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The Diriginaut is an Alternate History novel that sits just barely on the Gaslamp Fantasy side of Steampunk, and which as of now only exists in the mind of its author.

When the Western American Empire discovers a chemical ore that will allow them to monopolize the flight industry, a Confederate scientist and cryptographer named Edward Montgomery is sent to steal and decode the plans for the biggest airship ever built. Meanwhile, Captain Valentine, Lovable Traitor and inveterate scoundrel, arrives in San Francisco on the run from the Confederate army. After accidentally rescuing the chancellor's daughter, Valentine is offered a job flying for Emperor Norton, and since he needs the cash, he accepts the task: ferrying a group of Determined Homesteaders to the same mining town that the Confederate agents have just been ordered to sabotage.


Everything just goes downhill from there.

The Diriginaut provides examples of:


Example of: