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>check pockets


If you got here from the "random" button, God help you.

The Continued Adventures Of RC And Input is one giant injoke that you wouldn't get even if you tried. It is by RC and Input, as the title says.

Most of the "dialogue" created is based on discussions held elsewhere.

Most of the used content is generated through Scratch, a programming site where users can share their works, called "projects", directly onto the site. Characters are often borrowed from the unpublished work "Project Expanse" (in this case, the characters are often corrupted into different forms), also by Zeyphle, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, raocow, and other spots.


<Cannot have a YMMV page on account of it has no real audience.> There's still the character page that will be handled later (hopefully not deleted entirely)

But for now, a backup will be held here.


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    The Two 



Species: Chao (Firian)

Alignment: Neutral Chao

Universe: Expanse

Sex: Female (!!)

TV Tropes Handle: Zeyphle

Appearance: A Chao with a long sword-type protrusion on her forehead. The "sword" is tipped blue and her body is cyan. Her left eye is grey, alluding to the fact that she wears glasses in real life. Her weapon is a giant pen. Yes.


Here we go

Species: Cat? Tangerine? I dunno...

Sex: Male

Universe: Connect

TV Tropes Handle: tangeruse

Appearance: Similar to the cat "Tangy" from Animal Crossing, except a bit more masculine. For his weapon, he has a cat planet cat. I don't know why.

tangeruse: plug a shit

    The Expanse 

Characters that are part of the unpublished Project Expanse.


Species: Chao (Firian)

Sex: Male

Alignment: ???

Appearance: A white Chao with black highlights. Has an often visible tail that consists of a long wire ending in a little bun. One wing is batlike, the other is birdlike. Eyes are a simple black. His weapon is a sword.

<No tropes applied to Splice yet.>


Species: Chao (Firian)

Sex: Male

Alignment: Neutral Chao

Appearance: Gaia has the appearance of a regular Neutral Chao, but with green tips rather than yellow. His wings are small and light blue. His weapon is a dagger.

  • Berserk Button: If you hurt or threaten Splice within Gaia's field of vision, you WILL die.
    • The reverse is true, also, minus the death.
  • Future Me Scares Me: All three future versions of himself haunt his dreams. Yes. Three.


Melody is taking over.

Species: Chao (Firian)

Sex: Female

Alignment: Neutral Chao

Appearance: Melody is a pure white Chao. Her weapon is a scythe shaped like a musical note.


Species: Chao (Firian)

Sex: Female

Alignment: Neutral Chao

Appearance: A shiny light blue Chao with a cluster of phoenix feathers on her forehead. Has two claws on each hand that carry an electrical charge.



    The Connect 
A corrupt version of the Expanse generated from within the darkest depths of tangeruse's mind.

yayl amo (Yayl)

I have something to direct your attention towards. *point*

Species: Chao (Firian)

Sex: Male

Parallel to: Splice

Alignment: ??? (even more so than Splice)

Appearance: Almost identical to Splice, only he has no mouth or eyes. His eyes are only empty black sockets. Both his wings are black.

grille de feu (Gril)

There will come a day when folks just lose all their eyes. And I will be sitting here, waiting for it.

Species: Fire demon

Sex: Female(?!)

Parallel to: Gaia

Appearance: An entirely black Chao with red outlines. There are also lines around her wrists, head, and feet, where the borders of Gaia's hilites are/used to be. Has no face, other than the occasional :3.



Species: Ice demon (?)

Sex: Male

Parallel to: Gaia

Appearance: Like Gril, only cyan rather than red.

Zeyphr: "Oh man" should be Boi's quote
tangeruse: no no no
tangeruse: that is not the case
tangeruse: as boi does not speak
tangeruse: (normally)

tangeruse: Boi does speak when he has a point to get across, like "pistachio ice cream is okay".



Species: Ghost

Sex: Genderless/Neuter

Parallel to: Gaia

Appearance: Nothing but blackness. Yep. Also can appear as a transparent area on a blood-red wall.

>le texty guy

>is your mother home?

Species: Chao (Firian)

Sex: Female

Alignment: Neutral Chao

Parallel to: Melody

Appearance: Almost exactly like Melody, but with permanent Black Bead Eyes.

Officer Ice


Species: Chao (Firian)

Sex: Female

Parallel to: Ice

Alignment: Neutral Chao

Appearance: 100% duplicate of Ice, except for she wears a police hat.

  • Expy of (normal) Ice.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Ice loses her medical knowledge to the ???. That, combined with rising crime rates, forces her to become a cop.

Lighthouse "Power Yayl The Guy Who Appears In The End Credits Remix" Bread

''There was once a humble pine who stood so tall'
With a giggity giggity goo and a boogity boogity boo

Species: Pine tree

Sex: Male (Trees can be sexed now?!)

Appearance: A tall-standing, humble pine tree (branchless at best). He used to stand at the edge of the veil where the Expanse and the Connect meet, blessing all with his leaven grace. Well, until he was cut down by a stranger who commented "Power Yayl is love. Power Yayl is life".


This work contains examples of:

  • Hurricane of Puns: Zeyphr and RC hurl Monstercat-based puns at each other in one chapter.
Zeyphr: @tangeruse The game should take place in Aeon Metropolis, somewhere in Another World.
tangeruse: How about we have the final area be Rainbow Road
Zeyphr: Yes, and the hero has to Pump It! to Free My World.
tangeruse: No, he has to Whip-it.
tangeruse: The game is gonna be totally Fresh.
Zeyphr: @tangeruse Fresh like Dream Soda when exposed to Some Wobbles in the White City.

Zeyphr: @tangeruse I Monster-can't take these puns anymore, I think I'm Braken.
  • Catch-Phrase:
    • Zeyphr: huehueheu (laughing)
      • Eerie. (exposure to creepy things)
      • whatwhatwhat (Flat "What" response)
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    • RC: No, no (disagreeing)
      • Here/There we go. (starting something)
      • Oh, you'd be surprise.
  • A Fate Worse Than Death: In one chapter, Zeyphr and RC are exploded into oblivion by Power Yayl.
Zeyphr: Did we just die?
tangeruse: Power yayl stares. He has a slightly impatient look on his face.
Zeyphr: >talk
Zeyphr: ":3"
tangeruse" Fuck. Now he's gone again.
  • Future Me Scares Me: This is the case with Gaia and his alternate selves.
  • Alien Geometries: Occasionally, entering or trying to enter a room brings up a common internet error.
    • Doing actions in these rooms can also lead to errors.
  • Made of Explodium: Power Yayl has been shown to be able to do this to his victims.
  • Hell Is That Noise: In-universe(es). Virtual Riot's music in the background is a sign that Power Yayl is drawing near.
    • The ticking noise as a result of Power Yayl's Made of Explodium abilities might become this.
  • Madness Mantra: Shade has a list of these.
    • If you put a hot dog in a flashlight, nothing happens.
    • Didja read only?
    • Feel the feel the feel the...
    • I am a very beautiful person.
    • Gaia has one, too: "Hush, little Gaia, don't say a word, mommy's gonna buy you a mockingbird..."
  • Arc Symbol: ♥
    • ✦, referred to as the RCStar.
    • An eight-pointed star is used by Zeyphr.
  • Arc Words: "It's raining outside, Gaia..."
    • "I THINK THEY'RE BREAKING THROUGH THE DOORS" (from Virtual Riot's "Haunted")
    • The emoticon :3
    • "Don't trigger a Blinx Ending."
    • "Where are we...?"
      • "The future." (From Varien & 7 Minutes Dead's "Mirai Sekai, Part 1")
    • "Shush."
  • Reality Warper: Yayl.
    • Power Yayl warps reality by even existing in the room.
  • Bad Future: The Connect (an alternate universe created by RC) is this for the Expanse.
  • "Groundhog Day" Loop: Don't trigger a Blinx Ending.
  • Power Glows: Power Yayl.
    • Guardian Form Splice.
  • Eyeless Face: Gril, Boi, and Neutre are all eyeless.
    • Yayl doesn't have eyes; he has empty black sockets. Eerie.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: Yayl, despite being eyeless, manages to pull this off when he becomes Power Yayl.
  • Hellish Pupils: Shade.
    • In the Connect, it's more like a Hellish Pupil. His eye was torn out in an unknown incident.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Zeyphr is autocorrected to "Zephyr" on occasion. RC does not take this well.
  • Overly Long Gag: Several.
    • "Feel the feel the feel the" lasted for a good 3 pages.
    • "Go to the church and ask God to go to the church and ask God to go to the church and..." (From Orpheus FTW's The Misadventures of Skooks series)
    • Holy batman batman batman
  • Faux Horrific: Flying shopping lists.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Gaia's Remixes.
    • Gril has a red outline. Gril controls fire.
    • Boi has a cyan outline. Boi controls ice.
    • Neutre has no outline. Neutre controls darkness.
  • Flat "What": Combined with Rule of Three.
Zeyphr: whatwhatwhat
tangeruse: I'm weird like that
  • Noodle Incident: The reason Shade loses his eye is this. However, it's been implied to be the result of an argument between him and Gaia.
  • A Wizard Did It: The reason that RC and Zeyphr's Scratch Tennis went on for twelve rounds.
tangeruse: how has a tennis gone for this long
Zeyphr: magic, my boy
Monstercate: It is now time to eat my thrice daily meal of turkey. (Referencing the album cover for Monstercat 009 "Reunion")
  • Berserk Button: The inexistence of the :trapcat: emoticon is this to RC.
    • Don't ever say "Power Yayl does not exist" within earshot of Yayl.
      • Now you've done it. P-P-P-P-POWER YAYL!!
      • Don't even write, think, or say "otherwise". Explanation 
    • Don't mention Google in front of Gril. She and Google have a checkered history.
    • Don't touch Gril's "lasaga"(sic).
    • Cameras also seem to set Gril off.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Or...Chaoitarian, as the case may be. Neutre is revealed to actually EAT PEOPLE.
    • And spit them back out if he doesn't like the taste, as was the case with Officer Ice.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: tangeruse (Red) and Zeyphr (Blue).
    • Gril (Red) and Yayl (Blue).
    • Lampshaded by tangeruse.
    tangeruse: I swear all the fucking time, you swear never
  • Why Am I Ticking?: Mere moments before Power Yayl dispatches RC and Zeyphr.
tangeruse: Look.
tangeruse: He'll be back.
tangeruse: And he's got his eye on you.
tangeruse: Literally.
tangeruse: Zeyphr has a brightly glowing purple spot on her lower back.
tangeruse: It is ticking.
Zeyphr: >realization
Zeyphr: OH SHI

  • Sticky Bomb: Power Yayl uses his "pupil" as a full-force sticky grenade.
    • Except it turns its victims into bombs.
  • Cargo Cult: Lighthouse the pine tree has his own cult, which is apparently opposed by Power Yayl.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: There is a chapter titled "This Chapter Starts With An Oversized Gaia". Guess what it starts with?
  • A God Am I
tangy2: I CAN DO AS I WISH
tangy2: whoa, i just had a little ego spike
tangy2: sorry
power yayl watches all through the sky’s sombrero
how can power yayl watch all if he doesn’t *mmf mmffmmff* (in purple text) It happens now


I have this much in my pockets...?


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