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An old version of my page, moved here after being immortalized in this video which points out in stunning detail just how socially inept I really am: I've flagged it, but either way, it was an eye-opener.

In a word? Moe. This has been the cause of much personal confusion, due to the inherent femininity of that trope. I'm pretty sure I'm a guy, though most telemarketers seem to disagree. So why so moe? Let's see...clumsy? Check, though not so prone to tripping and falling down as just dropping things constantly and having distinct trouble with doors (opening the wrong direction, or not turning the knob all the way, etc.—though I did run face-first into a screen door once.) Spacy? Oh yeah. Constantly losing things, forgetting to do things...Although it's more like Ditzy Genius... Shrinking Violet? HELL YEAH. My defining character trait. ____dere? Just fill in the blank! Being in touch with myself, I'd put in "tsun", but the aforementioned paralyzing shyness means I probably come off as more standoffish...and if I'm particularly interested in you, slightly creepy. Generic Cuteness? Well, at 5'10" and no more than 110 lbs., I'm certainly no stud, that's for sure. (Those numbers really do not seem to go with one another.) I seem to need a haircut every couple of months because my hair grows so quickly...and not only that, it's curly. Eyesight is not bad, but I have trouble making out finer details at a distance...which means that most of the time when I'm out in public, I'm wearing my glasses, even though I usually don't wear them at home (unless I'm watching TV or something). Quirks (because a Moe character has to have quirks)? Uh...well, the whole "long, lanky" thing feels kind of weird, so I have a tendency to gravitate towards sitting kind of twisted up without even realizing it. Heck, right now as I'm typing this, my left knee is kind of in my armpit and my right one is sort of half-resting on my wrist. So yeah...I'm pretty sure I perfectly embody the male Moe.


So, anyway, the slightly bizarre username is based off of a character I'd RPed for awhile on a now-defunct board. I'm also known as Cyberchao X on and

Trying to cut back on using examples from Dream, at least while it's still in progress, on the other pages, but since this is my page, I'm going to promote it without shame here. You know, one of these days I'm going to need to come up with a better name for that thing... (This is now linked to the Book of Alania. Both links can be found on the page I created for Dream here on the wiki—see below.)

Likely to run on for long periods of time. Often leads to Walls of Text. Please bear with me.

Responsible for the following quote on the TV Tropes Wiki Just Bugs Me page: "There is only one thing worse than people who indiscriminately link something to Squick when it ought to be linked to Lolicon and Shotacon...and that is people that link to any of those three for a ship in which the characters are only a few years apart. No matter what the ages, FOUR YEARS IS NOT DISGUSTING!!!" I felt I should reprint that mini-rant here to get the point across on my opinions. The first half of that theory, of course, is largely based on Rule 34. Lolicon and Shotacon are fetishes, ones that are major enough to warrant their own pages (Furry Fandom also belongs in this category, although it doesn't relate to the other half of that statement so it wasn't included before). One person's Squick is another's fetish. Please, leave the YMMV items out of it and just link it to whatever it is.


Prone to not thinking before acting. If I do something stupid, please feel free to call me on it.

Also, despite not being from the South (though I did live there from May 1993 to May 1994), I'm in favor of the use of the word "y'all" as a second-person plural, since the official English one is exactly the same as the second-person singular and that's just confusing. It bothers me that some people from that region use it as if it were just a replacement for the word "you" (regardless of singular/plural), because it's a contraction of "you all". This is just another opinion that I feel like putting here.

Currently in the process of writing a college research paper based on a trope. Really. In case you're wondering, it's this one.

  • You finished with that paper yet? We are interested to read it when it becomes available.
    • Ah, I forgot all about that! I'll see if I can remember where I put it...
      • Any luck finding it?
      • Forgot to look for it. Again.

Also, my beloved Lehigh Valley Fire are back on top! See here. As I mentioned in my summary of Park Place, I was on the team that won it all in '05.

Recently joined the Troper Dating Service. Remember, I generally prefer girls my own age or slightly younger. ;) Not so slightly also works as long as you don't go overboard, although I doubt many tropers would actually dip that low.

Tropes that apply to me:

Pages that I've started:

Avatar and the Airbending Fellowship of Vampire Slayers episodes I've recapped:

Other reasons why I rock:

Tropes found in my other main fictionpress work, Conn. A&M:

  • Foe Yay: The Boston-New York sports rivalry is at the heart of the narrative, even though it's just as much a love story as a sports story. Well, about 50-50.
  • Les Yay: And lots of it.
  • California University: Averted in the sense that there's no "high school" being continued, and also in that the main characters' high school friends occasionally show up as students of other universities, but applied in that it is totally a fictional university—I made absolutely sure of that before I named it.
  • Contrived Coincidence: Since the whole "Boston fan/New York fan" thing was so critical, I just had to have the Giants and Patriots playing in the Super Bowl.
  • Latin Lover (Maribel)
  • Fiery Redhead (Caroline)
  • All Guys Want Cheerleaders (and apparently, so do some girls)
  • Naked First Impression: Twice; first when the roommates first meet (Caroline arrived first and was changing in the locked room when Mari arrived with the other key), then when the girls showed up at Maribel's family's Florida vacation house for spring break and found Mari's older brother already there with a girl.
    • Naked on Arrival (second example only, as Mari's brother had only briefly been mentioned before the girls walked in on him having sex with a girlfriend that neither of them knew about.)
  • Slap-Slap-Kiss: For quite awhile.
  • Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today?: Maribel's still not willing to admit her feelings. She has sort acknowledged Caroline as an exception.
  • Transparent Closet: Averted; no one else seems to suspect either of them of being lesbians (although as I said before, Maribel's "straight with an exception"). Well, okay, there were some suspicions at the Super Bowl party, but those people were too drunk to remember it in the morning.
  • Sarcastic Confession: Caroline's "outing herself" when completely falling-down drunk—or rather, doing a damn good impression of drunkenness.
  • Author Appeal: Um, hello, yuri? Also, lots of stuff about sports. The character designs were also kind of made with some of my own tastes in mind, although I find that I like Maribel more than Caroline, which goes counter to my expectations.
  • Retcon: My procrastination has gotten the best of me, and what was once a fictionalization of what would essentially be the present, but actually slightly into the future, has become the recent past. This means working what I already know about the sporting events (and only tangentially sports-related events, including something a lot like the scene that I'd had in my mind when I conceived this thing) into the continuity. In a purer story-based standpoint, I had to rewrite a chapter after I found that it conflicted with an earlier statement.

Also a contributor to Paranoia Fuel, Real Life section, regarding a certain disease...


  • Are you in need of a fangirl? Cause, uh, you're adorable. ~ Saraphyn
    • Really? Thanks. You totally made my day right there.
  • There isn't often a chance for me to vandalise a trope's page, so um do you edit here often.