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Take one late night brainstorm session by a ginger Dutchman with an overactive imagination who goes by the moniker Mister Always, a healthy helping of Western Tropes, evil gods from the Guarani Native American mythology, and a tablespoon of tabasco. What do you get?

You get Sigil Eyes, a prospective graphic novel about a three man band (well, two men and a woman, but who's keeping track?) trying to take down a host of evil gods. Heavy on violence, swearing, and nightmarish imagery (Always got some of his notes for a Nightmare Fuel Mushroom Samba from a series of nightmares, possibly caused by heavy nicotine withdrawal).


The story centers around John Gierro, Anthony McErrity and Maria (just Maria).

John's motivations for taking on the long and arduous quest are unclear at best. As he puts it, he has nothing to lose if he dies along the way, and America has everything to gain if he wins. Besides, his exceptional skill with those newfangled revolver things gives him the edge he may just need to succeed. Growing up without parents, or anyone to teach him right from wrong, has left him with a stunted moral compass that makes him commit a few very anti-heroic acts, the worst of which sends him desperately grappling for higher moral ground.

Anthony's motivations for joining John on his missions are a bit clearer. At first, his only interest in John is that this "gunslinging, filth-spewing American cowboy" (as he puts it) can get him deeper into the wild and ill-civillized territories of America...but he soon discovers that the life of a scholar pales in comparison to that of a hero and would grant him the excitement he so desperately craves. Budding feelings for the cowboy don't help either.


Rounding out these social outcasts is Maria, who adamantly refuses to use her father's last name (Laughton). Maria grew up with a shotgun and a heavy study in medicine, designating her as The Medic of the group...when she isn't roundhousing with her thrusty pump-action pal, that is. Her father convinced her that he sold "hope for the people" rather than "bullshit and lies" (her words). She, in turn, was convinced she could bring more hope to the people by aiding John than by peddling bogwater and molasses to sick children.

Despite their differences, they soon become Fire-Forged Friends, all three of them working together to achieve their ultimate goal, while Anthony and Maria try to keep John from going off the deep end.

Their quest is not an easy one. They are beset from all sides by Peoplemen, men of clay that look just like humans until they die, when it is revealed that rather than blood, they run on clay and mosquitoes, the Hyennermannen/Hyenamen, called into this world by a god that doesn't quite fit into the overarching theme, and the Big Bad's myriad lackeys.


Speaking of which. Meet Papa Tawao, originally Tau, who rejected his name after he became top dog by eating most if not all of the other gods of proto-America. Those he could not devour were Sent Hence, locked away in what could charitably be described as the afterlife, from where they could not meddle in his affairs. Before they were locked away, though, they left a weapon that facilitates the plot - first in the form of a spear, though over the years, the metal it was forged from has been incorporated into a knife, a sword, a club, and finally, [[[{Revolvers Are Just Better}} a gun]]. By their word, this is the only thing that could kill Tawao god and trap his power...provided the wielder lives long enough to get to him.

He is aided by his sons and the fallen hero Andiciopec, bound to him by the skin and skull of his son Ao Ao and the feathers of Mboi Tu'i, who is most directly involved in keeping the heroes from killing Tawao and his way of a very large billhook and dogged persuasion. note 

Despite all the violence and death and shooting evil gods in the face, there is a strong focus on the expanse of vision, characters overcoming (and coming to terms with some of) their faults, and what "destiny" entails, exactly.

Now that you know the basic premise, on to the meat of the matter.


  • Action Girl: Maria, as noted above. She forms a Battle Couple with John as the story progresses.
  • Badass Bookworm: Despite his initial characterization as the wimpy studious type, when Anthony gets his moments, he gets them good. Saving Maria's life by blowing a Hyenaman warchief's head off, cramming a lit stick of dynamite down Teju Jagua's throat, and actually racking up a higher kill count than John in the final showdown.
  • Battle Couple: John and Maria. Their relationship focuses more on keeping eachother safe than huggy-kissy-snuggly stuff, as they both have some... issues.
  • Bash Brothers: John and Anthony to an extent. While Anthony is not exactly "combat oriented" throughout most of the story, he proves to be invaluable as a "spotter" in firefights.
  • Disappeared Dad: John's father, Tom Gierro. Missing and presumed dead. Until the final showdown, where he appears as the leader of the Peoplemen. Quite possibly one of the most heartwrenching moments in the story, as John is forced to kill him, which finally sends him into the Heroic BSoD he has been trying to stay out of for all of the story.
  • Original Character: In a sense. P'shen The Whispering Earth, a more Lovecraftian god from a story that Mister Always never finished. His role is minor (he serves only as justification for having the Hyenamen around), and he gets capped pretty early on.
  • The Gunslinger: John, primarily D class, with some C elements (using Gun Kata to good effect on some occasions). He teaches Anthony how to use a "proper" gun for the final showdown.
  • Touched by Vorlons: John. After killing enough of Papa Tawao's lackeys, he gets the eponymous Sigil Eyes - though they're never referred to as such in the story. They turn his eyes blue, with his pupils replaced by the oft-repeated sigil that denotes godly stuff throughout the novel (it's also on his gun), and turns his vision monochrome - save for anything or anyone influenced by Tawao's power, who light up bright blue. This power does little to distill the overwhelming paranoia that comes with knowing the Peoplemen are all around them, because he can't risk openly using it in public.

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