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Mitch: Someday when I die, I'm gonna be buried here, with all our Gracey ancestors, and when I do, you had better give me a funny epitaph.
Meg: I'm gonna write 'Here lies Mitch, he never scored'.
Mitch: You stole that from Beavis And Butthead, you weiner.

The Moreau Twins is a series of four interconnected Fan Fiction stories based on the various Haunted Mansion attractions at the Disney Parks, centered on Original Characters Margaret and Michael Moreau. In the first book, (The Moreau Twins vs. The Gracey Mansion) Meg and Mitch are a pair of Ordinary High School Students whose parents have just passed away in a car accident. Upon going to live with their Aunt Sarah Thorn and Uncle Atticus Thorn in their family's ancestral home, Meg and Mitch discover that, surprise, the house is haunted. Haunted by 999 ghosts, to be exact, all of them trapped there by a curse put on the family by Atticus, who is revealed rather quickly to be an immortal sorcerer who only married Sarah to gain access to the house. Among the ghosts residing in the house are former master of the house George Gracey, his vain younger brother Isaac, George's wife Lilli, along with Isaac's murderous wife Constance, their Romani half-sister Leota, and Leota's daughter Florica.


The series remains mostly-unpublished, save for this page and for edits and other graphics made by the author on her Tumblr blog, but that may change in the future. There are three planned sequels, each of which takes place in a different ride at one of the Disney Parks. The Moreau Twins vs. The Hollywood Tower follows Meg and Mitch once more, but this time they head to Hollywood Tower, a defunct hotel in California notable for its supposed haunting by the spirits of a group of stars trapped there by a curse. The Moreau Twins vs. Phantom Manor pits Meg and Mitch against a malevolent phantom intent on ruining the lives of his daughter and her groom from beyond the grave; Finally, the series concludes with The Moreau Twins vs. Mystic Manor, which sends the twins out of America and to Cornwall, to rid the home of noted philanthropist Henry Mystic of what he believes to be a Poltergeist unknowingly brought from India in a music box.


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    The Moreau Twins vs. The Gracey Mansion 

    The Moreau Twins vs. The Hollywood Tower 

    The Moreau Twins vs. Phantom Manor 


    The Moreau Twins vs. Mystic Manor 


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