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The largest privately owned multinational, multi-industry, conglomerate in the world (Surpassing Cargill, and Koch Industries), created and owned by Tishauna Starr of Outlaw Starr and run by herself, family and close business partners. It's grown so fast that Tish is scared it's growing too fast for her to over see it. Especially the subsidiary "StarrTech" (also including it's subsidiaries). The company is relatively young but grew exponentially over the past decade and a half. With a estimated net-worth of over 700 billion dollars. Completely unheard of for a private company. Tishauna Starr is just one of a LONG list of freshly made tech-magnate newcomers that became multi-billionaires overnight. While people was preoccupied by Samsung, Google, and Apple; Starr Industries have been quietly catching up to them, if not outright outpacing them in certain fields. Founder Tishauna Starr made excellent investments, and acquisitions which became HUGE successes and bore fruit.


Starr Industries is a highly diversified company that operates several business segments, The primary Subsidiaries are

  • "StarrTech" a Research, Inc. tech division that specializes in technology. Things like computers, satellites, microchips, robotics, tablets, "smart appliances", smart TV's, cellphones, all types of vending machines, etc. Forbes even said it's likely the next General Electric, Sony, Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft.
  • MedStarr, and its subsidiary BioStarr are Research, Inc. divisions that specialize in Pharmaceutical/medical products, medical technology & research, The latter Biotechnology research. The former is overseen by fellow band mate Dr. Angela Grant aka Doctor-X.
    • Blue Starr a medical NGO similar to International Medical Corps.
  • AeroStarr Technologies a start up company similar to Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Boeing, and Space-X and is growing as fast as Apple was in the 2000's. Also a manufacturer of commercial and private airplanes, which are powered by the newly built fuel efficient StarrTech jet engines. Also has some military/government contracts from around the world.
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  • Starr Realtor The second largest commercial, and private luxury real estate developer in the world. Also the biggest developer of affordable homes.
  • Starr Cosmetics One of the oldest subsidiaries of Starr Industries
  • SolarStarr Technologies, a alternative energy company who might have found the Holy Grail of Solar Energy and Batteries.
  • StarrCom, a rapidly growing telecommunication company, Which now owns SiriusXM
    • Starr News Networks
      • Starr Sports
      • Starr Business Network
  • Starr Studios a major Film/Television/Music company/studio,
  • Starr Foods is basically what The Coca Cola Company, Nestle, Tyson, Pepsi Co, Hershey's & Kraft Foods are combined.
  • Starr Motors A car manufacturer that benefited from the renewed interest in fuel efficient electric cars, and hybrids. Eventually expanded out to produce a wide range of vehicles; such as RV's, Tractors, construction vehicles, Motorcycles, Boats, . It has also bought several upstart manufacturers like W Motors, and Tesla.
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  • Starr Architecture The largest U.S.-based architecture-engineering firm and the 2nd-largest interior design firm.
  • Starr Air a growing Airline, also charters private jets for customers.
    • AirStarr Manufacturer of commercial and private planes and helicopters.
  • Starr Nautics luxury Yachts, and speedboats manufacturer.
  • NorthStarr Shipping International shipping and Currier company.
  • Starr Defense Systems aka S.D.S, Weapons manufacturer
  • Starr Restaurants Brands International, multinational restaurant holding company.

Others wholly owned by Tishauna but not operating under Starr Industries. Such as.

  • Starr Financial The largest black owned bank in the world. Owned by Tishauna Starr but operates independent of Starr Industries.
  • S.E.X.U.note  Inc a VERY lucrative porn Mega-Corp which now rivals "MindGeek" an adult entertainment IT company (THE biggest adult entertainment company btw), and Playboy Enterprises. The company is run by one of Tishauna's younger aunts believe it or not. Whom is also an adult star herself.
  • 47 Ronin; Private Military Contractors
  • Starr Concierge
  • Starr Soft a video game studio that rivals Ubisoft, Acclaim, and EA. But with much better PR.
  • The Starr Foundation a non profit organization that seeks to end poverty and homelessness in America. It also gives out scholarships, find jobs for felons, and gives out free school lunches to poor inner city & rural kids.
    • The Red Rose Society.
  • Starr Publishing
    • Starr Comics
  • Starr Toys
  • Starr Hotels & Resorts a firm that basically makes casinos, hotel chains & resorts.
    • Starr Cruises, a cruise line with large state of the art cruise ships, and smaller party boats.
  • and numerous other small businesses and joint ventures with her bandmates.

There's other Businesses that are semi-owned and operates under Star Industries. Such as.

  • UniTech A highly regarded small Cyber security firm operated by Tishauna's young 19 year old (at the time) tech whiz cousin Talissa Starr, stationed in Atlanta, and Savannah Georgia. After being promoted to the higher up levels of StarrTech she passed the duties to her young sister; 17 year old Tessa Starr, making her the youngest black female CEO of a fortune 500 company in history.
  • Cyberus security firm that primarily works under Starr Industries, based in L.A., and Australia. It's overseen by yet another band-mate and BFF of Tishauna; Eryn Lawson Knight aka Cerberus.

Each subsidiary is a big competitor to other companies in that particular field. For instance StarrTech rivals most other tech giants like Samsung, Haier Group Corporation, Dell, Microsoft and Apple. Or alternatively Starr Cosmetics rivals Procter & Gamble and L'Oréal.

Starr Industries is essentially Sony meets Northrup Grumman meets Weyland-Yutani meets Umbrella Corp (minus the evil) meets General Electric meets Apple meets Boeing meets General Motors meets Omni Consumer Products meets Lockheed Martin meets Samsung meets Stark Industries meets Microsoft meets Veidt Industries meets...

The tone is mostly dark liberal cynicism, and some black comedy, and the topics/themes covered are; corporate warfare, institutional racism, moral dilemmas in terms of the corporate world, class warfare, corporate & political intrigue, holding on to one's principles, institutional sexism, corporate espionage, institutional corruption, conspiracy. In addition to also being Better Off Ted as a straight faced dark business/political drama, with some hard Sci-Fi undertones of the Speculative Science variety. Also ultimately it's a Fish out of Water story. Part of the The Starr Verse

These Trope Co. Tropes are now under the umbrella of Starr Industries

  • Acme Products: Hilariously; Angelina said they're one toilet seat production away from being this.
  • Adjusting Your Glasses: Angelina usually adjust them by the bridge.
  • Anonymous Benefactor: Starr Industries lobbyists. And sometimes Tishauna herself, to the point she's the new bogeyman to the conservative right. With some right-wingers media sites equating her to being a new hipper and younger female version of George Soros.
    • There's also the not so anonymous StarrPAC (Starr Industries Political Action Committee). It funds mainly progressive political candidates for the US Congress and Senate. Much to the chagrin of conservatives, and surprisingly (or not surprisingly depending on how cynical one is) establishment Democrats.
  • Army of Lawyers: Of course
  • Becoming the Mask: Arguably Tishauna when trying to fit into the Corporate/Political world. Somewhat downplayed as there's a limit to how much she'll hide her true self. She still lament the fact she has to wear this mask though. Interestingly enough she had to wear the mask to some extent within the entertainment industry as well.
  • Black Site: One of the many shady things Angelina does behind the Starr sisters' back. She says there's at least 7 of them.
  • Brand Names Are Better: Challenged by Starr Tech, to the point that Starr Tech itself became a brand name in he early 2010's.
  • Brutal Honesty: Talissa; but despite being a young adult, her honesty boarders on being "Out of the mouths of babes" type of honesty.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Talissa, whom is more so kinda immature rather than necessarily eccentric.
  • Cassandra Truth/Ignored Expert: Talissa and some of her peers in the cyber security field tried to warn the government about Cyber Terrorist attacks and that America is vulnerable to such attacks. They rarely heed her, and america's cyber security is woefully inadequate. Talissa should know since she breaches it all the time.
  • Cool Airship: The semi-rigid airship Starr Lunar created by Starr Industries, it's basically used as a floating billboard for advertising, and has been known to show music video's (particularly of Outlaw Starr) and film trailers. It's mounted with a giant light weight Ultra HD flat screen on each side. It's mostly automated but can seat a crew as well. Usually hovers around the downtown L.A. area. Public opinion about it is mostly positive, likely because it helped with a crucial Amber Alert. But reaction from city officials is mixed and controversial. Was a massive crowning moment of awesome for Outlaw Starr who used it to be dropped in the middle of the stadium for the Super Bowl 50.
    • The in-production massive Zeppelin Starrship Eclipse, is apparently just being built for fun.
  • Corporate Samurai: The Hidden Mostly as saboteurs, and spies.
  • The Cracker: Both Angelina, and Talissa. Both are part of a small collective of hackers secretly consisting of 2 of Tishauna's younger sisters (unbeknownst to her and Tierra and Tiarra) and a handful of other people that's hidden deep within the hacktivist group "Anonymous". The group is called "Scythe", and the group within THAT group is called "Shadow Geist".
  • Dangerously Short Skirt: A none combat version; Tishauna (along with Tierra, and Tiarra), Eryn, and Angelina are prone to wearing mini skirt business suits that have very short skirts/dresses that would make even Ally McBeal and Catherine Parker blush. Some of their upper management female employees/colleagues as well since technically Starr Industries don't have a strict dress code at their corporate officesnote .
  • Dirty Business: The corporate world the protagonists find themselves in is this. Get's even dirtier once Tishauna, her siblings (and Angela) wants to get involved with sociopolitical issues and policies.
  • Enemies Equals Greatness: Darkly averted, being more so a case of "With great power and influence, comes great and powerful enemies". They were warned about this by some of their top advisers, saying politics is a Dirty Business.
  • Enemy Mine: Starr Industries tends to get these when dealing with intruding government laws. Their biggest defenders are ironically conservative lobbyists, The lobbyists in question aren't doing this because they care about Starr Industries mind you, They're doing it to protect their own business interests whom might be affected by what ever regulation or law that might be imposed on Starr Industries. Even if that means defending a liberal friendly company, so pragmatism basically.
  • The Engineer: Angelina, and to a lesser extent Talissa.
  • Fish out of Water: Tish (including her sisters Tierra, and Tiarra), Angelina, Talissa, even Dr Grant and Eryn are all great artists, scientists, physicists, engineers, doctors and tech whizzes...but CEOs???....over a ever growing massive Mega-Corp?? More troubling is the fact Tish doesn't micromanage. In fact she hates it.
    • Another example being the sobering story that Tish recounted to bone chilling effect in Ebony Magazine with regards to having to sometimes rub elbows with these upper-crust, old money people. Stating that;
    I went from being a garden variety multimillionaire media mogul, like a Puff Daddy, Jimmy Iovine, Jay-Z, etc. to now being in the presence of the 1% of the 1%. I'm talking about the family that owns the color blue, people like that. People who have way too much power and influence. And they're exactly like how you would expect this class of people to be. To say i felt out of place is far beyond a understatement.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Talissa Starr (whom is also a brilliant computer programmer), Angelina Valentine (with occasional hints of Mad Scientist), and to a lesser extent Tishauna.
  • Girlish Pigtails: Talissa usually wear her hair in a long thick Pigtail Fishtail Braids style. On some occasions it's flat ironed straight, Rapunzel style.
  • Genius Programming: Talissa
  • Hacker Cave: Angelina have a very sleek dark one in the basement of her Chicago home and one of her labs. Interestingly enough Talissa's cave is more homely and geekish, set in a finished basement of her Savannah Georgia country home/mansion that has a futon, a mini fridge, and a StarrTech equivalent Kurieg, and Soda Stream..
  • Home Base: Starr Tower, a 77 floor state of the art sky scraper in downtown L.A. with a penthouse suite on the top floor.
  • Homemade Inventions: Angelina built a lot of Starr Tech prototypes at home, So has Talissa.
  • Honest Advisor: Angelina, and Dr. Grant.
  • Honest Corporate Executive: Tishauna strives to be this, Angelina Valentine is a little more dubious being The Spock and all, despite this she's loyal to Tish's vision even if she thinks she's being naive or weak. Talissa is a mixed bag, whom is more so a case of arrogance and being too smart for her own good, but ultimately benevolent. Eryn is pretty reasonable, and Dr Grant is pretty much The McCoy. Tessa is a sweetheart.
  • Hospital Hottie: Dr Grant
  • Hot Scientist: Dr Grant, Angelina
  • I'm a Doctor, Not a Placeholder: Dr Grant argument to Tishauna was basically this when she was picked to head the medical division. Dr Grant oversees everything in terms of medicine, and research. But she doesn't actually run the business aspect of that division.
  • The Kirk: Tishauna
  • Land Downunder: Eryn Knight whose father is a black Ex-Pat (from New Orleans), and her mother a Caucasian/Aboriginal has to deal with these stereotypes. She grew up in Australia, and didn't come to America till her mid 20's to join Outlaw Starr after her military service was finished in Australia. When she came to America this trope was in full effect not to mention people was ignorant to the fact that there's black folks in Australia.
  • Local Hangout: Either the large lounge area on the floor of Tishauna's office, or her penthouse atop Starr Tower.
  • The McCoy: Dr Grant through and through. Tish appreciates her insight and passion to help people around the globe..
  • Meganekko: Angelina Valentine, Talissa when she's not wearing contacts. And Tishauna every now and then, and Dr. Grant occasionally. But it's mostly Angie that's firmly within this trope, usually wearing transitions. Some even have a bleeding edge interface reminiscent to Google glass. Except better.
  • Money Sink: The Starr Tower building was a long gestating project in downtown L.A. which was going over budget, and more or less became a construction sinkhole financially. Cue Starr Industries swooping in and buying the building for a bargain and finishing the project, and making the soon to be tallest building in L.A. Starr Industries main headquarters. The original owners was just glad to wash their hands of it.
  • N.G.O. Superpower: All but in name, to be honest.
  • One-Hour Work Week: Tishauna, to the point her sisters (Tierra, and Tiarra), and Angelina, criticized her for it.
  • Omnidisciplinary Scientist: Angelina Valentine is about as close to a real life Howard/Tony Stark, and a modern Agatha Clay-Heterodyne you could get.
  • Peace & Love, Incorporated: Played with, and Deconstructed; Starr Industries WANTS to be this, but Reality Ensues and sometimes undermine the company due to politics being a Dirty Business.
  • Playful Hacker: Talissa, is secretly probably one of the greatest computer hackers in the world. There's a reason why she was a trusted cyber circuity analysts for the U.S. Government at such a early age.
  • Poisonous Friend: The things Angelina does behind everyone's back in the name of protecting the company and her friends kinda skirts the rules a little.
    • Sometimes she express the feeling of being underappreciated for the underhanded things she do to save everyone's ass, and protect the company.
  • Reed Richards Is Useless: Downplayed with Angelina, Dr. Grant, Talissa and their colleagues.
  • Right Hand vs. Left Hand: Angelina and Talissa. Not necessarily because they hate each other, but because they have their own ideas. Eitherway this has blown up in their faces. There's also those government contracts that Angelina acquired without Tish or the Starr sister's knowing. She defended herself saying; They was never around at the time to consult with. Tish was not happy about those military drone contracts. Angelina reassures her that they can just opt out when their contract is TEN years
  • The Rival: Angelina to Talissa and vice versa. It's mostly in good fun....usually.
  • Sexy Secretary: Tishauna has several. To name a few; Ms. Whitlock in L.A., Ms Ebihara in japan, and Evelyn Han in Hong Kong.
    • Angelina's corporate fashion sense is this, usually with tight pencil dresses, or mini pleated skirts with type A Zettai Ryouiki. Likewise with Eryn, Tishauna (who's prone to wearing sexy miniskirt suits with stylish blazers, and suit dressesnote ..), and Tessa. Downplayed with Dr Grant, Zig Zagged with Talissa who mix this with being a kinda sexy awkward nerd thing. Mostly she has no fashion sense when it comes to formal wear.
  • Sexy Spectacles: Angelina who wears thin framed stylish transitions, and sometimes Tishauna Starr and Talissa.
  • Shameless Self-Promoter: Hilariously done when Talissa started randomly promoting her mixtape, and her hip-hop group's (Seven Assassins) mixtape at E3 2016, and Consumer Electronics Show 2016. To be fair the tapes were surprisingly well received.
  • Shoddy Knockoff Product: The StarrTech brand was seen as this at first, except they weren't shoddy, and was very highly regarded by tech reviewers. By the time of the early part of The New '10s the products grew in prestige. Doesn't hurt that the combined genius of Angelina and Talissa advanced Starr Industries technologies ahead by at least A WHOLE DECADE
  • Sleek High Rise Apartment: Tishauna has a nice opulent one on top of her office floor of Starr Tower. The elevator in her office leads right to it. It was meant to be a large lounge area originally.
  • Speculative Science: A lot of Starr Tech's bleeding edge technology is this, Some classified tech is even a decade or two in advancement.
  • The Spock: Angelina Valentine, not to mention her bitter cynical Sardonicism. But Tish appreciates her frank honesty.
  • Skilled, but Naïve: Angelina think this is what Talissa is.
  • Super Doc: Doctor Angela Grant, about as close to a real life version you can get.
  • Technicolor Eyes: Like her older twin cousins (Tierra, and Tiarra) Talissa has complete heterochromia. One light brown eye, and one pale green eye. Usually wears a designer contact lens (usually shaped as a inverted star) to cover her left brown eye.
  • Work Hard, Play Hard: Tishauna, Eryn
  • The World Is Not Ready: Zig Zagged with Angelina, and Talissa who are sitting on TONS of bleeding edge tech and tech patents that's probably worth an astronomical amount of money. Most will eventually get released, just gradually, mostly to avoid raising eyebrows. Other tech might just stay private and in-house; For example Talissa, and Angelina is close to creating a A.I., and Talissa is working on drone soldiers for shits and giggles, but more likely to just outdo Angelina
  • Wrench Wench: Angelina Valentine, and Tishauna when it comes to old cars
  • Yes Men & Women: The board of directors more or less.
  • Young Entrepreneur: Talissa was a billionaire by the time she was Fourteen.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Some of Angelina's corporate attire is this.

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