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Let's try to make another Sonic Anime… called Sonic the Anime. The show isn't heavy on violence but there is lots of action especially when our heroes are trying to stop a villan, there is plenty of comedy and even some romance and securing friendship involved so all types can enjoy. I know there was Sonic X but we need a new anime.
—Spycapt54's reason why he created the series
Sonic the Anime is a fan-created Sonic the Hedgehog
Fanime webseries produced and (yet to be) released on Scratch, by a group of online users led by Spycapt54. It focuses on the daily lives of Sonic and his friends in the Ordinary Zone, along with game-esque adventures against (usually) Eggman.

At the moment, no episodes are released and the series is currently under production. In this article, tropes about the characters and season 1 episodesnote  will be listed.

The production was going pretty rocky. After chaos of an idea of a Darker and Edgier Retool, Sonic Overdrive, the series fell into an eternal Development Hell. A revival known as Sonic Saturn was conceived, but fell into eternal Development Hell.

This article will remain as an list of ideas and concepts for the anime that never made to the final stage.

Not to be confused with Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie and Sonic X.


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