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Scholastic Books: Spellbinding Battles is a Nintendo Switch video game that only exists in Nexus' head. It's a Massive Multiplayer Crossover Tag Team Platform Fighter using characters from various children's and YA books published by Scholastic.note 


Plays similarly to Super Smash Bros. in the sense that up to four players fight on multi-tiered battlefields on a 2-D plane, along with items that periodically drop and stage hazards. Unlike SSB, however, players are defeated by having their Hit Points depleted rather than getting knocked off the stage. Also unlike Smash Bros, this game will have a 3v3 tag team system in which players can choose up to three fighters and then switch between them on the fly during battle, similar to Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. This means that any given match can have up to 12 fighters in it, three each for four players.

When fighters get attacked, a meter fills up and, when full, will allow the character to perform their ultimate attack called a Spellbinding Climax.


In addition to three fighters, players can also have an Assist Character that can be used during a battle. During gameplay, your assist is always displayed somewhere on the screen. When activated, your assist will momentarily appear in front of your character and (depending on the assist) will either do an attack, heal you, or help you out in some other way, before disappearing. When an assist is used, it can't be used again until its "cool-down period" ends, which is indicated by the "Wait Bars" on display below the Assist on the screen. Using Assists can be risky, though. If your Assist is hit by an attack while it is out, you will be "Assist Blocked" and you won't be able to use it for awhile.

There are also Character Cards you can collect, each featuring a character from throughout Scholastic's publications. You can assign them to your fighters, granting them some type of passive power-up, skill, or resistance, similar to Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or how Help Komas worked in Jump Ultimate Stars. Also like in Smash Ultimate, you collect these cards by defeating them in battles similar to Spirit Battles, with the playable fighters as stand-ins for the characters and rulesets invoking references to the character's origins. Character Card Battles are fought in the game's Story Mode, which is similar to one present in Dissidia Duodecim in the sense that you play through a story, with each chapter focusing on a different group of characters traveling through a world map and "dungeons", except the Manikin battles are replaced with Character Card Battles.


Game modes include Versus Mode (both local and online), Arcade Mode, Story Mode, Practice Mode, Options Menu, and Chronicles (similar to SSB's Masterpieces, this will let you read sample chapters of the books the characters originated from.)

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     Proposed Playable Character Roster 

At least until the next time I change my mind about the roster.

     Proposed Stages 

     Proposed Items 

     Proposed Assist Characters 

Note: This list excludes all the Playable Characters, who all have assists. So yes, any of these characters could potentially be Promoted to Playable via DLC.

     Proposed Bosses 

Note: All bosses are fought somewhere during the Story Mode.

     Proposed Character Cards 

Note: This list is excluding all of the Playable Characters, Assists, and Bosses, who will all also have Character Cards, but includes any items that are also cards, since there's only a few of those.

()= Three or more characters represented in a single card.

  • The 39 Clues: Yakuza Ninjas, Isabel Kabra, Hamilton Holt, Madison & Reagan Holt, Alistair Oh, Sinead Starling, Jonah Wizard, Irina Spasky, Evan Tolliver, Saladin, Fiske Cahill, Gideon Cahill, Luke Cahill, Katherine Cahill, Thomas Cahill, Jane Cahill, Madeleine Cahill, Grace Cahill, Arthur Trent & Hope Cahill
    • Cahills vs. Vespers: Jake Rosenbloom, Casper & Cheyenne Wyoming, Damien Vesper III, Sandy “The Breeze” Bancroft, Luna Amato, Milos Vanek
    • Unstoppable: Cara Pierce, Sammy Mourad, James Rutherford Pierce
    • Doublecross: Nathaniel Hartford, Aleksander Spasky
    • Superspecial: Agents Pratt & Gimler, Dr. Miller
  • Animorphs: Hork-Bajir, Taxxons, Elfangor, Yeerks, The Ellimist, Crayak, The Drode, Garatron, Gedds, Helmacrons, The Venber, Howlers, Leerans, the Orff, Visser One, Principal Chapman, Melissa Chapman, Tom, Taylor, Auxiliary Animorphs, Dog (Homer) Morph, Rhino Morph, Jaguar Morph, Siberian Tiger Morph, Cat (Fluffy McKitty) Morph, Giant Squid Morph, Crocodile Morph, Grizzly Bear Morph, African Elephant Morph, Great Horned Owl Morph, Dolphin (Nanook) Morph, Kangaroo Morph, Wolf Morph, Giant Anteater Morph, Butterfly Morph, Mallard Morph, Hammerhead Shark Morph, King Cobra (Spawn) Morph, Big Jim Morph
    • Megamorphs: The Valeek, The Mercora, The Nesk
    • Chronicles: Loren, Skrit Na, Mortron, Toby Hamee, Aldrea-Iskillion-Falan, Dak Hamee, Living Asteroid, Inner Worlders, Jallians, Father
    • Alternamorphs: You (Alternamorphs #2)
  • Ascendance Trilogy: Avenian Pirates, Tobias, Mott, Imogen, Princess Amarinda, Rulon Harlowe, Fink, Bevin Conner, Devlin, King Vargan, Jane Strick, Darius Hardranius Eckbert, Wilta, Teagut, Trea
  • The Babysitters Club: Dawn Schafer, Mallory Pike, Jessi Ramsey, Abby Stevenson, Logan Bruno, Shannon Kilbourne, Bart Taylor, Charlie Thomas, Sam Thomas, Janine Kishi, Karen Brewer, Andrew Brewer, David Michael Thomas, Emily Michelle Brewer, Hannah Papadakis, Nancy Dawes, Charlotte Johanssen, Pike Siblings, Jeff Schafer, Rebecca “Becca” Ramsey, Jamie Newton, Perkins Sisters, Jackie Rodowsky, Tabitha Porter, Cokie Mason, Grace Blume, Alan Gray, Pete Black, Laine Cummings, Maggie Blume, Sunny Winslow
    • Babysitter's Little Sister: Ms. Colman
    • California Diaries: Ducky McCrae, Amalia Vargas
  • Bone: Phoncible P. “Phoney” Bone, Smiley Bone, Rose “Gran'ma” Ben, The Great Red Dragon, The Hooded One, Kingdok, Rat Creatures, Stinky & Smelly, Bartleby, Lucius Down, Jonathan Oaks, (Wendell, Euclid, & Rory), Ted, Miss Possum & Possum Kids, Roderick & The Orphans, Roque Ja, The Vedu, Tarsil, Mim
    • Bone: Tall Tales: (Ringo, Bingo, and Todd), Big Johnson Bone
    • Quest for the Spark: Tom Elm, (Percival, Barclay, & Abbey), Randolf Clearmeadow, The Nacht
  • Captain Underpants: Talking Toilets, Lunchroom Zombie Nerds, Sulu, Crackers, Doctor Diaper, Turbo Toilet 2000, (Zorx, Klax, & Jennifer), Dandelion of Doom, Robo George & The Harold 2000, Captain Blunderpants, Kipper Krupp, Mr. Meaner, Miss Edith Anthrope, Mr. Morty Fyde, Miss Singerbrains, Wedgie Woman
    • Captain Underpants Activity Books: Hairy Potty
    • Super Diaper Baby: Super Diaper Baby, Diaper Dog
    • The Adventures of Ook and Gluk: Ook & Gluk, Lily
    • Dog Man: Petey, Li'l Petey, Petey's Grampa, Sarah Hatoff & Zuzu, Chief, 80-HD
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog: Emily Elizabeth, Puppy Clifford
  • Charlie Bone: Blancavamps, Squirras, Benjamin Brown, Olivia Vertigo, Gabriel Silk, Lysander Sage, Billy Raven, Dagbert Endless, Fidelio Gunn, Manford Bloor, Zelda Dobinski, Dorcas Loom, Idith and Inez Branko, Joshua Tilpin, Asa Pike, Lyell Bone, Paton Yewbeam, Arthur Saltwater, Cook, Senor Alvaro, Amy Bone, Mr. Onimous & The Flames, Henry Yewbeam, Lord Grimwald, Ezekiel Bloor, Dr. Harold Bloor, Yolanda Yewbeam, Skarpo, Count Harken Badlock, Ashkelan Kapaldi
    • Chronicles of the Red King: King Timoken, Queen Berenice, Princess Zobayda, Mathowy, Good Endowed Children (Amadis, Guanhamara, Petrello, Tolemeo, Amoret), Evil Endowed Children (Borlath, Lilith, Olga, Wyborn, Carfal)
  • Circleverse:
  • Dear America: Emma Simpson, Clotee, Hattie Campbell, Mary Driscoll, Zipporah Feldman, Catharine Carey Logan, Margaret Ann Brady, Lucinda Lawrence, Nellie Lee Love, Grace Edwards, Deliverance Trembley, Angela Denoto, Piper Davis, Dawnie Rae Johnson, Minnie Bonner, Pringle Rose
    • My Name Is America: William Thomas Emerson, James Pease, Joshua Loper, Scott Collins, Jesse Smoke
    • My America: Elizabeth Mary Barker
    • The Royal Diaries: Elizabeth I, Cleopatra VII, Isabel
  • Deltora Quest: Grey Guards, Wenn, Endon, Jarred, Sharn, Josef, Ranesh, Marilen, Lindal, Glock, The Shadow Lord, Sorcceress Thaegan, Ichabod, Gorl, Soldeen, The Hive, Gellick, The Glus, Fardeep, The Fear, Rolf the Capricorn, Kirsten of Shadowgate, Doran the Dragonlover, Paff, Grey Tide
    • Tales of Deltora: Adin
    • The Three Doors: Rye, Sonia, Sholto, Dirk, Olt,Skimmers
    • Star of Deltora: Britta, Jewel, Sky, Vashti, Mab
  • The Gatekeepers: Scott & Jamie Tyler, Scarlett Adams, Richard Cole, Lohan Shan-tung, Holly, Han Shan-tung, Professor Joanna Chambers, Fly-Soldiers, Knights, Shape-changers, Fire Rider, Giant Animals (Spider, Condor, Hummingbird, Monkey), Jayne Deverill, Sir Michael Marsh, Diego Salamanda, The Chairman, Father Gregory, Jonas Mortlake, Susan Mortlake, Colton Banes & Kyle Hovey, Audrey Cheng, The Librarian, The Traveller, President Charles Baker, Fabian, Susan Ashwood, Nathalie Johnson
  • Geronimo Stilton: Thea Stilton, Trap Stilton, Benjamin Stilton, Bugsy Wugsy, Petunia Pretty Paws, Sally Ratmousen, Thea Sisters, Pinky Pick, Creepella Von Cacklefu
  • Goosebumps: Dark Falls Residents, Evan Ross & Andy, Evil Camera, Mummy's Hand, Mr. Wood, Mr. Mortman, Sabre, The Unloved Ones, Clarissa, Mud Monsters, Lizzy & Luke Morris, Horrors, Cuddles the Hamster, Billy & Sheena Deep, Sea Monster, Scarecrows, Beach Ghost, Prince Khor-Ru, The Masked Mutant, The Executioner, The Cuckoo Clock of Doom, Grool, Lanx, Ghost Dogs, King Jellyjam, Lawn Gnomes, Old Man Mask, Abominable Snowman, Shrunken Head, Amaz-O, Egg Monsters from Mars, Beasts, Swamp Monster, Lost Legend, Pumpkin Heads, Count Nightwing, Creeps, The Blob That Ate Everyone, The Invisible Boy, Blue Monster Blood
    • Tales to Give You Goosebumps: Magical Bat, Verona XG-20 Universal Remote, Curly the Skeleton
    • Give Yourself Goosebumps: Fifi the Vampire Poodle, Sybil Wicked
    • Goosebumps 2000: Rip, Mary-Ellen, Mrs. Maaargh, Body Squeezers, Haunted Car
    • Goosebumps HorrorLand: Captain Long Ben One-Leg, Dr. Maniac, Tuttan-Rha, Mrs. Hardesty, Dr. Crawler, Inspector Cranium, The Menace, Jonathan Chiller
    • Goosebumps Most Wanted: The Grave-Master, Murder the Clown
    • Goosebumps SlappyWorld: Snappy the Dummy, Slappy's Ghost, Francine
  • Guardians of Ga'Hoole: Pure Ones, Twilight, Digger, Nyra, Kludd, Eglantine, Otulissa, Coryn, Hoole, Fengo
    • Wolves of the Beyond: Faolan, Gwynneth, Edme, Thunderheart
    • Horses of the Dawn: Estrella
    • Bears of the Ice: Stellan, Jytte
  • Harry Potter: Death Eaters, Dementors, Acromantula, Vernon Dursley, Petunia Dursley, Lily Potter, James Potter, Dudley Dursley, Rubeus Hagrid, Hedwig, Nearly Headless Nick, Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Percy Weasley, Crabbe & Goyle, Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick, Pomona Sprout, Poppy Pomfrey, Firenze, Quirinus Quirrell, Dobby, Molly Weasley, Arthur Weasley, Lucius Malfoy, Gilderoy Lockhart, Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, Whomping Willow, Moaning Myrtle, Fawkes, Aragog, Tom Riddle's Diary, Sirius Black, Buckbeak, Peter Pettigrew, Sybil Trelawney, Remus Lupin, Boggart Cabinet, Cho Chang, Nagini, Mad Eye Moody, Barty Crouch Jr., Cedric Diggory, Viktor Krum, Fleur Delacour, Rita Skeeter, Hungarian Horntail, The Weird Sisters, Niffler, Dolores Umbridge, Kreacher, Nymphadora Tonks, Horace Slughorn, Inferi, Peverell Brothers, Gellart Grindelwald, Albus Severus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy
  • The Hunger Games: Wolf Mutts, Lizard Mutts, Peacekeepers, Buttercup, Effie Trinket, Cinna, (Octavia, Venia, & Flavius), Madge Undersee, Caesar Flickerman, Seneca Crane, Marvel, Glimmer, Clove, Foxface, Thresh, Plutarch Heavensbee, Romulus Thread, Gloss & Cashmere, Brutus, Enobaria, Beetee Latier, Wiress, Finnick Odair, Mags, Johanna Mason, Maysilee Donner, Monkey Mutts, Jabberjays, President Alma Coin, Boggs, Leeg 1 & Leeg 2, Tigris
    • The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes: Casca Highbottom, Sejanus Plinth, Clemensia Dovecote, (Lepidus Malmsey, Lucky Flickerman, & Jubilee), Mayfair Lipp, Jessup, Reaper Ash, Brandy, (Mizzen, Coral, & Tanner), Bobbin, Lamina, Treech, Teslee, Volumnia Gaul, Dr. Kay, The Covey, Billy Taupe
  • The Inkworld Trilogy: Fire Elves, Water Nymphs, Dustfinger, Farid, Darius, Fengolio, Orpheus, Teresa “Resa” Folchart, Capricorn, Basta, Mortola the Magpie, The Shadow, Adderhead, Roxane, The Black Prince, Doria, Violante, Jacopo, Cosimo, Brianna, Firefox, Death, The White Women, The Piper
  • I Spy: Magnifying Glass
  • Keys to the Kingdom: Fetchers, Bibliophages, Suzy Turquoise Blue, Dr. Scamandros, Dame, Primus, (Dawn, Noon, and Dusk), The Mariner, The Piper, Pravuil, Mister Monday, Grim Tuesday, Drowned Wednesday, Sir Thursday, Lady Friday, Superior Saturday, Lord Sunday, The Architect, The Old One, Lieutenant Keeper, Sneezer, Raised Rats, Fred Initial Numbers Gold, Bathroom Attendants, New Nithlings, Scourchers
  • The Magic School Bus: The Bus, Arnold Perlstein, Carlos Ramon, Dorothy Ann Rourke, Keesha Franklin, Phoebe Terese, Ralphie Tenneli, Timothy Jamal, Wanda Li, Janet Perlstein, Dottie Frizzle
  • The Magisterium: Alastair Hunt, William Rufus, Constantine Madden, Jasper deWinter, Alexander Strike, Celia, Verity Torres, Master Joseph, Havoc, Marcus, Warren, Automotones, Drew Wallace, Elementals, Anastasia Tarquin, Ravan Rajavi, Assemblyman Graves
  • The Raven Cycle: Maura Sargent, Richard Campbell Gansey III, Adam Parrish, Noah Czerny, Declan Lynch, Matthew Lynch, Colin Greenmantle, The Gray Man, Owen Glendower, Artemus, Persephone, Calla Lily Johnson, Jimi, Neeve Mullen, Orla, Gwenllian, Henry Cheng, Joseph Kavinsky, Jesse Dittley, Piper Greenmantle, Professor Malory, Opal, Barrington Whelk, The Third Sleeper, Laumonier, Seondeok
    • Dreamer Trilogy: Jordan Hennessy, Carmen Farooq-Lane, Parsifal Bauer
  • Spirit Animals: Abeke & Uraza, Rollan & Essix, Ninani, Tarik & Lumeo, Shane & Grahv, Olvan & Moose, Lenori & Myriam, Zerif & Jackal, Worthy & Elda, Kovo, Gerathon, General Gar & Renneg, Drina & Iskos
    • Fall of the Beasts: The Wyrm
  • The Thief Lord: Prosper Hartlieb, Boniface Hartlieb, Riccio, Mosca, Victor Getz, Ida Spavento, Dottor Massimo, Conte, Morosina, Ernesto Barbarossa
  • The Underland Chronicles: Gnawers, Boots, Ares, Pearlpelt, Vikus, Solovet, Ripred, Henry, Bartholomew of Sandwitch, Gregor's Dad, Temp & Tick, Gox & Treflex, Photos Glow-Glow & Zap, Howard & Pandora, Mareth & Andromeda, Frill, Hamnet, Cartesian, Lizzie, Grace, Mrs. Cormaci, Nerissa, Perdita, Hazard & Thalia, Twitchtip, Mange & Lapblood, Nike
  • Wings of Fire: Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Starflight, Sunny, Moonwatcher, Winter, Peril, Turtle, Qibil, Blue, Cricket, Sundew, Swordtail, Bumblebee
    • Legends: DarkStalker, Scavengers (Ivy, Leaf, & Wren)
    • Winglets: Fierceteeth
  • The Witch Boy: Charlie, Aster's Grandmother, Mikasi, Holly, Sedge, Juniper, Vervain, Tohor, Linden, Iris, Tupelo and Aquila, Charlie’s Fathers, Isabel Torres, Flint, Mica
  • WordGirl: Miss Power, Dr. Two-Brains, Tobey, WordBot, Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy, The Butcher, Granny May, Mr. Big, Lady Redundant Woman, Violet Heaslip, Tim Botsford, Sally Botsford, TJ Botsford, Todd “Scoops” Ming, Victoria Best, Rhyme and Reason
  • Dynamite Magazine: Ghosts, Mummies, Witches, Bats, Snakes, Spiders, Fatal Flowers, Magic Wanda, Foxy Fiddler, Horribella, Bummer, Hot Stuff (And they all only appear in the Final Level.)
  • Miscellaneous Books:
    • Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls: Allie Finkle
    • All The Crooked Saints: Soria Cousins (Beatriz, Daniel, Joaquin)
    • Amulet: Emily Hayes, Navin Hayes, Trellius, Miskit, The Voice
    • The Apprentice Witch: Arianwyn
    • The Bad Guys: Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Shark
    • Bayou Bridge: Livie Moulaison, Shelby Jane, Tara Doucet, Larissa Renaud
    • Catwad: Catwad & Blurmp
    • Children of the Lamp: John & Philippa Gaunt, Uncle Nimrod
    • Dactyl Hill Squad: Magdalys Roca & Squad
    • Daughters of the Sea: Mermaids (Hannah, May, & Lucy)
    • The Deadlies: Felix
    • Dear Dumb Diary: Isabella Vinchella, Angeline
    • Dive: Star Ling
    • Divided We Fall: Danny Wright
    • Dragon Rider: Firedrake, Sorrel, Ben
    • Drama: Callie
    • Enchanted Runner: Kendall
    • Everest: Dominic Alexis
    • Everworld: (David, Chris, April, and Jalil), Senna Wales, Hetwans, Ka Anor
    • The Fire Pony: Lady Luck
    • Fox Craft: Siffrin, Keeveny, Pirie, Karka
    • Gamer Army: Rogan Webber
    • Ghosthunters Series: Tom
    • Ghosts: Catrina & Maya
    • Grey Griffins: Max Sumner, Ernie Tweeny, Natalia Romanov, Harley Davidson Eisenstein, Brooke Lundgren, Morgan La Faye
    • Horizon: Horizon Survivors (Molly, Javi, Anna, Oliver, Yoshi, Kira, Akiko, Caleb)
    • The Hypnotists: Jax Opus
    • The Ickabog: The Ickabog
    • Igraine the Brave: Igraine
    • Infinity Ring: Dak Smyth, Sera Froste, Riq Jones
    • The Invention of Hugo Cabret: Hugo Cabret, Isabelle, Automaton
    • Island: Luke Haggerty
    • I Survived: John Hale, Oscar Starling, Leo, Melody Vega
    • Josh Baxter Levels Up: Josh Baxter
    • Key Hunters: Cleo & Evan
    • Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond: Kiranmala
    • The Land of Elyon: Alexa Daley, Roland Warvold, Yipes, Thomas Warvold
    • The Last Book in the Universe: Spaz
    • The Last Dragon Chronicles: David Rain & Gadzooks, Lucy Pennykettle, Elizabeth “Liz” Pennykettle
    • The Last Firehawk: (Tag, Skyla, and Blaze)
    • Macdonald Hall: Bruno Walton, Melvin “Boots” O'Neal, Mr. William Strugeon “The Fish”, Miss Scrimmage, Cathy Burton, Diane Grant, Elmer Drimsdale, Wilbur Hackenschleimer
    • The Magician Trilogy: Gwyn Griffiths, Nain Griffiths, Eirlys, Efnisien
    • Main Street Series: Ruby Nothrop, Flora Northrop, Nicolette Sherman, Olivia Walter
    • Mark of the Thief: Nic
    • Marty McGuire: Marty McGuire
    • Max the Mighty: Worm
    • Melowy: Melowies (Cleo, Selena, Cora, Maya, and Electra)
    • The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg: Homer P. Figg
    • On the Run: Aiden Falconer, Meg Falconer
    • Peachy and Keen: Peachy & Keen
    • Peter Pannote : Tinker Bell
    • Pig the Pug: Pig the Pug
    • Pip Bartlett's Guide to Magical Creatures: Pip Bartlett
    • Rainbow Magic: Rachel Walker & Kristy Tate, The Rainbow Fairies, Queen Titania, Jack Frost, Goblins
    • Ranger in Time: Ranger
    • Remnants: Jobs, Mo' Steele, Billy Weir, Violet Blake
    • REM World: Arthur Woodbury
    • Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot: Ricky Ricotta
    • Saving Mississippi: Mississippi
    • The Scorpio Races: Sean Kendrick
    • The Scourge: Ani Mells
    • Secrets of Bearhaven: Spencer Plain & Kate
    • The Seventh Tower: Tal Graile-Rerem & Adras, Milla Talon-Han & Odris, Sharrakor
    • The Shadow House: Matilda Ribaldi
    • Silver Jaguar Society Mysteries: (Anna, José, and Henry)
    • Skeleton Creek: Ryan McCray and Sarah Fincher
    • Slacker: Cameron Boxer, Elvis
    • Space Dumplings: Violet Marlocke
    • Stealing Air: (Brian, Alex, and Max)
    • Sunny: Sunny Lewin
    • Swindle: Luthor, Griffin Bing, S. Palomino “Swindle”
    • Titanic: (Paddy, Sophie, Juliana, and Alfie)
    • TombQuest: Alex Sennefer
    • Toy Academy: Grumbolt
    • The Traitor's Game: Kestra Dallior
    • Treasure Islandnote : Treasure
    • Troubletwisters: Jaide & Jack Shields
    • Twice Upon A Time: Rapunzel (Rapunzel: The One With All The Hair)
    • T*Witches: T*Witches, Karsh Antayus, Ileana DuBaer, Miranda Martine-DuBaer, Thanatos DuBaer
    • Ulysses Moore: Jason & Julia Covenant, Rick Banner, Ulysses Moore, Anita Bloom, Oblivia Newton
    • Upside-Down Magic: Nory Horace, Elliott Cohen, Andres Padillo, Marigold Ramos, Bax Kapoor
    • Willow Falls: Amanda (11 Birthdays)
    • Wish Series: Alicia (Cake Pop Crush)
    • Whatever After: Abby, Jonah
    • When Santa Fell to Earth: Niklas Goodfellow
    • The Wild Chicks: The Wild Chicks (Charlie, Hannah, Izzy, and Xa)
    • Wolves of Mercy Falls Series: Grace Brisbane, Samuel K. “Sam” Roth, Isabel Culpeper, Cole St. Clair
    • Wonderstruck: Ben, Rose

This game provides examples of:

  • Agony Beam: One of Voldemort's special moves, the Cruciatus Curse.
  • An Axe to Grind: Conor's weapon of choice in this game is a handaxe.
  • Animorphism: Take a wild guess on which characters can do this. More specifically, for each Animorph, they morph into an animal for their throws, special moves, and supers, and quickly demorphs. Cassie can even partially morph parts of her body for at least some of her normal attacks.
  • Assist Character: Aside from the game mechanic described above, some characters use other characters as part of their normal moveset. And this probably isn't even a full list.
    • Hannah uses various Goosebumps monsters in some of her attacks, such as throwing a Lanx at opponents or attacking with a Mummy's Hand.
    • For Mem's Spellbinding Climax, several other girls from the Dear America series appear as we see a montage of various events in American history. This somehow hurts the other fighters a lot.
    • Snow can summon Peacekeepers to attack on his behalf.
    • Claerwen, Charlie Bone's wand, flies beside him in its' moth form at all times, aiding him in both special moves and melee attacks.
    • Kristy's dog, Shannon, assists her in one of her Special Moves.
    • Nagini, hidden within Voldemort's sleeve, lunges out and attacks for Voldemort's Smash attacks.
    • George & Harold use Sulu in their battle intro and Up Special. In addition, for their Spellbinding Climax, they summon some of their various creations, including Super Diaper Baby & Diaper Dog, Ook & Gluk, Dog Man, and Captain Underpants himself and they all do a combination attack on the opposition, even if they're fighting against Captain Underpants.
    • As a Non-Action Guy, Fone Bone has numerous characters that he can call in to help him fight, including Phoney Bone, "The Mystery Cow", Bartleby, and Ted (or rather, Ted's brother, if Ted happens to get attacked). The Great Red Dragon shows up for Fone Bone's Spellbinding Climax.
    • For one of his special moves, Draco summons Crabbe & Goyle.
  • Attack Reflector: Fighters with these include Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione, Voldemort, Snape, Marco, Hannah, Snow, Kristy, Arthur, Matthew, and Blue.
  • Battle Intro: Each fighter will have an intro animation before the fight starts, usually with some sort of throwback to the character's original series. For example, the Animorphs will fly onto the stage, each using their signature flight morphs, and a platform will raise Katniss and Peeta onto the stage from underground.
  • Beast Master: Conor, as Briggan assists him for most of his moves.
    • Ares also aids Gregor in battle, but not to the same extent as the above.
    • Hermione can summon birds and order them to attack, just like what she did to Ron once.
    • For his Spellbinding Climax, Voldemort calls forth the Basilisk (with its eyes already gouged out by Fawkes) to bite and poison his foes. If the initial bite completely depletes an opponents' HP, Voldemort will then finish them off with a Killing Curse.
    • Lucy Gray uses snakes prominently in her moveset. She also uses flocks of mockingjays to completely conceal herself as she quickly moves around, essentially acting as a teleport move.
  • Big Good: In the game's Story Mode, a mysterious woman named Halle Brior unites and leads all of the playable heroes. She turns out to be Horribella, Count Morbida's girlfriend.
  • Blob Monster: Monster Blood
  • Boss Rush: In addition to a mode where you can fight all of the game's bosses one after another, there's also something akin to Smash's All-Star Mode where you fight all 48 characters in the roster in a row.
  • Car Fu: Ron summons the Flying Ford Anglia to fly into opponents for his Spellbinding Climax. Also, technically Ms. Frizzle's entire moveset.
  • Carry a Big Stick: For his Forward Smash attack, Snow swings a two-by-four downward in front of him.
  • Cast from Hit Points: Ron has a special move in which he pulls out his former (broken) wand and attempts to fire a spell. The spell will misfire, causing a powerful explosion; so powerful that Ron will also take damage from it.
  • Cast Herd: In the game's Story Mode, the heroes are split into groups of 4 or 5, each with their own objectives before converging back together in the final battle. A very rough idea of the groups are as followed:
    • Harry Potter, Lief, Arthur, Conor & Briggan
    • Katniss, Peeta, Cassie, Gregor, and Matthew
    • Jake, Gale, Sandry, Jaron, and Ian
    • Amy, Hermione, Rachel, and Hannah
    • Marco, Ron, Lucy Gray, Dan, and Fone Bone
    • Dumbledore, Snape, Ms. Frizzle, Haymitch, and Captain Underpants
    • Blue, Meggie, Charlie Bone, Callum, and Aster
    • Kristy, Mem, WordGirl, Scipio, George & Harold (Their plotline will serve as a Breather Episode in an otherwise serious story)
    • The remaining playable characters, Voldemort, Draco, Slappy, Haunted Mask, Monster Blood, Arragotus, Goldie, David, and Snow are all villains opposing the heroes, brought together by a mysterious figure, who turns out to be Count Morbida.
  • Character Roster Global Warming: Averted, at least compared to most examples, as can be seen below.
  • Circle of Friendship: For Sandry's Spellbinding Climax, Tris, Daja, and Briar appear and the four of them get into a circle, infusing Sandry's thread circle with their respective power. Unlike in the actual books, however, there will be a visible magical beam that attacks the opposition.
  • Competitive Balance: The tentative proposed play styles of the characters on the roster.
    • Confusion Fu: Count Morbida
    • Fragile Speedster: Haunted Mask, Cassie, Dan, Scipio, Jaron, Ian, Haymitch
    • Glass Cannon: Dumbledore, Slappy, Rachel, George&Harold, Matthew, Fone Bone, Meggie
    • Jack-of-All-Stats: Harry Potter, Ron (slightly faster but more rush-down oriented than Harry), Jake (slightly slower but stronger than Harry), Amy (faster but more combo-oriented than Harry), Gregor (weaker but has longer reach and multihitting attacks), Lief (has longer reach and good attack speed but lower defense)
    • Lightning Bruiser: WordGirl (but she lacks both range and defense)
    • Long-Range Fighter: Katniss, Hermione, Kristy, Sandry, Charlie Bone, Aster, Callum
    • Mighty Glacier: Voldemort, Monster Blood, Arragotus, David, Peeta, Captain Underpants
    • Puppet Fighter: Conor & Briggan
    • Stance System: Arthur
    • Stone Wall: Blue, Mem, Marco, Snape, Snow, Ms. Frizzle, Draco
    • Trap Master: Hannah, Lucy Gray, Gale, Goldie
  • Composite Character: All of Hannah's attacks utilize various objects or monsters from throughout the Goosebumps series (Mummy's Hand, the Evil Camera, the Shrunken Head, etc.), making her more of a stand-in for Goosebumps main characters in general. It's also referencing her being R.L. Stine's daughter in the movie.
    • Slappy can strangle people, which is something more in line of what his predecessor, Mr. Wood, would do.
    • Monster Blood throws drops of Blue Monster Blood (that take shape and attack when they hit the ground) for a projectile attack. It can also bite enemies in a similar manner as Cuddles the Hamster, and even grow plant vines out of itself to attack (referencing the ivy plants that consumed Monster Blood in Monster Blood for Breakfast.)
    • Arragotus too, will have moves derived from other ancient Egyptian characters from throughout the Goosebumps series. For example, he can encase himself in amber, in reference to Nila Rahmad in her scarab form as well as surround himself with a flock of bats from Who's Your Mummy?
    • In terms of moveset, David is a composite between himself and the protagonist of the second Alternamorphs book, who's pretty much an Expy of David anyway.
    • Ian makes use of his sister's poison dart gun.
    • Some of Meggie's summons were done by her father in her home series, though she's certainly capable of doing the same since they're both Silvertongues.
    • For his side special, Voldemort dashes forward and grabs people by the throat, like what Professor Quirrell does to Harry at the climax of the first Harry Potter book. The move is pretty much a dead ringer for Ganondorf's Flame Choke.
    • Gale can plant land mines on the stage. This isn't something he's actually done (though other Hunger Games characters have), but it's more just referencing his trapping skills in general.
  • Counter-Attack: Fighters with counter attacks include Marco, Blue, Conor, Lief, Jaron, Fone Bone, Voldemort, Snape (who uses Legilimency to read the opponent's mind and see their next move), and Matthew (whose ability to see visions of the future is translated to outright Combat Clairvoyance in this game.)
  • Crossover Villain-in-Chief: Count Morbida leads the other villains in the game's Story Mode. He may seem like an odd choice from an in-universe perspective, but out-of-universe, he's an old (publication wise, he's by far the oldest playable character in the roster), long forgotten character that was nevertheless a mascot of something critically important to the company's history, making his role more appropriate.
  • Dance Battler: A couple of Mem's moves involve jigging.
    • Marco breakdances for some of his attacks.
    • Most, if not all of Lucy Gray's normal attacks involve dancing in some way.
  • Death-or-Glory Attack: For one of his special moves, Aster will pull out a silver bowl with water in it and begin scrying the location of his opponent. After a few seconds, the water will start glowing, revealing their location to Aster. Afterwards, he will open up a portal using a magical dagger and fire a blast of magic through it. The other side of the portal appears wherever the enemy is and they're hit by the blast of magic, which can hit them from anywhere on the stage and it'll even track them if they're currently invisible. The main drawback of this move, however, is that it takes a long time to complete the move, leaving Aster vulnerable to getting attacked before he can finish the move.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Dumbledore's moveset is hard to get used to, but a force to be reckoned with if mastered.
  • The Dog Bites Back: After you defeat the Big Bad in the Story Mode, Count Morbida's pet, Transylvester (coincidentally(?), a red dog), turns on his master due to neglect and/or abuse, ending with him eating Morbida and taking his power. This makes the pair a Foil to the relationship between Emily Elizabeth and Clifford.
  • Dual Wielding: Gregor will fight with both a sword and Solovet's dagger.
    • I'm at least considering making Ron dual-wield wands, using both his original, hand-me-down wand that broke and his replacement wand.
    • Arthur can dual-wield with the Clock Sword, as he can split it into two and reassemble it.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": The mask possessing Carly-Beth Caldwell is only referred to as The Haunted Mask, and though its "species" name is The Unloved, it has no proper name.
  • Evil Counterpart: In a way, the Final Boss serves as one to Clifford.
  • Expy Coexistence: Both Charlie Bone and Callum can fight alongside and/or fight against Harry Potter.
  • Extremity Extremist: Monster Blood doesn't even have any legs to kick with. It merely has Kirby-like stubs for arms to attack with.
    • Meggie is sort of one too. She's always carrying a book with her in battle, and she's too much of a Bookworm to attack with the book itself, so her normal moves consist of kicks.
  • Eye Beams: Slappy's Spellbinding Climax.
  • Fighting Clown: Captain Underpants, George&Harold, Fone Bone, Ms. Frizzle, Kristy, Mem, and Monster Blood are all examples of this.
  • Forced Sleep: Kristy's Spellbinding Climax is...knocking close to mid ranged opponents asleep (or rather, putting her "sitting charges" to bed), allowing her to score a free hit on the opposition. Every successful hit with this move will also net the player extra in-game currency.
  • Formula with a Twist: The intent of this game, by adding a Tag Team mechanic in a Platform Fighter.
  • Groin Attack: One of Snow's grabs has him knee the opponent in the crotch area.
  • Guest Fighter: WordGirl could arguably count, as she's from a cartoon instead of a book series, though Scholastic does own the character.
    • Also debatably Fone Bone, as he's originally from a self-published comic book series, though Scholastic did publish the reissues.
  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot: Of the two playable dummies, Slappy generally prefers fighting physically, along with choke holds, Flash Steps and the like, whereas Goldie gravitates toward stage control and trapping her foes with magic spells from a distance.
  • I Know Madden Kombat: Kristy uses her baseball skills for a fair amount of her moves.
    • Also, Ron can smack down airborne opponents and knockback projectiles, referencing his skills as a Keeper.
    • Jake's regular attacks consist of him pulling off various basketball maneuvers.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Quite of a few of them. And it's probably not even a complete list.
    • As mentioned above, Hannah's attacks utilize various objects or monsters from throughout the Goosebumps series (Mummy's Hand, the Evil Camera, the Shrunken Head, etc.)
    • Scipio can attack opponents with "loot".
    • Some of Kristy's moves use objects such as a thermometer, a rag doll, and a flashlight. She can even stop opponents in their tracks by giving them her "Look".
    • Mem fights using objects such as a feather pin, a bucket, a rake, scorched peas, and more. Basically, anything Mem used during A Journey to the New World is fair game for her moveset.
    • Of course, Sandry's primary method of attack is using her magic to control thread.
    • Captain Underpants has throwing, well, underpants as one of his special moves.
    • As mentioned above, Ms. Frizzle wears The Bus as a suit of armor in combat. And all of her attacks either utilize scientific tools such as telescopes and microscopes or reference various scientific subjects covered throughout the series, including some rather absurd weapons like magnets, light bulbs, and even giant white blood cells.
  • Intangibility: Hannah becomes intangible whenever she blocks or dodges, one of the few hints in her moveset to her true nature. However, her blocking shield still functions the same as any other character.
  • I Surrender, Suckers: Jaron employs this as a counterattack.
  • Kamehame Hadoken: Harry's Spellbinding Climax is firing an Expelliarmus in this fashion. Of course, it also causes opponents to drop any item that they're carrying.
  • Kid Hero: The roster has a lot of these, given that the main character's of children's books are usually children.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Jaron's name counts as one, as it spoils a major plot twist from the first book of his series.
    • David's mere inclusion counts as one, firstly because it spoils that a 7th Animorph even exists and secondly that said Animorph becomes a Sixth Ranger Traitor.
    • Hannah's mere inclusion also counts, as aspects of her character spoils the twist of The Ghost Next Door, though it may be in It Was His Sled territory by now thanks to the movie.
    • Some of Blue's moves spoil the reveal that she's half Plant Person.
  • Lethal Joke Character: For one Ron's special moves, he takes out his original (broken) wand and tries to cast a spell with it, but it misfires, doing damage to Ron himself. However, if the moves connects, it's devastatingly powerful.
  • Living Distant Ancestor: Possibly, as 16-year-old Lucy Gray fights alongside her possible granddaughter or cousin, twice removed, Katniss. That is, if you subscribe to those theories.
  • Mandatory Twist Ending: As a reference to the traditional Goosebumps twist ending, when Hannah wins a match, she does a victory pose like every other character, but after a few seconds she fades into the afterlife.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: For one of her special moves, Blue can power up any assist character she summons during the duration of the move.
    • Gregor has a rage meter that increases whenever he takes damage. When it fills up, he becomes faster and more powerful, but at the cost of defense.
    • With one special move, Scipio can steal items from opponents, similar to Locke in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Using the special again will make him swing a bag-of-loot forward for a more damaging attack, but a different special will allow him to consume the item, receive it's benefit, and freeing him up to steal another item.
    • Dan has a special move similar to Wii Fit Trainer's Deep Breathing. If timed correctly, he'll hold his breath and any status effects he's currently inflicted by will last longer. However, this applies to both buffs and nerfs. Also, this will not apply to any new status effects he's inficted with during the move's duration.
    • If Dumbledore is KO'd while having full special gauge, Fawkes will shed a tear and revive him with about 20 percent health, to make up for Dumbledore's extremely low defense.
    • Each of Callum's four special moves correspond to the four classical elements. However, like in his series, if he spams one special move too much, he risks becoming a Devoured of that element, making the special move more powerful but locking him from his other special moves for the rest of the fight. To stop yourself from becoming a Devoured, you have to start using his other specials, with the counterweight, or opposing element of magic, being the most effective option.
    • Lucy Gray can contaminate items by lacing them with rat poison, poisoning the next fighter who touches the item. However, this also applies to Lucy Gray herself, so players will need to keep mental track of what items they poisoned. Of course, if you're standing next to the opponent, you can just poison them directly with the rat poison instead.
    • For one of his special moves, Fone Bone can summon Phoney Bone to grab an enemy. If he's successful, Phoney will take some of their money, increasing the player's in-game currency. However, if Phoney is successfully attacked, he'll drop a lot of money, which the player will also lose, referencing Phoney's GetRichQuickSchemes always going awry due to him being too greedy to Know When to Fold 'Em.
    • Charlie Bone can summon The Flames to assist him, to either heal or to become a powerful, unblockable and unreflectable projectile. However, either action will use up a Flame, and Charlie only gets three per stock.
    • Count Morbida can recover all red health by simply grabbing (and biting) an opponent. He can also attack while defending by blowing up his shield. The downside to doing this, however, is that this completely depletes his shield, meaning Morbida can't block attacks for awhile, lest he'll easily get shield broken. And on top of all that, he can fly around freely in the air for a few seconds before landing.
  • Museum Game: You can read sample chapters as well as miscellaneous information about the various book series' represented in this game.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted with Fone Bone and Charlie Bone. As they're from two completely different series', not only are they not related to each other, they're not even the same species.
  • One-Winged Angel: In the Final Battle of the Story Mode, Morbid Transylvester grows to a gargantuan size via The Power of Hate, making him a big red dog.
  • Poisonous Person: Ian's attacks are quite weak, but to make up for it, a number of them inflict a Poison status on the opponent.
    • The same goes for Lucy Gray.
    • Both Voldemort and David have a Spellbinding Climax that poisons in addition to doing massive damage. In David's case, he morphs into a rat and leads a horde of rats summoned by Crayak to swarm the other fighters, spreading their filth and diseases onto them.
  • Power Creep, Power Seep: Obvious when characters like Kristy and Mem can stand on even grounds with wizards, superheroes, and the like. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have powerful characters like Arthur, Sandry, and Matthew being able to lose against characters like the aforementioned Kristy and Mem.
  • Primal Stance: The Haunted Mask's fighting stance.
  • Puppet Fighter:
    • Conor & Briggan are functionally similar to Rosalina & Luma.
    • George & Harold, however, are NOT examples of this trope, as they will always remain together, no matter what.
  • Rage Against the Author: Throughout the Story Mode, and as well as through their intro and victory quotes, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Dumbledore all treat Aster, who's a thinly-veiled transgender allegory, with utmost respect and acceptance, very unlike their creator.
    • Also George & Harold's victory quote against Hermione:
    Gerorge & Harold (after KOing Hermione): That's for pooping all over your school and vanishing it away! What do you mean that was way before your time?
  • Reverse Grip: To differentiate himself from the other swordfighters, Jaron wields his sword this way.
  • Rule of Seven: Seven playable Harry Potter characters. Also, Harry, Lief, Arthur, and Conor are paired together in the Story Mode for this reason.
  • Series Mascot: Harry Potter, Katniss, Slappy, and Jake all share this role.
  • Shotoclone: Harry Potter. Yes, really. He has Stupefy as a fireball attack, riding his broom as a Shoryuken, and using Flipendo Duo to conjure a tornado around himself, more-or-less functioning similarly to a Hurricane Kick.
  • Shout-Out: I'm at least considering giving Captain Underpants an UNDERPANTS PUNCH!!!
    • Saplings will be clones of the playable fighters that you fight en mass in the game's Story Mode, similar to the Manikins in the Dissidia Final Fantasy games. They're named after the first book published by Scholastic.
  • Simple Staff: Snow mainly fights with a Peacekeeper baton that can also produce a forcefield to protect him.
  • Smurfette Principle: For a fighting game, surprisingly averted. Out of 48 playable characters, approximately 16 are female.
  • Spin Attack: One of Gregor's moves, the Rager Spin.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Crossover: Harry Potter has the lion's share of overall representation, with The Hunger Games, Goosebumps, and Animorphs not too far behind.
  • Stance System: Arthur has three different stances, each changing his normal moves and overall stats. He can switch between using the Fourth Key (a baton that turns into a rapier for certain attacks) which makes him a short-ranged Fragile Speedster, the First Key (two clock hands combined into a sword) the balanced Key, and the Third Key (trident) which gives him range and power at the cost of speed. The Second, Fifth, and Sixth Keys are used in his remaining specials regardless of which stance he's in and the Seventh Key is used in his Spellbinding Climax.
    • Downplayed with Sandry, who primarily fights with a woven thread she uses like a whip, but can switch with three other threads, each woven from the magic of one of her friends. Tris' thread hits lightning fast and shocks people, but is the shortest of the threads. Daja's metallic thread hits hard and burns, but is incredibly slow. Finally, Briar's vine-like thread has the longest reach, but is the weakest.
  • Status Effects:
    • Attack Up: Raises attack power. Granted by Tomas Serum.
    • Defense Up: Raises defense. Granted by Body Armor.
    • Speed Up: Raises running speed. Granted by Fleet Ring.
    • Winged: Increases jump height, number of midair jumps, and overall aerial mobility. Granted by Wings.
    • Giant: Increases your size. Granted by Chocolate Cake.
    • Invisibility: Renders you invisible on the other player's screens. Granted by Invisibility Cloak.
    • X-Ray Vision: Gives you the ability to see invisible characters, as well as see what's inside containers. Granted by Magnifying Glass.
    • Reflect: Gives you the ability to automatically reflect any projectile that hits you. Granted by Shield Hat.
    • Super Armor: Attacks no longer make you flinch (but you still take damage) at the cost of some movement speed. Granted by Black Armor.
    • Attack Down: Lowers your attack power. Caused by Herbs of Infatuation.
    • Defense Down: Lowers your defense. Caused by Old Man Mask.
    • Speed Down: Lowers your running speed. Caused by Weights.
    • Small: Shrinks your size. Caused by Purple Peanut Butter.
    • Poison: Gradually lowers your health. Caused by Nightlock.
    • Paralysis: Renders you immobile. Caused by Charged Vial.
    • Sleep: Also renders you immobile. Caused by one of George & Harold's special moves and Kristy's Spellbinding Climax.
    • Freeze: Renders you immobile AND decreases your defense. Caused by Abominable Snowball.
    • Cursed: Gradually lowers your special gauge. Caused by Lost Legend and Grool.
    • Blind: Blackens your screen, making you unable to see. Caused by Tsunami's Scale.
    • Tag Blocked: Prevents you from switching to your other character. Caused by getting hit by a Forced Change attack, a universal mechanic that all fighters can do.
    • Assist Blocked: Prevents you from calling out assists. Caused by Fake Doggy Doo-Doo.
    • Disarmed: Prevents you from grabbing and using items. Caused by Harry Potter's Spellbinding Climax.
    • Confusion: Inverts your left and right controls. Caused by Confusing Concoction.
    • Controlled: You can't stop running. Caused by Yeerk.
    • (Note: Many Assists and enemy attacks can also cause these Status Effects.)
  • Summon Magic: Meggie is able to summon Dustfinger, Farid, Tinker Bell, and the treasure from Treasure Island in battle.
  • Sword and Fist: Peeta fights with both his hands and feet and a large knife.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In addition to characters like Kristy and Mem, who can now take on magic users, superheroes, monsters and the like despite having no canon fighting ability whatsoever, we have Count Morbida, who goes from a silly Big Bad Wannabe children's mascot to a genuinely frightening threat, so much so that he can even boss around the likes of Voldemort!
  • Tornado Move: Harry's Flipendo Duo spell.
  • Truer to the Text: All characters have their appearances as described and/or illustrated in their original books, as opposed to their looks in their various film or TV adaptations. For example, Lief has black hair, Katniss has "olive skin", the Harry Potter characters look closer to Mary Grandpre's illustrations than their movie actors, etc.
    • This also applies to everyone's characterizations. For instance, Ron isn't an Adaptational Wimp in this.
  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: Where else will you find Katniss fighting Voldemort?
  • The Unexpected: A few characters.
    • Kristy Thomas, due to being from a non-Speculative Fiction Slice of Life series and having no canon fighting abilities whatsoever.
    • Mem, for mostly the same reasons as Kristy.
    • Really, all of the Goosebumps characters, aside from Slappy and the Haunted Mask, may qualify for one reason or another:
      • Since it's a Villain-Based Franchise, one probably wouldn't expect an actual protagonist like Hannah. Downplayed however, due to her being one of the main characters in the movie.
      • Monster Blood, despite being one of the most iconic Goosebumps monsters, may count, as it's literally just a pile of green goo that grows nonstop. It's not even an individual character, as there have been multiple cans of Monster Blood throughout the Goosebumps series.
      • Arragotus isn't noteworthingly iconic or popular to the series. In fact, he debuted in a book released in 2019! However, mummies and Egyptian themed books have always been a staple to the series, and he's the only mummy who's the main antagonist of a Goosebumps book (aside from a few short story and gamebook spinoffs). Also doesn't hurt that he's got an Evil vs. Evil thing going on with Slappy.
      • Goldie is even more recent than Arragotus, debuting in 2020, but she's a ventriloquist dummy rival of Slappy's that would fight differently than any of the other dummies in the series.
    • David could qualify, as he was (for the most part) only present in a single arc in the original series.
    • Ms. Frizzle, ESPECIALLY since she fights WITH the bus.
    • Count Morbida, due to being from a magazine that was mostly popular way back in the 70s and 80s.
    • Clifford the Big Red Dog being the Arcade Mode Final Boss.
    • In the Story Mode, perhaps the biggest example is the Continuem Crystal, from the Animorphs: Shattered Reality video game, being the cause of the worlds crossing over.
  • Victory Quote: All fighters (except for Arragotus and Monster Blood) will have a few generic ones, as well as some character specific lines if they KO that character last in the match. A few examples:
    Amy (after KOing Harry): H...Harry Potter!?
    Marco (after KOing Rachel): What's wrong? Having an off-day, Xena?
    Cassie (after KOing Slappy): That's for calling me a slave!
    Harry (after KOing George & Harold): I heard about the 'Hairy Potty' thing. I'm not amused.
    Callum (after KOing Draco): Did I ruin your precious clothes, Malfoy? Don't worry, I have a spare pair of leather pants.
  • Villain Team-Up: Various villains from different series' team up in the game's Story Mode.
  • Walking Armory: Arthur, who carries with him all seven Keys at once.
  • War Is Hell: The Hunger Games characters (barring Gale), the Animorphs (barring Rachel) and Gregor, among others, are not happy with their predicament.
    Katniss (victory quote): This may as well be another Hunger Games! Will I ever need to stop fighting?
  • Wrestler in All of Us: Peeta has a moveset geared towards this. After all, he did place second in a District 12 wrestling contest.

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