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Seishin The Ninjutsu Chronicle is an original fiction, particularly a series of Short Stories and Flash Fiction, by WolfTropesII about Ninja. And this time, the aim is to make the ninja close to life as possible, with a few paranormal cases. Because of the goal, the Troper's zeal drove her into intensive research.

Seishin was inspired by the Troper's love of the seclusive shadow agents themselves, her frustration from the common super-human theme emitted from media, and the author Futaro Yamada, the creator of the NinpōChō Series (忍法帖). It began in 2008 and was first planned as a long Prose Fiction of at least fifty chapters, but after a few chapters and due to difficulty, it was put on hiatus. The setting often encompasses the Warring States Peroid and Edo Period, but there will be some taking place in the Modern Era.


Many of the stories are Unpublished Works and one of the author's goals to make around at least twenty or thirty stories before moving it towards a more serious theme.

The word Seishin (清心) means Pure Heart.

A Character Sheet is made and will be expanded in the future.

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