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The Glorious Age of Mad Science is a Science-Fiction Sitcom about four aspiring Mad Scientists and their struggle to Take Over the World, destroy their enemies, pay rent... Ok, it's basically Friends with Death Rays.

Our four stars are:

  • Doctor Diana Arseniqué: Genius Ditz, she specializes in biology and genetics, and has a fascination with adorable deadly creatures.
  • Professor Franklin Demonicus: Chemist and second-generation Mad Scientist (yes, that's his real name), he's the only one with cash.
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  • Lady Adrien Robotnik: As her name suggests, she's an expert in robotics, and a Femme Fatale who's not above using her *cough* attributes to her advantage.
  • Doctor Marcus Amser (not a real doctor): Time Traveller and Master of Time and Space, he's a loony completely out of his mind, probably a consequence of his meddling with time.

They also have the aid of their Evil Minions-for-hire: Cute Bruiser Blacklight and silent, philosophical Muscle Monster. (Both are smarter and have much more common sense than their employers.)

OK, it's not a real sitcom, so much as a project One Troper about to graduate in Audiovisual Production would love to produce. But There Is No Such Thing as Notability and while this is not a real show yet, some day it will be.


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