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Super J Generation II is the sequel of Super J Generation, who takes place two months after the events of the previous story, after our heroes finally defeat Light Yagami and Yami for good and each and almost every character returns to their respective universes.

Two months after the final battle in the Void World, Rock Howard has many mysterious nightmares about Leina, who returned to her world after the final bout too. Most of Rock's nightmares involves Leina being cursed by the Swamp Witch and how her sister Claudette becomes the queen of Gainos, while proceding in trying to conquer the Continent, and possibly, the rest of her world, just like she tries to do in Queen's Blade Rebellion but this time with some extra help from many baddies from other series.


Trying to find an explanation for his nightmare, Rock finds some counseling from Rose and, by sheer coincidence, or not, the Cross Gate who allows to travel between dimensions, is open and Rock jumps to the Fantasy World, this time trying to find Leina and finding out what's going on...

...Except that, this time, the things will not going to be so simple like the last time...

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Return to the Fantastic World

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