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Inspired by Batman: The Brave and the Bold, I've decided to write (well, just plot, with full fanfics later a possibility) a few team ups of my own starring the character below. I'll list them here, Just for Fun. ;)

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     Sijo The Interdimensional Adventurer"The man known only as Sijo (not to be confused with a type of Korean poetry) is a wandering hero who studies the Multiverses. Little is known of his past. He can literally show up anywhere in time or space, though he cannot travel at will, but rather follows cosmic pathways that only he can see. He's interested mainly in studying the wonders of the universe, but often finds himself protecting innocents anyway. The only thing keeping him from interfering all the time is that he's Genre Savvy enough to tell when he's truly needed. He has gained powers in many worlds but which ones he can use depends on the rules of the universe he's in at the time. Fortunately he's also clever enough to out-think his foes or figure out how to help people with their problems even without powers. Pretty average looking. Usually stays in one place only until his curiosity is satisfied or the problem has been solved. He is not related to anyone with the last name Sue."
  • Author Avatar: Unashamedly so. ;)
  • Deadpan Snarker: when confronting absurd people or situations.
  • Expansion Pack Past: being written as I go.
  • Guile Hero: tries to use logic in all situations. Doesn't always succeed.
  • I Work Alone: Even if he wanted, he can't take anyone with him when he "jumps". He's still willing to team-up, of course.
  • Medium Awareness: Only in series where it makes sense. Those adventures are not canonical with the others.
  • Side Quest Sidestory: In stories involving RPGs, he usually takes on the optional sidequests the main Player Characters do not strictly 'have'' to.
  • Translator Microbes: Has the power to speak any language... which works most of the time.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifter: To infiltrate nonhuman races.
  • Walking the Earth(s)- But he cannot do it at will. Sometimes he's stuck in a world for weeks before the next portal opens.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Has caused problems himself, on occasion.

     Default Plot 
This is how Sijo usually acts (adjusted depending on the series crossed into of course: )
  • After finding a new portal in the Void Between the Worlds, he looks through it before deciding if he will step through.
  • The first thing he does upon entering is check out which of his powers work in this universe.
  • Afterwards, he sets out to look for things that might be of interest to him (usually things involving magic, super powers or advanced technology.)
  • If there is a native civilization, he will try to infiltrate it using his shape shifting and universal language powers, assuming they are available.
    • Note that Sijo is very empathetic (this is a skill not a power) which helps a lot with this part.
    • He will try to blend in as much as possible, eg. pretend to be a superhero, wizard etc. as needed and so on. He rarely reveals he's not from that world unless necessary. He also tries not to get personally involved with the locals (in any manner) but you know... he's only human.
  • If he discovers there is something bad going on AND decides that his help is needed to deal with it, then he will help.
  • If he finds a new source of powers (that isn't TOO risky) he will try to acquire it for himself. He never steals, though.
    • He doesn't often bother with equipment though as he can only carry a very limited amount of matter with him (and no passengers) when he leaves.
    • Because of the above limitation (not to mention differing economic systems) he usually has very little usable money or valuables on his person, forcing him to look for a job often. (Usually, as a mercenary.)
  • After he gets what he was looking for and/or is done helping or investigating, he leaves as soon as the next portal opens.

  • GaoGaiGar: Sijo discovers he has no usable powers on this world. This frustrates him, especially when he sees the Gaigar fighting a Zonder, demolishing part of Tokyo in the process. This apparent recklessness really makes him angry, which attracts the attention of Primorda, who decides to turn him into a Zonder as well (hoping to catch Gaigar between two enemies.) Unfortunately for her, Sijo's Heroic Willpower is too strong for her to control him. Using his new mecha-morphing powers, Sijo kicks her ass (but she gets away). Unfortunately, his negative emotions still heightened by the zonderization, Sijo attacks GaoGaigar, who is in bad shape after beating the first Zonder! They fight to a standstill, until the GGG forces arrive to help with damage control. This makes Sijo snap out of his berserker fury, and he allows Mamoru to purify him. Afterwards he apologizes, but the heroes are very understanding of the situation.
  • Gao Gaigar (#2): Several months later, Sijo finds himself in this world again. This time, he realizes that he can use his Psychic Powers (they were awakened by contact with Mamoru's.) He sees an UFO and goes to investigate; it turns out to be the giant robot Mic Sounders who has come to visit Mamoru. Meanwhile, Wings, one of the 31 Primordials, uses her ability to warp space to send the GGG space base away from Earth. This forces Mamoru to ask Arma and Soldat-J for help in rescuing them with the J-ark, but they refuse until Sijo convinces them to. This leads to a battle with Wings, which they win, though she escapes before she can be purified. The ark then opens an ES Window to allow the base to return to orbit. Afterwards Sijo formally meets the crew of GGG for the first time (and catches Swan's eye.)
  • Tiger & Bunny: Appearing on Sternbilt city, Sijo studies the local superheroes (easily enough thanks to Hero TV and other hero-obsessed media) and worries that none of them may be truly heroic. When a Hostage Situation takes place, fearing that the heroes might bungle things up fatally, he takes on his occasional superhero identity (as "The Traveler", using telekinesis as his power) to help them.
    • Note: Takes place before T&B episode 10.

     Live Action Tv 
  • LazyTown: Sijo lands in Lazytown, where he finds he can transform into anything. He finds out that Robbie Rotten is about to set up another Zany Scheme, and decides to warn the local authorities. He finds out (from Mayor Meanswell) that Lazytown has no law enforcers, or even a jail! He is told that a superhero, Sportacus, handles all their troubles. Intrigued, Sijo shrinks in size and rides one of the capsules used to send letters to Sportacus' dirigible. There he meets the superhero, whom he finds to be... less intelligent than he expected. He asks Sportacus about his powers, but all he gets is a speech about healthy living. Worried that this "hero" might not be competent enough to catch Rotten, Sijo decides to tag along as Sportacus lands in a park. There he meet Stephanie and the rest of the kids, most of whom he finds annoying right away. Then Robbie shows up disguised, but nobody recognizes him EXCEPT Sijo, who, amazed that his Paper Thin Disguise actually fools anybody, lets him go on just to find out how long it will take the others to figure it out. When he gives up and is about to catch Rotten by himself, the villain's plan blows up on his own face, making Sijo realize Rotten is a Harmless Villain. Then everybody starts to sing and dance to a catchy tune. :P
  • Supernatural: (Still under work) (Note: this takes place before Supernatural's Apocalypse Story Arc). Sijo appears in a small American town and finds that his magical powers have been reduced to casting enchantments. He quickly casts protective spells over himself. Then he finds about a recent local murder rumored to have been caused by a supernatural creature. He investigates and of course, runs into Dean and Sam who are also looking into the matter. Sijo quickly realizes they are monster hunters, but they mistake him for a warlock and attack him. After that matter gets cleared up, they join forces to deal with the monster. Mutual snarking follows.
  • Ghost Whisperer: (note: this takes place before the Shadows arc.) Sijo lands on Grandview and finds himself limited to spiritual powers. A murder soon happens, and while he would prefer to leave it to the local authorities he spots the victim's ghost going around and resigns himself to dealing with it. His solution is to attack it with his powers trying to force it to go away, but then Melinda shows up and berates him for it. They have an argument over it but as they investigate they soon find out the victim actually intended to kill his partner-in-crime! They arrive too late to prevent the ghost from killing him but Sijo defeats it. Melinda then helps the spirit of the second victim to move into The Light. In the end, Sijo admits that he may have acted too rashly while Melinda agrees some ghosts cannot be reasoned with.
  • Pawn Stars: Sijo arrives on Las Vegas of the Real World, where he has no powers and no money. To survive until the next portal opens, he decides to sell some of the coins he obtained in another world. He finds the Gold & Silver store and walks in, unaware that a TV show is filmed there until he sees the cameras inside. He decides to avoid them just in case he gets in trouble with the Law (as he's been involved in a few crime investigations over the years.) Rick checks the coins but of course doesn't recognize them; he calls an expert who cannot do it either, but at least they turn out to be made of real silver. Sijo must then bargain for a price, and gets half their value. He's not terribly happy but walks out into Sin City with some money (not intending to gamble at all btw.)

     Tabletop Games 
  • The Hidden Shrine Of Tamoachan: An adventure taking placing early in Sijo's career (In an early TSR play module. In D&D terms, he is a Fighter/Magic-User). Appearing in the abandoned Mayincatec city of Tamoachan, Sijo runs into three adventurers (a barbarian, a cleric and a thief) who have just stumbled into the ruins themselves. Suddenly the ground collapses under them and they find themselves in a the tunnels leading to the temple of Camazotz the Bat-God. The four must cooperate to survive and find the exit. They succeed, and earn quite some treasure in the process.
  • Fiend Folio (based on the 1st edition D&D monster book): Another adventure from Sijo's early days exploring the D&D multiverse. He found a book that happened to contain the secret names of several mighty beings (including the Drow goddes Lolth, the Elemental Princes Of Evil and two Slaad Lords). Said beings immediatelly start sending monsters to kill him and retrieve the book; however a mysterious stranger keeps showing up to save his life. Eventually, he left to explore another multiverse and the fiends lost track of him. Years later, now a much more powerful character, he returned, and an encounter with a Nilbog (a goblin that reverses reality around itself) caused him to be sent back in time... where he becomes the stranger who saved his younger self!

     Video Games 
  • Wild AR Ms XF: Sijo arrives in the Kingdom of Elesius, where he is mistaken for a "Drifter" and decides to pretend to be one (since he kind of is anyway) in order to fit in. He becomes one of the first drifters to be hired by Chevalet Blanc; despite not being keen on the idea of joining a revolution, he decides to do so in order to learn more about the situation, and about the ARMS technology they use. However since he is not allowed in the meetings of the group's leaders he learns the facts of the story only as they encounter them. He is horrified to find out how some ARMS are being used to turn drifters into undead zombies and worries that Chevalet might not be able to handle the situation, so he becomes committed to help them. He becomes even more concerned when he learns of the existence of the Anti-Guardians called Clysmians and that one has possessed Princess Katrina. He helps defeat the game's villains but is unable to save Katrina. In the end he leaves with new powers (from the ARMS) but without all the facts of the story (not that the players (or the player characters) do either...) Note: since I played this game and named one of the drifters "Sijo" it can technically be said that it DID happen. ;)
  • Sa Ga Frontier: Sijo explores The Regions in order to learn as many of their forms of magic as he can (though unlike Blue, he cannot master opposing schools.) Along the way several optional characters tag along with him, forming his own adventuring party. He also crosses paths with the game's main heroes, but doesn't affect their quests significantly.
  • Super Princess Peach: Sijo lands in Vibe Island where he finds out that his only working ability is a magic stylus that allows him to manipulate objects from a distance. He runs into Princess Peach who tells him that Mario (who is an old friend of Sijo's) has been captured by Bowser. Although reluctant to let Peach go rescue Mario, Sijo has no choice since the stylus is a weak weapon and Peach has temporarily gained some strong powers. He lets her fight while he removes obstacles from their path and gives her advice (he doesn't trust her new talking umbrella, it sounds too naive to him.) He can't help making fun of their situation though.
  • Final Fantasy VII: Sijo arrives on the FFVII world but does NOT end teaming up with the game's heroes. This is because they spend most of the story hiding or running away. Instead he explores the planet and collects the spellcasting Materia crystals. He does run into some of them occasionally (Yuffie tried to rob him :P ) and he did clash with some of Shinra's forces (during the battle of Fort Condor, for example.) In the end, he leaves the planet just as the giant meteor is about to hit, figuring it was doomed. It wouldn't be until years later that he would find out the truth.
  • Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica: (Still under work) (Note: this follows a story set in the first game, not yet written.) Sijo arrives in Metafalss and learns that the Reyvateils are falling victims to the mysterious I.P.D. plague. Suspecting fowl play, Sijo joins forces with the Reyvateil that helped Croix during the first battle of the game to find out what the government is doing with the "contained" girls. He's not part of the game's main storyline, but does run into several of its characters at various points.
  • Pokémon (first games): In the Pokemon World, Sijo cannot use his powers so he captures some Pokemon to protect himself as he watches others do. He's not interested in "catching them all" (reading about them is enough for him) so he only assembles a small but effective team. He's not interested in competition either so at first he ignores the Pokemon Gyms, until he realizes he needs the medals won there to control his Pokemon as they level up. This way he gets to meet and battle several of the series' characters such as Brock (but not "Ash"). He also doesn't help defeat the Team Rocket organization though he does encounter and battle some of its minions. He attends the League Championships but only to watch the show (and thus sees "Ash" win them but never really meets him.) When he finally decides to leave this world, he sticks his Pokemon into the computer containment system (he doesn't like the idea much but hey, everyone does it and even the Pokemon don't seem to mind) for the next time he returns.
    • (He has crossovers with the other Pokemon games as well but they are mostly the same as this one.)
  • Pokémon Black and White: (still under work): Sijo lands on the Unova region and discovers that its Pokemon Storage System is separate from Kanto's, so he has no access to any of the Pokemon he previously caught. Worse, the local Pokemon Professor has *already* given away all her Pokemon to the main character and his friends, leaving him with none! Thankfully, (the main character) catches a dog Pokemon for him. Using it he sets out to catch more Pokemon and explore Unova. He encounters Team Plasma and wonders if they have a point about Pokemon use being morally wrong (though he suspects they're just evil.) He also (after catching a Munna) starts having dreams of an Alternate Reality for this world (the other game's version.)

    Western Animation 
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Sijo arrives on Earth-23 (or whatever the show's setting is called) where he finds out his powers work like a green lantern's. He finds Batman being attacked by several villains -Gorilla Grodd, Clock King, Doctor Polaris, Black Manta, and Gentleman Ghost- who teamed up in an effort to take him down. Sijo tries to help but they're outnumbered so Batman has them retreat. Sijo then introduces himself as a "new hero" and offers to help to capture the villains. Batman accepts but also calls for Green Arrow, Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Plastic Man and The Atom. The heroes engage in some humorous (and not-so-humorous) exchanges as they track the villains, with Sijo merrily joining in. (In particular, Jaime (Beetle), believing he's more experienced than Sijo, tries to "teach him the ropes" much to the former's chagrin.) It turns out that Grodd had expected for Batman to call the other heroes, and the whole thing was a trap for them all. Except Batman suspected it, which is why he allowed Sijo to come along, as he worked as a wild card the villains didn't expect. After the criminals are captured, Batman confronts Sijo with the fact he proved far too experienced to be a novice, so he confesses that he came from a parallel universe and just wanted to see if the Batman of this world was less of a jerk than the other ones. He tells this Batman that he is, though the comment doesn't make Bats too happy.
  • Three Delivery: Sijo arrives in Chinatown, where he finds monsters on the prowl. He battles them, which causes their master, Kong Li, to attack him. The two have a Wizard Duel and fight to standstill, until Li sucker-punches Sijo with his martial arts skills. But then the Delivery kids arrive, and together the four heroes drive the evil mage away. The monsters vanish, and Sijo finds the recipe used to summon them. The kids ask him to give it to them, but Sijo insists that they explain what is going on first. After they do, he asks them to take him to Nana so he can confirm what they say is true. They do, and after talking with the old lady warrior, he agrees to hand her the recipe. He then thinks of trying the restaurant's Chinese food, but when Mr. Wu shows up and lambastes the kids, Sijo calls him a jerk and leaves.
  • Maya & Miguel: Sijo lands on Maya's Earth only to realize that none of his powers work there! He has no choice but to wait for another portal to open. Maya, thinking he's a homeless man, tries to help him despite his protests. Can he keep his secret from the impulsive girl? He also befriends Maya's father, and gets a chance to reconnect with his Puerto Rican roots.
  • WordGirl: In this fanfic (where Sijo is aware he's only a character) he enters the Wordgirl TV show only to be reprimanded by The Narrator for not being part of the story.(He also gets in an argument with him over 'fanfic' being a real word.) When all of Wordgirl's enemies start committing crimes at the same time, Sijo decides to help her (and her monkey) by assuming the costumed identity of "The Traveler" and claiming to be just a visiting superhero. He soon figures out that the crime wave is being caused by Mr. Big, who is mind-controlling all the other villains so Wordgirl would be too busy to stop his plans to rule the city. After that, the heroes easily beat him, and Sijo leaves through a portal (not really having gotten along with anybody, even Wordgirl) ...Only to find himself arriving onto the stage of May I Have Aword? next. :P
  • Phineas and Ferb: Sijo arrives in the boys' backyard just as they start assembling something dangerous, so he stops them. ("Aren't you too young to be playing with that?" "Why yes, yes we are." "Then STOP!") Candace is elated that an adult has finally busted her brothers, and tells Sijo to watch that the stuff doesn't disappear as it always does while she goes get their mother. However, a nearby explosion caused by a ray fired by Doofenshmirtz catches his attention, and he follows it back to the Mad Scientist's building, where he tries to stop him, with the villain protesting that only his nemesis, Agent P, has the right to challenge him. Perry the Platypus then bursts in, causing Sijo to realize that "I'm inside a cartoon again- darn!" He leaves the two opponents fighting and returns to the backyard to wait for the portal to re-open, when a stray blast from Doofenshmirtz's machine disintegrates all the stuff. "Oh, synchronized plotlines, neat" he comments. Candace returns with her mother and when she sees the evidence is gone again, begs Sijo to tell her mother that she's saying the truth. "Of course she is!" Sijo explains, "But it's OK. This is only a cartoon, so nobody will get hurt." Then (looking to the side) he adds "But don't you kids at home try anything like this, Okay?" Candace and her Mother stare at Sijo, then drag the boys away saying "come inside kids, leave the nice delusional stranger alone." To which Sijo retorts "I hate being in cartoons." Closing credits gag: Sijo waits by the tree with only Perry by his side, then asks, "Aren't you the same platypus from before?" "Hisss" "Fine, be like that."
  • Phineas and Ferb Redux: (What, again? What can I say, this show gives me lots of ideas! ;) ) Sijo finds himself back in Danville, but now knowing it's a cartoon show, decides to pretty much ignore the events around him until the next portal opens. However his mere presence disrupts the show's plotlines, causing trouble for the boys and Agent P. However, he doesn't care, since "It's only a cartoon!" It's Candace, of all people, who makes him realize that he's being a jerk, when he realizes that she really cares for her brothers, and thus is more than a simple cartoon character. So he sets out to put everything back on track, and succeeds. Guest starring Vanessa and the Fireside Girls (but not Buford or Balj, because I can't stand them.) Closing credits gag: As Sijo waits for the portal to open, he realizes that everyone at the end was happy... even Candace and Doofenshmirtz! "Now that's unusual for a cartoon... I think I like it" he concluded, smiling.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog: (still unfinished) Sijo arrives in the middle of Nowhere ("I've been everywhere, but this is the first time I've been nowhere!") and meets Muriel and Courage, who invite him in for a snack. Then he meets Eustace, and decides to leave. But then Courage starts trying to warn them of some incoming danger using his usual mimicry act only to discover Sijo can speak with him! They ask Courage's computer for information against the menace (not yet determined- Katz, maybe) and after some snarking between it and Sijo, they get it. After helping Courage save the day, Sijo says goodbye to the Bagges family and tells Courage how he's much less cowardly than he thinks he is. (He also bonks Eustace on the head for being a Jerk.)
  • The Incredibles: (This takes place during the last part of the movie) Sijo arrives in Metroville and can use his Telekinesis and Illusion power. He reads in the newspapers about the superhero ban and laments it but doesn't feel he can do anything about it. Then Bomb Voyage makes his spectacular return by robbing a bank in broad daylight. Deciding there's no time to wait and see if any heroes will show up to stop him (especially since the villain is armed with explosives) Sijo transforms into his occasional identity of the superhero The Traveler to stop him. He succeds, but then gets scolded by Agent Dicker (who thinks Sijo is a just-debuting hero) for breaking the law. As they argue about it Edna Mode shows up to blast Sijo's costume choices, especially his cloak, though he shuts her up by showing her it's just an illusion and thus would never get caught on anything. Then the Omnidroid attacks the city; Sijo tried to fight it but is soon knocked out. By the time he awakens the Incredibles and Frozone are fighting the robot, and seeing the wide destruction caused by the fight, Sijo decides to focus on crowd control and limiting collateral damage (and thus stays "offscreen" for the rest of the battle). When it is over, he flies over to meet the other heroes; Dicker actually congratulates his efforts, but Sijo (knowing the next portal leading out of this world is about to appear) claims he's decided to "retire" as a hero. He's gone by the time the Incredibles have their final fight with Syndrome. He does however decide that he liked this world and will come back in the future to see how the heroes are doing.
  • Mona The Vampire: Sijo arrives on Mona's universe but cannot tell which powers, if any, he can use there. As he walks around town, he spots a monster that no one else seems to be able to see- except for a little girl (Mona.) Assuming they both have "Ghost Sight", he asks her about the monster. She's elated to find an adult who believes her, and tells him it's an alien invader and where to find it. When Sijo arrives at the place, he meets Mona and her friends there in their costumes. When she accuses him of being the alien, he realizes that the power he had been using was actually telepathy- he was seeing her daydreams! He tries to explain but she doesn't listen and "attacks" him, and he lets her "defeat" him. Afterwards he ironically notes that technically she was right- he IS a supernatural being from another world, just not an evil one. ;)
  • Toy Story: Sijo wakes up to find that- he's become a toy!? He assumes this to be a weird effect of the new universe he's in, and that he'll be back to normal when he leaves. He explores the neighborhood and runs into Andy's toys who, thinking he's a lost toy, befriend him. Eventually, however, he finds out the truth- he's actually just an "action figure" of himself that the REAL Sijo made up just to pass the time, and who came to life on this universe. After the two Sijos meet, the Toy one is devastated, but Buzz and the others cheer him up. He decides that he will continue his original mission- except instead of exploring all Worlds, he will explore this one, looking for the origin of all living toys, and says goodbye to the toys and to Sijo.
  • Steven Universe: Sijo arrives on Beach City and of course the first thing he sees is the huge goddess statue. He becomes obsessed with learning the temple's secrets, but doesn't think the Crystal Gems will tell him directly. Then he meets Steven (who reminds him a lot of his younger self.) Will Steven be able to help him learn what he wants? How do the Gems react to him? Will they accept his help against the latest Monster of the Week? (still in progress.)

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More to come! ;)


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