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A sci fi comedy inspired by Red Dwarf.

The Jupitonia is a two mile long, purple coloured, rocket shaped spaceship. Its crew consists of ten people. They have several strange adventures while in deep space. It features a dead guy, and a computer that just can't decide who it wants to be.

There are currently 10 Episodes:

Virus Alert

Brain Switch



The Love Bug

MAX’s Malevolence


The Skin Designers





Hobson Greene: First Technician on the Jupitonia. He can be a jerk. He likes to make fun of Kepler's deadness

Alexander Kepler:

Alexander Kepler was the security guard, but he was not good at his job. Kepler had always wanted to be a science officer, but he failed his science exam miserably on the first try. One quality that made Kepler a bad security guard was the fact that he was a wimp. He was an insufferable coward. Even the talk of the existence of alien life in space had him hiding under the table crying. The second fact was that he was dead.

MAX: It was rather difficult to pinpoint the computer's appearance, because every time it would come on screen, its appearance and even gender would change.

Sasha Burns: Fellow technician on the Jupitonia, who has one robotic arm and one robotic leg.

Chris Berry: The chef on the Jupitonia. Wears his uniform all the time.

  • Casual Danger Dialogue: In Virus Alert. "Sorry for the interruption, but there's a fire in the kitchen."
  • Leathal Chef: Averted. But played straight in Hallucinations. It wasn't his fault though
  • Limited Wardrobe: The crew believe he only has one pair of clothes. His chef's Uniform.
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  • Non-Action Guy
  • Shout-Out: His name is similar to Chris Barrie, who played Rimmer in Red Dwarf

Joebot: The service droid on the Jupitonia. Known for doing nothing that fits his job description.

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