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Shattered Ceiling is the adventure/fantasy work-in-progress by the troper Windrays.

Jake Presfeldt is just your typical scene kid living with his widowed mother, Alexis, in the fictional Fey City, California. Despite the warm weather and affluence of the population, Fey City is a terrible place to live. The adults range from either ignorant and neglectful to downright physically abusive, the latter being the case with Jake's best friend, Aaron. His father is physically and psychologically abusive; his older sister Lynn was also abused, but to a far lesser extent. Now a young adult, she is attempting to adopt Aaron as her legal guardian; this is an impossible task, due to the pitiful media darling that George became after the death of A-list movie star Trina O'Brien.


Janine lives alone after her parents both died in a car crash. Determined to make it on her own, she excels in school and is ready to make it to a university far away from Fey City. Sarah is all but ignored by her parents, who cannot get over the death of her younger brother; they neglect her further because of the girl's eccentric choice of fashion and demeanor.

Alexis is aware of the problems abounding in their city and is the neighbourhood mother to her son and his friends, especially Lynn and Aaron, having had a very close friendship with Trina.

The only place where the situation ends is at the local high school. Most of the students are close due to the neglect of their parents. Like Alexis, science teacher Joy Parker also looks out for her pupils as well.

This all changes one dreary Friday in late October. Jake is uneasy after waking up from a nightmare, one in which he is attacked by a murderous Aaron. Janine is confronted by a strange woman called Adrienna while at school; she tells her to keep Aaron away from the post-Homecoming Game bonfire, and leaves. Lynn and Sarah suspect something amiss as well.


And Aaron keeps hearing a voice inside his head, his own father's abuse before and after the football game only seeming to add to the problem.

Midnight strikes. A man called Marcellus leads a group of humanoids in an attack on the students at the bonfire. Sarah is knocked out; Ryan, an estranged friend of the group, is stabbed. Jake realizes that he'd seen these creatures in the nightmare from the evening before and runs with Aaron. Despite help from Adrienna and a magically-capable Janine, he is knocked out and Aaron is bitten by Marcellus.

Jake awakens a few hours later, dazed but uninjured. To everyone except Ryan, Janine, and himself, nothing happened. The only evidence to the contrary is that Aaron and Sarah have gone missing. Adrienna reveals to everyone what has transpired: She and Marcellus are both vampires fighting against one another. Marcellus has a cataclysmic plan for the world, and it involves Aaron and his own latent powers.


Holding an irrational vendetta against Adrienna for somehow causing the bonfire attack, Janine leaves to find a solution to the problem using magic. Jake and Lynn decide to go with the vampire to find a way to save Aaron, however they can. Soon, they'll find that the crisis is much worse than they thought...

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