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In a universe where All Myths Are True, a young moon goddess escapes to Earth from her evil mentor-Eris, goddess of discord, marries the Muffinman, rescues Tam Lin helps Alice save Wonderland, gives the Troll from "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" cold medicine and duels her ex-mentor with her husband watching while eating popcorn.

    The Books So Far 
  • Selene of the Moon
In which Selene confronts her mentor.
  • Selene and Muffinman
In which Selene comforts Muffinman on his break-up from Snow White.
  • Selene Riding Hood
In which Selene gets some items from The Big Bad Wolf.
  • Selene of Fairyland
In which Selene helps Janet rescue Tam Lin... again.
  • Selene and the Frog
In which Selene and Eris have a sparring match.
  • Selene's Pigs
In which Selene rescues two pigs.
  • Selene in Wonderland
In which Selene falls Down the Rabbit Hole.
  • Selene and the Upset Troll
In which Selene gives a troll medicine.
  • Selene Meets Catboy
In which Selene meets a Super Hero.
  • Selene and the Ice
In which Selene fights the Snow Queen.

So basically a madcap series of adventures in the Magic Land.

Short stories set in the same 'Verse (dubbed the Selene'verse) include:

    Expanded Universe 
  • A Sorceress of a Strange Country
In which people should realise it is an obituary for the Wicked Witch of the East, where she is named Ginger because of the Tales of the Magic Land books.
  • The Marketplace
In which a man meets a girl selling cockles and mussels.


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