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A novel idea by Dreamshell: A darkly comic, slapstick-y Generational Saga set in a Camp Retro Universe World of Weirdness told in Anachronic Order with ample helpings of Mundane Fantastic, Magitek (and its related subtropes), Ray Gun Gothic (and its related subtropes), and just about anything else in keeping with the best that comic books and pulp fiction have to offer.

More specifically, the story examines the Snows, an industrialist family who have been wielding absurd economic, political, scientific, and magical power for generations. Despite their long legacy of tyranny and destruction being an open secret, the fact that they supply the world with cutting-edge breakthroughs and the means to bitch-slap the laws of physics leads to most people treating them as somebody else's problem.


Felix Snow, though he is the white sheep of the family's modern-day incarnation, is nonetheless obsessed with living up to their heady legacy. But thanks to academic politics and one too many laissez-faire experiments going awry, Felix finds himself barred from going to the Mad Scientist University his ancestors founded. Crestfallen, he impulsively asks his girfriend to run away with and marry him, only for her to ask just how he expects her to live with being a Snow.

Utterly miserable, Felix takes off on his own, losing himself within a bizarre bohemian underground of hipster mages, space-time expats, and rebel prodigies. His girfriend's comment, however, continues to plague him until he finally resolves to uncover the source of his family's Chronic Villainy. As he learns of his heritage through ever more outlandish means, Felix realizes there may be no real answer...


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