  • lmr1, the other of the room's ditzes. Plays Vanalia on Shadowcraft.
  • Quotemark, The Philosopher and self-appointed Mr. Exposition. Plays Sophren on Shadowcraft.
  • Tombraider, a wannabe munchkin. Plays Gurm on Shadowcraft.

So far, the story contains the following tropes:


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