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64 is two things:

  • A universe with plenty of rules and stuff (more on that later), and...
  • A planned video game set within that universe (also more on that later)

First, in order to better understand the universe, you need to know its inner workings.

The Universe

  • This universe, unlike many alternate universe setting we have come to know and love, doesn't have any divine beings controlling it. The closest thing this universe has to deities are spirits, of which the three different kinds are:
    • Physical spirits, spirits that embody a law of physics or universal force,
    • Entropic spirits, spirits that embody an energy type
    • Etherial sprits, spirits that can control etherial energy and can grant spirit status to lost souls if a spot is vacant.
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  • Becoming a spirit is simple: die, and hope you are chosen. Once that happens, you will be resurrected in your previous body, your body returning to a healthy state. However, spirits don't live forever, so you still can die again.
  • Speaking of souls, they are extremely important to this universe. Essentially, souls are pockets of etherial energy that gather in a suitably large organism. A soul can match its energy patterns to an organism's DNA.
    • When an organism begins life, either by conception or some other method, small amounts of etherial energy gather into what is called a proto-soul. Smaller organisms like bugs, protista, and bacteria also have these proto-souls.
    • After enough time forming, the soul fully develops and starts gene-synching with its host.
    • When the host dies, the soul leaves the body shortly after death and can move around. The soul will retain some memories of their previous host, even having their appearance and voice, but those will usually be gone after two weeks.
    • When out-of-body, souls can fuse with sufficiently-developed proto-souls in a process known as soul transfer. The imprints of the soul's previous host(s) will in turn leave imprints of those hosts within the current host's DNA, sometimes passing down certain characteristics if the soul's etherial genealogy contains mostly the same species.
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    • Sometimes, when a host feels elated, something known as gene flustering occurs, causing the host to take on characteristics of previously imprinted species. This can range from slight personality shifts to subtle appearance changes to full-on transformation, which is very rare.
      • Sometimes, a fluke during soul transfer will result in someone being permanently "flustered", keeping traits such as vestigial wings, scales, ears, et cetera, without needed to be elated.
    • Passing on these traits genetically are very rare as the trait will always show up as recessive. Even then, genetic and etherial geneaology have rarely overlapped in the past, and only in minor instances.
  • Another thing to note is the existence of dragons. Dragons, also unlike other works of fiction, are not magical or even sentient creatures. Instead, they evolved from the great Mesozoic reptiles along with birds, surviving through the K-T extinction into present day. Ther are several different species of dragons throughout the world.
    • Dragons can breath fire, but they can do so because of a third lung containing a specific flammable gas. When they breath this gas out, it strikes a plating in the back of their mouth that ignites it, creating fiery breath.
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    • Dragons are usually found in Europe, Asia, and in Northern Africa, and their family include wyrvens, Eastern-style dragons, leviathans, and many, many more.
    • Usually, a dragon's lifespan caps out at about 30 years, though some have lived longer, and undoubtably more have lived shorter.
  • Finally, there are two kinds of "magical" abilities in this universe:
    • Psionics, which is achieved by having a high enough intelligence, increased based on the amount of same-species imprints on the soul besides standard genetic methods. Psionics have a range of pwers at their disposal from the traditional telekinesis, telepathy, and mind reading to pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, electrokinesis, and other -kineses to even blocking out light and sound and influencing hormonal levels in others, and...
    • Ether, which is only accessible to spirits. Each one has their own specialized kind as well, physicals having control over laws and forces, entropic shaving control over energy and the flow of matter, and etherials having control over etherial energy, and by extension, souls.
  • The world, despite all of this, is much like our own, sharing the same cultures, having the same key points in history, and other such things.
    • However, about thirty years ago, scientists finally discovered the secrets behind this etherial energy, and while not knowing everything, it opens up new possibilities and explanations on previously unexplainable phenomena.
    • They also decided to establish a database for known Weres, or humans able to transform partially or completely into a different species. Mostly, relations between Weres and normal humans are fairly neutral as Weres are a very small part of humanity compared to races and ethnicities. However, there are still those prejudiced against them for obvious reasons.
    • The US military, having researched the topic of psionics since the beginning of the Cold War, have created within the last twenty or so years a subsection of the military containing soldiers with psychic abilities known as Ψ Corps. While they haven't seen much activity on the battlefield, it has spurred other countries to create their own psychic military regiments, with it becoming a hot topic for the government. Despite this, Weres usually remain within the standard military setting, though they might have special roles or even equipment to compensate for their abilities.

The Game

  • The game will be a side-scrolling, run-and-gun, role-playing, platformer, playing like a mixture between Zelda II, EarthBound, and Cave Story.
  • You can control one of eight different playable characters, each one with their own fighting styles, stats, and movesets to use in battle and a distinct personality.
    • Blane leMonte, a Full Were who can turn into an Palenian mountain dragon; generally a very level-headed and calm person, though out of necessity since he is fearful of what he's capable of.
    • Liam Gregory, an Otaku who rushes into battle with all manner of foriegn weaponry and no survival instinct; he's a bit of an idiot and very cheerful...almost too much so...
    • Maxwell "Max" Best, an etherial and a genius inventor; keeps Liam on a tight leash, and is desperately trying to keep everyone else on this journey, including himself, at least sane.
    • Petunia "Tuni" Meriweather, a Permanent Were with keen senses and reflexes; tries to keep to herself mostly and very protective of her personal life.
    • Piper Carmike, an eccentric theatre girl who's surprisingly capable with a firearm; harbors a surprising amount of drive and focus, but too much of either can be her downfall.
    • Skyler Wilsby, the normalest one of the bunch, with lots of spunk to compensate; jealous of her twin brother's abilities and usually the voice of reason and a reminder of the cast's human limits.
    • Trevor Wilsby, a rugby star with his fair share of psychic abilities; the Straight Man keeping everyone in check, though he's not above intimidation or manipulation.
    • Whitney Maeva, a psychic and daughter of a long line of entropics; now she can escape from the expectations and burdens of her family, but what will she do now that she's untethered...and will she ever want to go back?
  • There are four different sets of abilities within the game: Melee, involving melee weapons bought at stores and the Strength stat, Guns, involving guns found along your journey and the Marksmanship stat, Powers, which includes psionics and spirit powers and is mainly governed by the Attunement stat, and Specials, which are unique to each character.
    • Each character has a pool of melee weapons that they can purchase and use. For example, Trevor uses Staves, Clubs, and Whips while Liam can use Oriental Swords, Knives, Hammers, Shruiken, and Rotaries.note  Each character has a Weak and Strong attack unique to each weapon and when unarmed, and these two attacks can be stringed together to form combos.
    • Besides melee weapons, there are also twenty different guns available to the player. These guns have more varied damage types than a standard attack, and the guns themselves are diverse, ranging from the fast-firing Machine Gun to the homing, proximity-based Current Shock to the freezing Ice Beam. Each weapon can be leveled up to Level 8, and depending upon which weapon you receive first, it will gain experience faster, making sure it doesn't lag behind the others you've collected. However, you also have to watch for clip size and ammo consumption.
    • Finally, there are special abilities unique to each character. These are the most diverse attacks in the game, allowing each character's unique attributes to shine through. Most characters have a Battle Gauge that slowly (or not as the case may be) fills up as they fight. After enough of the bar is filled, they can use it to unleash devastating effects on the enemies they fight. For example, Liam's Iaijutsu allows him to quickly execute an attack to finish off a combo, and Tuni's Blitz abilities rewards her for battling in creative ways with a powerful attack.
  • The story takes place on eight different planets, including Earth, as well as a hub world known as the Hub. You can visit these planets in any order, and depending upon which order you visit them in, the event on each planet will take place further along in their story.
    • Earth — This is Earth as you know it. Really? Hahahahahahahaaaaaah, no. Taking place in the year 2064 after Omega destroyed the Leviathan and the world was left to die, a few very tall towers containing small cities have cropped up, with only a select few able to enter. This has caused a rift between the people living in these sky-bound cities and the people living on the ground. Unfortunately, a terrorist group has risen up from the ashes and started gathering members to bring down the towers.
    • Avagart — After a disaster drove the planet's inhabitants underground, they've been able to survive using artificial-atmospheric augmentation technology and have remained peaceful. However, an earlier contact with life from afar as well as the presence of humans might shake up the peace...
    • Gemini — A worldwide civil war has broken out between a (seemingly) infinite power source that can power entire countries and destroy large amounts of land at a time. Political manipulation happens frequently between the factions and within them, and several outside organizations also vie to obtain this power, however deadly it may be.



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