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In the show Harvey Beaks the episode "Comet Night!" when Officer Fredd electroshocks Miriam and Fee with his taser gloves causing Miriam and Fee to fall to the floor and end up lying on their backs and are rendered extremely helpless and completely incapacitated. This could have happened considering the fact that Miriam and Fee are lying on the retirement home floor and all of the germs from foot traffic, wheelchairs, pets and carts, body fluids such as urine, feces, blood, mucus, saliva, vomit, sweat, semen, vaginal fluids, and pus being released on the floor, abc gum, rotting: food, bugs and animals, and various chemicals spilled on the floor most likely make the floor contaminated and harbor diseases making Miriam and Fee who are lying on their backs on the floor prone to catching any floorborne diseases, and based on how hard they fell to the floor, could have fractured or broken some bones in their head, back, arms, buttocks, and legs and possibly getting a head concussion if they hit the floor on the back of their heads. Not to mention making them vulnerable for somebody taking advantage of the two such as getting raped or sexually assaulted. Not to mention the elderly people that Officer Fredd electroshocked could have suffered from a stroke, heart attack, organ damage, and possibly broken bones and permanent muscle paralysis due to their advanced ages. Also, if anyone in real life got tased as many times as Miriam and Fee did, they could end up suffering from muscle paralysis and internal organ damage and can also suffer from impaired vision and hearing and memory loss.