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A book in progress. Takes place in Romania.

Since her own band is disbanding, bassist Emilia Nedelea is invited to join another project called RosenGrace. She is not all too enthusiastic about it, and the trio actually makes a bad impression. As the girls sign up for the upcoming "Battle of the Bands", can Emilia trust them enough to help them win?

Because this is a novel (and due to the overall nature of the format), Loads and Loads of Characters are very much a given. The ones that get the most screentime are:



  • Doina Rotaru: vocals.
  • Ecaterina ("Cati") Groza: guitar.
  • Emilia Nedelea: bass
  • Maria Bădulescu: drums


  • Petru Anghelescu: vocals
  • Alin Manoliu: guitar
  • Tudor Vasilescu: bass
  • Hilda Kovacs: drums


  • Margareta ("Margi") Voica: vocals
  • Elena Pâslaru: guitar
  • Mădălina Tomoiu: bass
  • Corina Zărnescu: drums

Sugar Complex:

  • Francesca ("Cesi") Pietrăreanu: vocals
  • Sandra Ionescu: guitar
  • Iulia Moiceanu: bass
  • Tatiana Popa: drums


Vampire Mafia

  • Octavian ("Octă") Andreescu: vocals
  • Traian Măgureanu: guitar
  • Mircea Vlaicu: rythm guitar
  • Adrian (Adi) Marinescu: bass
  • Ştefan Aiacoboaiei: drums


  • Ana-Maria Bogdan: vocals
  • Andrei Mitu: guitar
  • Gabriel Ungureanu: rythm guitar
  • Horia Arghira: bass
  • Lucian Remeş: drums

Emilia's friends Izabela and Luiza also appear regularly.

The book provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: P.A.T.H are a male example, with Alin as the blond, Petru as the brunet, and Tudor as the redhead.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Mainly Doina, but other characters show varying degrees of this as well.
  • Dye Hard: The main quartet's hair colors change like the seasons.
  • Don't Explain the Joke: A bad case of this makes Octavian's jokes outright dreadful.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Doina is the sanguine, Emilia is the choleric, Cati is the phlegmatic and Maria is the melancholic.
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  • Ms. Exposition: Isabela. Most of her purpose as a character is to tell Emilia about various people's former bands. Justified as most of this seemingly useless info becomes relevant later on.
  • Title Drop: Just guess.

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