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Tangy Tales and Dippy Ditties are two series of cartoon shorts running from 2020 to 2059. The series are produced by DeSean Doomes II.

Tangy Tales provides examples of:

  • A Cat in a Gang of Dogs: Inverted: Maple Syrup is the only major dog in the Maxwell shorts.
  • Adaptation Expansion: The Maxwell, Snowball & Maple Syrup comic strip only featured four charactersnote  and took place in a single room. The Tangy Tales shorts, however, expanded the world and introduced many new characters.
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  • And I Must Scream: Pinto when he gets frozen in The Snowball Screwball.
  • Animated Series: The intended medium for the series.
  • Adults Are More Anthropomorphic
  • Bigger on the Inside: Walter's box is this. On the outside, it's the size of a normal box, but on the inside, it is the size of a room in a house.
  • Bilingual Dialogue: Maple sometimes inserts German words into her sentences, yet Maxwell and Snowball can understand her like she's speaking English.
  • Bratty Half-Pint: Walter.
  • Cartoon Physics
  • Cast of Snowflakes
  • Deranged Animation
  • Every Thing Talks
  • Exposed Animal Bellybutton: Plucky has a visible navel.
  • Jerkass: To say the least, Gabby is not pleasant company, constantly griping the whole time and just having a constantly unpleasant, dour attitude. Given the crap he puts up with throughout the cartoons, it's hard not to blame him for being so grumpy, though.
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  • No Mouth: Maxwell von Fluffington.
  • Non-Indicative Name: Bimbo, Pinto's pet dog, is intelligent, unlike actual bimbos. Schnooks is an actual bimbo.
  • Overly Long Gag: In one cartoon, there are an infinite amount of curtains, and it takes 20 seconds to get to the last curtain.
  • The Public Domain Channel: Justified, as there is an in-universe TV channel dedicated to showing public domain programming only.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Daphne and Daisy, respectively.
  • Wackyland: Jinjinville.




Pinto Kat

Voice Actors: DeSean Doomes II

Schnooks White

Voice Actors: DeSean Doomes II

Gabby Tabby

Voice Actors: DeSean Doomes II

Miss Kitty White

Voice Actors:


    Season One 
Note that the list is unsorted.
  • Piggy's Pet Puppy: Piggy adopts an insane puppy named Plucky.
  • The Tail of Pinto Kat: A kat wearing a hat and his dog Bimbo must chase his tail to get it back.
  • Broken Leg: Kitty breaks her leg, so Pinto takes care of her for the remaining day.
  • The Cat's Foot: An alien from another multiverse tries to get a cat's foot for infinite and eternal luck.
  • Campin': Pinto, Schnooks and Gabby attempt to go camping.
  • Pinto in Jinjinville: Pinto goes to Jinjinville and encounters a 3-D Osmode Eclipse, goes to the land of Zooming W-B Shields, then confronted by a Cuc-Koo.
  • Pluck Amuck (or, The Essential Plucky Pluck): Plucky is tormented by a mischievous animator, who is revealed to be Piggy.
  • Pinto and Kitty: Pinto, with Bimbo by his side, goes on a dizzy date with Kitty. This causes a resulting unstoppable car.

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