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Shattered Like Glass is an unpublished original-fiction novel by the Troper Dinru, who plans to publish it online or sell it when completed. Originally written for NaNoWriMo 2008, though she fell several thousand words below the mark. She is currently attempting to define the plot more, using this page as sort of a model for the work and to get rid of some of the bad parts, so the tropes on this page are subject to change.


As for the plot, it's about a world named Cattivashi. In this world, there are four main races- Angels, Demons, Elves, all of which study magic and use that in their everyday lives and appliances, and Humans, the only ones who study the newly developing substitute for magic called "Science". Now, there's very little feuding between these races, as they mostly stay on their own countries and don't cause much trouble. However, the Fantastic Racism begins when they interbreed. These people, referred to as "Mixed" or, less politely "Mutts", are often not tolerated well, since it's taught in their religion, known as ""Dorytheism", that two people of different races are to not mix in such a way.

The story follows Theodore, a half-elf half-angel boy and Jemanira, a half-human half-demon girl, who are on a journey to try to find a place where Mixed's can live in peace, or somehow erase the racism of the world. However, they need to soon figure out for themselves whether or not Utopia Justifies the Means...


This Unpublished Work will/may contain the following:

  • Asexuality- Word of God says Jemanira's mother. Despite the fact that she's a prostitute.
  • Fantastic Racism- Against the the Mixed The most tolerant of the Mixed are the humans, the least the elves. Angel-Demon relations are the least tolerated (due to the resemblance to The Oracle, the most worshiped figure in Dorytheism) assembling, Elf-Human the most (since it can easily be hidden by hiding your ears).
  • Half-Human Hybrid- All over the place (and not always half human), including the two main characters. Known as "The Mixed" or "Mutts" in-universe.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun- A few, most notably "Dorytheism", the main religion.
  • No Biochemical Barriers- Averted. In order to interbreed, you need the correct spell, the right potion, or by conceiving near an Adaptation Plant.
  • Path of Inspiration- Averted and subverted. The religion itself isn't corrupted, but the main icon of it, The Oracle, is. This may be due to her being, essentially, in solitary confinement for several hundred years. Or possibly the cause of it.
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  • Our Various Creatures are VERY Different
  • Sexy Discretion Shot- There are a few implied sex-scenes that were taken out, as to avoid having to actually write them.
  • The End of the World as We Know It: The ending. As far as they're concerned, Utopia Justifies the Means.
  • Tsun Dere- Jemanira.

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