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My name is Weisser Drache. I am the White Dragon.
— Weisser Drache, the antagonist of BLUE_EYES.

The Blue Trilogy is, you guessed it, a trio of novels in the works by Troper Neves783.

The trilogy focuses on two individuals: Akane Orikasa, who is chosen by a mysterious Woman in White in order to stop a global catastrophe from happening, and Weisser Drache, an empowered man with a Dark and Troubled Past and wishes to exact vengeance against the world.


(Note: This is a work in progress, and so, many of these tropes are subject to change along the way. Please be patient.)

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Character Tropes (SPOILERS!)

Main characters

    Akane Orikasa 

Akane Orikasa

An Office Lady with Psychic Powers, Akane just wanted to become an Idol Singer. However, as she was on her way to an audition, she is attacked by Hyojin - only to be saved in the nick of time by Rachelle and Sayaka.

Her rescue leads to Akane being recruited by the Internationalis Defensio Cogere, or the I.D.C., a group of empowered individuals sworn to protect the world from harm.

Her Genesis gene manifests as Psychic Powers in the form of "stardust" attacks.

    Weisser Drache 

Weisser Drache / Stephan Leblanc

Weisser is the CEO of WEISS-Corp, and his plan is to capture Akane. It is eventually revealed that he intended to do this to use her as a Living Battery to power up his Kill Sat, the Starlight Breaker, and blow up the planet - himself included.

His Genesis gene gives him Super Speed as well as photon-based attacks.

    Maki Hoshino 

Maki Hoshino

Weisser Drache's deceased Love Interest who keeps appearing to Akane, telling her to stop her beloved's plans.

Crystal Knights

    Sayaka Miyazawa 

Sayaka Miyazawa

The first 'Crystal Knight" to be introduced, alongside Rachelle.

Her Genesis gene gives her wind powers.

    Rachelle Hannaway 

Rachelle Hannaway

One of the six "Crystal Knights" and one of the first two to be revealed alongside Sayaka.

Her Genesis gene manifests as control over flames.

    Jeanne Neumann 

Jeanne Neumann

The third "Crystal Knight" to be introduced.

Her Genesis gene gives her mastery over water.

    Gasira Bakhita 

Gasira Bakhita

The fourth Crystal Knight revealed, Gasira is the friendliest of the six.

Her Genesis gene allows her to use light-based projectiles.

    Leah Evans 

Leah Evans

The fifth Crystal Knight introduced.

Her Genesis gene gives her Super Strength (in the form of powerful punches, mostly as well as the ability to use earth-based powers.

    Phoemela Lopes 

Pamela Lopes

The sixth Crystal Knight revealed.

Internationalis Defensio Cogere (I.D.C.) East-Asia 3rd Fleet

    Yuriy Sokolov 

Yuriy Sokilov

One of the two special agents who accompany the Crystal Knights during their missions, alongside Johnny Crowe.

    Johnny Crowe 

Johnny Crowe

One of the two special agents who accompany the Crystal Knights during their missions, alongside Yuriy Sokolov.

     Cpl. Gerard "Rex" Russell 

Gerard "Rex" Russell

Corporal of the I.D.C.

    Lt. Carmen Santana 

Lt. Carmen Santana

    Irina Pavlivna 

Commander Irina Pavlova

Internationalis Defensio Cogere (I.D.C.) Council

    As a group 
They serve as the council leaders of the I.D.C.


    Yu Yuna 

    Irvine Dominguez 

Irvine Dominguez

Weisser Drache's personal bodyguard.

Expies and Homages


"Starduster en route!"

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