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A series of tales set in the Warhammer40k galaxy.The first tale describes the downfall of a chapter of space marines (which, admittedly, is very quick compared to other pieces of canon) and particularly focuses on the Master of Sanctuary.The second tale describes the attempts to prevent a member of the Dark Mechanicum from destroying the ship an entire regiment are in and focuses on many of the most important members of the regiment.The third tale is essentually Dracula IN SPACE! A Inquisitor's ship crash lands on a planet that has just returned from the warp and they have to find out the real reason the planet returned. Primarily focuses on the Inquisitor, but also features the first tale's main character as the Inquisitor's bodyguard.The fourth tale is a tale where a small team try to find out why the orks are attacking with unusual weapons that are clearly far too complex to have been made by an ork mek. It also features a character who becomes important in the next tale.The fifth (and last) tale is when all the characters from the other stories return to Hellway's star system (where the chapter of fallen space marines were going when they were corrupted) and try to prevent Chaos from reclaiming it.Although not confirmed, there is a plan to make three spin offs, one focusing on the Master of Sanctuary trying to unravel a rumour that the marine he slew in the first story was not actually who he thought it was and that the real person actually survived the event, one focusing on the regiment (who spend a thousand years (real time) in the warp) trying to return to the Imperium when a warp jump takes them beyond known space and one focusing on the past of the Inquisitor. There is also a plan to write a small tale from a native's perspective during the event's of the battles on Hellway.


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