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"What ails humanity is itself. You can cure that."
Arageth the Thousand-Faced

This is a dystopian fantasy currently under construction by anonzeta and takes place in the fictional world called Dagon. Part of a collaborative work.

Five years ago, the enigmatic Queen Irene von Eule of the kingdom of Ultor had mysteriously vanished into nowhere—along with her illegitimate son—after a revolution staged by her very military commander and aide Alchezar Svalrik. The government was then seized by the militaristic Inquisition, who aims to erase all former influence of the fallen dynasty, rounding up loyalists and political threats to their rule. Those who refused to relinquish their allegiance to the Queen were killed, while those who did were forcibly conscripted into military service as Hounds.


"Quislings," "fools," "cowards"—most of society dismisses the Hounds as being mere prisoners being punished to do grunt work for the new government, but what they actually do is more complicated and dangerous. As Hounds, they are being sent to the outskirts of Ultor to hunt down the vicious, man-eating monsters called the Accursed currently terrorizing the land. However, due to their lack of training, Hounds are often killed in action— which the Inquisition is fully aware of, and which is what they actually intended.

However, this all changes when Andrea, the Queen's adopted daughter and one of the Hounds, in the course of investigating the royal family's disappearance, finds her adoptive brother Mordred—now for some reason turned into one of the Accursed, but one less focused on eating humans and more about hunting down the mastermind behind the monsters plaguing Ultor: Arageth.


The story slowly unfolds to reveal the true nature of the Accursed and their creator, the murky circumstances surrounding the usurpation of the Ultorian throne, and the secret of the grim world they're locked in.

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