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The First Guardians Is a prequel to Guardianship and explores in depth the mysterious birth of the Guardianships and is set 1000 years before the start of the main story. It takes place during the Kingdom Wars, in which every Richat was against every Richat, trying to obtain more power, lands etc. Though the story takes place during the war, the only ones who fight in the front lines willingly are Fireheart and Hydor, the rest get dragged into fighting or get killed as a byproduct of the mayor wars.


  • What Is A Spirit?
    • Narrates the beginning of the Guardianship of Nature and the Guardianship of Sand
      • The main character of the story is Leaf, an adventurer who wants to discover what the mysterious creatures that have recently appeared are, what they want and where they came from. The people call them Baleful Spirits, because they are believed to be the ones that brought the shadow creatures, to the world. During her travels Leaf meets Poiana, a bounty hunter who is searching for a criminal, Harrier to bring him to justice. Leaf agrees to help Poiana find him and they become best friend. When they find Harrier he is in shock, an mumbles about having seen in the mountains the Baleful Spirits and that they had attacked him. So together they went to the mountains and found another explorer, Reen, searching for the Spirits as well.
  • The Most Faithful
    • Narrates the beginning of the Guardianship of Wind and the Guardianship of Souls
  • Fight for the Queen The Commander Protected
    • Narrates the beginning of the Guardianship of Water and the Guardianship of Fire
  • I Saw Above
    • Narrates the beginning of the Guardianship of Oceans
  • The Flowers Of Battle
    • Narrates the beginning of the Guardianship of Darkness
  • The Lightning Shop
    • Narrates the beginning of the Guardianship of Lightning
  • The Traveler's Stories
    • Narrates the beginning of the Guardianship of Earth
  • The Sounds Leaves Make
    • Narrates the beginning of the Guardianship of Forests and Guardianship of Music
  • I Come To Aid
    • Narrates the beginning of the Guardianship of Rain and the Guardianship of Rivers
  • Is This What You See? Or Is This What You Want To See?
    • Narrates the beginning of the Guardianship of Illusions and the Guardianship of Dreams
  • You Are Beater Than You Think You Are
    • Narrates the beginning of the Guardianship of Heart and Mind
  • My Brother
    • Narrates the beginning of the Guardianship of Snow and the Guardianship of Ice
  • Mind and Soul
    • Narrates the beginning of the Guardianship of Light
  • Under The Same Sky. Always
    • Narrates the beginning of the Guardianship of Sky

The stories are not in chronological order, and one does not necessarily need to read them in the right order, the stories being told from different P.O.V.s, but it does help understand things beater.
  1. The first person to become a Guardianship is [Guardianship Of Wind].
  2. A little while afterwards, [Guardianship of Light] is killed and she becomes the straw that broke the camel's back, and her death becomes the reason the wars begins, both the Kingdom wars and the Mente Vs Anima wars.
  3. She was closely followed by [Guardianship of Souls], who was traveling with [Guardianship of Wind].
  4. six months later, the fourth was [Guardianship of Earth] who got killed when he declared that his people would stay neutral.
  5. He was followed by [Guardianship of Sky] four months later who died as an accident
  6. And then [Guardianship of Heart] seven months later, who also died a an accident.
  7. [Guardianship of Snow] one month later died because he was trying to protect his brother.
  8. He was followed 2 weeks later by his brother, [Guardianship of Ice].
  9. [Guardianship of Lightning] died protecting the shop, two months later
  10. Two years after the death of [Guardianship of Heart], [Guardianship of Mind] died as he tried negotiating peace and form an alliance
  11. [Guardianship of Oceans] died three months later after having been dragged into the fight unwillingly.
  12. 2 weeks later [Guardianship of Dreams] was killed by [Guardianship of Illusions]
  13. Fireheart died fighting in the north-east, protecting Hydor.
  14. 3 months and one week later [Guardianship of Forests] died fighting.
  15. Closely followed by [Guardianship of Music] three days afterwards.
  16. After having escaped and prepared her defense, Hydor died eight months after Fireheart, with her people and the Guard.
  17. [Guardianship of Rivers] and [Guardianship of Rain] died together via Heroic Sacrifice
  18. [Guardianship of Illusions] died right about now probably, but it is a mystery how.
  19. Three months afterwards Reen died fighting after having been dragged into the battle.
  20. Eight days later Alicia died via Heroic Sacrifice to protect everyone
  21. Leaf died a few hours after her, and she was the very last Guardianship
    1. Though not part of The First Guardians The King became the official final Guardian seven years later.

Tropes: Overall

  • Ascend To A Higher Plain Of Existance: The people that become Guardianships
  • The Cameo: Lots of cameos all over the places because the stories tinterwine many times, because they all take place in the same countries and in more or less the same time spans.
  • Driving Question: What is a Spirit? Where does it come from? Where will it go? What does it want? Leaf exposes very well what the questions are, and everyone, some more than others, ask themselves at least one of these questions.
  • Everyone Dies: All the characters that become Guardianships, ergo all the main characters.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Plot: 14 different stories that take place at more or less all the same time, in the same country and each explains a little bit of another story.
  • Title Drop: At some point in all of the stories the title is used.

Tropes: Story specific

Tropes for What Is A Spirit
  • Defeat Means Friendship: When Leaf firs met Poiana she was searching for Harrier, so the first thing she did was attack, thinking she was a servant of his. So Leaf, after having been been beaten said:
"Hey, s'now that you've beaten me, can we be friends? You sure fight well"

Tropes for Fight For The Queen The Commander Protected

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