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The Grimmcroft Series is a Gaslamp Fantasy novel in a Fantasy Victorianesque Constructed World, and an Unpublished Work by troper Noir Grimoir, currently being worked on in her non-existent free time. It takes place in a universe called Valruth (named for the two huge countries that formerly dominated it: The Valkyran Republic and The Ruthemian Empire.) Each book is planned as a stand alone novel, sharing a universe and loosely following different members of the Grimmcroft family, who work as Grimmagisters for the crown. So far it exists as an over 100 page word doc full of world notes and a rather large Wikipad file sitting on her computer. It has various drafts for early chapters, but she keeps rewriting them.


About Grimmagisters:

The first grimmagister was Dreidnoch Gremgehef, a Ghyrish Ghyrevaaktr, or ‘greywalker’, a magician who practiced grimmagister arts, which were forbidden in the beliefs of Rozarian Sanckism. After converting to Sankism and pledging fealty to the king of Rozaria, he assisted in rooting out the other greywalkers, as well as bringing the rest of the country under the power of Celstor Rozencrantz. He was ennobled with the hereditary peerage and position of Grimgrave, and his family was charged with eternal service to the kingdom in this capacity.

This work has a character page.

     Books Planned 

(Number does not necessarily reflect chronological or writing order.)

1. Untitled book on Jackdaw Grimmcroft

Brief Summery: After the death of his father, the former Grimgrave, Jack rises to the position of the political face of the Grimmcroft Family, a position which no one thinks he's capable of adequately performing. Having suffered from depression from a life of chronic illness and his wife's death in the line of duty only three years before, he struggles against these same doubts himself, despite his keen intelligence and prodigious skill in the magician's arts. Not only does he have to prove to his family and the public he can handle the job, but he has to find his father's killer, tame his uncooperative undead-servant and begin thinking about remarriage.

2. Untitled book on Rheynard Grimmcroft

Brief Summery: Transferred to the recently acquired territory of Cairum to investigate a case of mysterious death, suspected of being performed through the use of Grimmagisters arts, the exceedingly capable but exceedingly flippant bachelor Rheynard Grimmcroft is not particularly happy about being rushed off to a backwater full of people who still hold grudges against their Rozarian annexers. Thinking he's walking into an open and closed case, he instead finds a complicated tangle of intrigue which he sets about to solve in his usual flamboyant fashion, unexpectedly learning to respect the people of Cairum and maybe even grow up a bit along the way.

3. Untitled book on Lafaye Grimmcroft

Brief Summery: As marrying and taking the name of her husband would revoke her ability to serve as a Grimmagister, Lafaye has long accepted her fate as a spinster, taking pride in her job and position within the Grimmcroft Family. When a child is orphaned as a result of illegal acts of Grimmagistery, Lafaye takes it personally, unexpectedly finding she longs for a family of her own more than he'd thought before. Grudingly teaming up with her long-time rival, a witty, smooth-talking Justixer, she vows to find the child justice, and in so doing, she finds the family she'd always wanted, without having to give up a thing.


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