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A series of digests being worked on by Troper Henshin Justice. A tribute to the Sci-fi, Monster, Western, Mystery, Childhood, and Horror stories from the 30s to 70s, with a bit of Romance and Political thrown in here and there. Each digest contains five stories, usually with most of the stories being serials of a larger stories. The main stories continued in the digests are:

  • Mask of Justice - A story about a Luchadore who has lost his humanity, struggles between the calls of the beast and the calculations of the machine, the desire of love and the lust of violence, morality and violence, all while also battling beings similar to him, trying to the find patientence to see if a cure can be found, and when most of that is done with, seeing what it means to be an incorruptable hero looked up to by the masses.
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  • Civilized Five - Five men of five different lives in a late 1800s styled setting trying to bring morality back to a city that has been taken over by Prohibation-Era mobsters. Their only weapons in this war being the use of ownership over local businesses, debating-skills, charsmatic personalities, slurring out Nightmare Fuel whenever drunk, one of them being one of the greatest gunman and swordsman in their world, and of course, SCIENCE!
  • Still Just a Case - A Sci-Fi Noir story about a Detective taking a certain case deep into the pool of obsession. Finding that the world is not the way it may seem, he discovers that not everyone is by any means "normal" even on the inside. Sometimes they're reptillian monsters that want to kill you for learning too much about the possible "murder" of your best friend. Sometimes they may be humanoids wearing trenchcoats, nice hats, and spout semi-objectivist philosophy, that are infact shadows that manage to manipulate objects around them. Neither of those are normal, and if they are for you, I would recommend having a discussion with a group of friends about the subject, and see how they react.
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  • Precision - Weird West story about a man who seeks revenge on "those" who turned the "love of his life" into a monster, forcing him to kill her. In this quest for revenge, he spreads chaos to the town he lives in, bringing about a manhunt on him, the Sherif wanting him dead, and having the entirety of the upper-class hating him. As it moves on, he begins to change, consering to replace the "venge" in "revenge" for "demption".
  • Legends of the Currents - A story largely inspired by toku series such as Ultraman, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and Godzilla. Only story that has protagonists that are morally good through out the whole story, who's worst flaws are curosity of what lays beyond the borders of the utopia they defend, occasionally wondering what their purposes are, and perhaps not investigating what work the citizens of the utopia are working on.
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  • Hell on the Inside of the House - Horror story about fourteen beings who previously were given great powers being trapped in an ever-changing house by a sadist who seeks to watch them kill theirselves out of fear. Deals with the main character making constant attempts to escape, trying to find a place to hide, and trying to master his powers, or if he fails at the latter, blind himself, so that he no longer has to deal with the changes his eyes due to his inerpretation of time.
  • Vengence for the Hero - An elderly Silver-Age Supervillain starting a personal war against a group of new supervillains who were behind the death of King Man, a superhero he had fought back in his prime that was called a "King among Men", and was someone even the elderly villain admired, thus giving him a reason to come out of retirement to put an end to the reign of the newer supervillains, a task he finds hard due to wanting to bring them to Justice, the way he thinks King Man would've wanted it to happen.

All together, these stories form an over-arching storyline about humanity, morality, justice and revenge, fear, and Deconstructs and Reconstructs several genres.


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