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Scholastic Books: Spellbinding Battles is a Nintendo Switch video game that only exists in Nexus' head. It's a Massive Multiplayer Crossover Tag Team Platform Fighter using characters from various children's and YA books published by Scholastic.note 


Plays similarly to Super Smash Bros. in the sense that up to four players fight on multi-tiered battlefields on a 2-D plane, along with items that periodically drop and stage hazards. Unlike SSB, however, players are defeated by having their Hit Points depleted rather than getting knocked off the stage. Also unlike Smash Bros, this game will have a 2v2 tag team system in which players can choose two fighters and then switch between them on the fly during battle, similar to X-Men vs. Street Fighter or BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.

When fighters get attacked, a meter fills up and, when full, will allow the character to perform their ultimate attack called a Spellbinding Climax.

In addition to two fighters, players can also have two Assist Characters that can be used during a battle. During gameplay, your two assists are always displayed on the bottom of the screen, one on each side of the screen. When activated, assists will momentarily appear in front of your character and (depending on the assist) will either do an attack, heal you, or help you out in some other way, before disappearing. Only one assist can be activated at a time, and when an assist is used, that assist can't be used again until its "cool-down period" ends, which is indicated by the "Wait Bars" on display below each Assist on the bottom screen. Using Assists can be risky, though. If your Assist is hit by an attack while it is out, you will be "Assist Blocked" and you won't be able to use that Assist for awhile.


There are also Character Cards you can collect, each featuring a character from throughout Scholastic's publications. You can assign them to your fighters, granting them some type of passive power-up, skill, or resistance, similar to Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or how Help Komas worked in Jump Ultimate Stars.

Game modes include Versus Mode (both local and online), Arcade Mode, Story Mode, Practice Mode, Options Menu, and Chronicles (similar to SSB's Masterpieces, this will let you read sample chapters of the books the characters originated from.)

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     Proposed Playable Character Roster 

At least until the next time I change my mind about the roster.


     Proposed Stages 

     Proposed Items 

     Proposed Assist Characters 

Note: This list excludes all the Playable Characters, who all have assists. So yes, any of these characters could potentially be Promoted to Playable via DLC.

     Proposed Character Cards 

To be added. There's going to be A LOT of them!

     Proposed Story Mode Enemies 

     Proposed Story Mode Bosses 

This game provides examples of:

  • Agony Beam: One of Voldemort's special moves, the Cruciatus Curse.
  • Assist Character: Aside from the game mechanic described above, some characters use other characters as part of their normal moveset.
    • Lizzy uses various Goosebumps monsters in some of her attacks, such as throwing a Lanx at opponents or attacking with a Mummy's Hand.
    • For Mem's Spellbinding Climax, several other girls from the Dear America series appear as we see a montage of various events in American history. This somehow hurts the other fighters a lot.
    • For Cato's Spellbinding Climax, he summons Clove for a Combination Attack.
    • Claerwen, Charlie Bone's wand, flies beside him in its' moth form at all times, aiding him in both special moves and melee attacks.
    • Kristy's dog, Shannon, assists her in one of her Special Moves.
  • Attack Reflector: Fighters with these include Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Marco, Cato, Rye, Kristy, and Blue.
  • Battle Intro: Each fighter will have an intro animation before the fight starts, usually with some sort of throwback to the character's original series. For example, the Animorphs will fly onto the stage, each using their signature flight morphs, and a platform will raise Katniss, Peeta, and Cato onto the stage from underground.
  • Beast Master: Conor, as Briggan assists him for most of his moves.
    • Ares also aids Gregor in battle, but not to the same extent as the above.
    • For his Spellbinding Climax, Voldemort calls forth the Basilisk (with its eyes already gouged out by Fawkes) to bite and poison his foes. If the initial bite completely depletes an opponents' HP, Voldemort will then finish them off with a Killing Curse.
  • Blob Monster: Monster Blood
  • Boss Rush: In addition to a mode where you can fight the Arcade Mode and Story Mode bosses one after another, there's also something akin to Smash's All-Star Mode where you fight all 48 characters in the roster, consisting of eight battles, each with three teams of two ganging up on you.
  • Car Fu: Ron summons the Flying Ford Anglia to fly into opponents for his Spellbinding Climax. Also, technically Ms. Frizzle's entire moveset.
  • Cast from Hit Points: Ron has a special move in which he pulls out his former (broken) wand and attempts to fire a spell. The spell will misfire, causing a powerful explosion; so powerful that Ron will also take damage from it.
    • John (or Philippa) take damage every time a wish is granted. The wishes are very powerful, however.
  • Character Roster Global Warming: Averted, at least compared to most examples, as can be seen below.
  • Competitive Balance: The tentative proposed play styles of the characters on the roster.
  • Composite Character: All of Lizzy's attacks utilize various objects or monsters from throughout the Goosebumps series (Mummy's Hand, the Evil Camera, the Shrunken Head, etc.), making her more of a stand-in for Goosebumps main characters in general.
    • Slappy can strangle people, which is something more in line of what his predecessor, Mr. Wood, would do.
    • Monster Blood throws drops of Blue Monster Blood (that take shape and attack when they hit the ground) for a projectile attack. It can also bite enemies in a similar manner as Cuddles the Hamster, and even grow plant vines out of itself to attack (referencing the ivy plants that consumed Monster Blood in Monster Blood for Breakfast.)
    • The Haunted Mask throws cursed jack-o lanterns for a projectile attack, referencing The Grave-Master.
    • Arragatis too, will have moves derived from other mummy characters from throughout the Goosebumps series.
    • Gale plants land mines for his Down Special. It's not something he's ever actually used (though other Hunger Games characters have), it's merely a reference to his trapping and strategic skills.
    • Cato can use his belt as a shield, which is something that Brutus did instead of him.
    • In terms of moveset, David is a composite between himself and the protagonist of the second Alternamorphs book, who's pretty much an Expy of David anyway.
    • Meggie and Mo echo each other, both being able to summon Dustfinger, Farid, Tinker Bell, and the treasure from Treasure Island in battle.
  • Counter Attack: Fighters with counter attacks include Jake, Cam, Alex, Blue, Conor, Lief, Jaron, Voldemort, Snape (who uses Legilimency to read the opponent's mind and see their next move), and Matthew (whose ability to see visions of the future is translated to outright Combat Clairvoyance in this game.)
  • Dance Battler: A couple of Mem's moves involve jigging.
    • Marco breakdances for some of his attacks.
  • Designated Girl Fight: For the Arcade Mode rivalries, we have Kristy vs. Mem, Hermione vs. Philippa, and Amy vs Alex.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Dumbledore's moveset is hard to get used to, but a force to be reckoned with if mastered.
  • The Dog Bites Back: After you defeat the Big Bad in the Story Mode, Count Morbida's pet, Transylvester (coincidentally(?), a red dog), turns on his master due to neglect and/or abuse, ending with him eating Morbida and taking his power. This makes the pair a Foil to the relationship between Emily Elizabeth and Clifford.
  • Dual Wielding: Gregor will fight with both a sword and Solovet's dagger.
    • I'm at least considering making Ron dual-wield wands, using both his original, hand-me-down wand that broke and his replacement wand.
  • Everything Is Better With Spinning: One of Gregor's moves, the Rager Spin.
  • Evil Counterpart: In a way, the Final Boss serves as one to Clifford.
  • Extremity Extremist: Monster Blood doesn't even have any legs to kick with. It merely has Kirby-like stubs for arms to attack with.
    • Although Amy does punch for a few of her attacks, for the most part she's a Kick Chick, as she fights with a Kickboxing style of martial arts.
  • Fighting Clown: Captain Underpants and George&Harold are obvious choices for this.
  • Final Boss: For the Arcade Mode, it's Clifford the Big Red Dog.
  • Guest Fighter: WordGirl counts, as she's from a cartoon instead of a book series.
  • Hooks and Crooks: Conor's weapon of choice in this game is a shepherd's crook.
  • I Know Madden Kombat: Kristy uses her baseball skills for a fair amount of her moves.
    • Also, Ron can smack down airborne opponents and knockback projectiles, referencing his skills as a Keeper.
    • Jake's regular attacks consist of him pulling off various basketball maneuvers.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Quite of a few of them. And it's probably not even a complete list.
    • As mentioned above, Lizzy's attacks utilize various objects or monsters from throughout the Goosebumps series (Mummy's Hand, the Evil Camera, the Shrunken Head, etc.)
    • Scipio can attack opponents with bells and "loot".
    • Some of Kristy's moves use objects such as a thermometer, a rag doll, and a flashlight.
    • Mem fights using objects such as a feather pin, a bucket, a rake, scorched peas, and more. Basically, anything Mem used during A Journey to the New World is fair game for her moveset.
    • Of course, Sandry's primary method of attack is using her magic to control thread.
    • Captain Underpants has throwing, well, underpants as one of his special moves.
    • The Haunted Mask uses, well, the other haunted masks that appeared throughout The Haunted Mask books in their moveset.
    • As mentioned above, Ms. Frizzle wears The Bus as a suit of armor in combat. And all of her attacks either utilize scientific tools such as telescopes and microscopes or reference various scientific subjects covered throughout the series, including some rather absurd weapons like magnets, light bulbs, and even giant white blood cells.
  • I Surrender, Suckers: Jaron employs this as a counterattack.
  • Kamehame Hadoken: Harry's Spellbinding Climax is firing an Expelliarmus in this fashion. Of course, it also causes opponents to drop any item that they're carrying.
  • Kid Hero: Over three-fourths of the roster consists of these.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Jaron's name counts as one, as it spoils a major plot twist from the first book of his series.
    • One of Lizzy's special moves is summoning the ghost from The Ghost Next Door to give her a lift, spoiling the identity of said ghost.
    • Some of Blue's moves spoil the reveal that she's half Plant Person.
  • Lethal Joke Character: Kristy's Spellbinding Climax is...knocking close to mid ranged opponents asleep (or rather, putting her "sitting charges" to bed). However, coupled with a special move that allows her to charge her meter (a la Gabranth) and you end up with a fighter that can near constantly score free hits to the opposition.
    • For one Ron's special moves, he takes out his original (broken) wand and tries to cast a spell with it, but it misfires, doing damage to Ron himself. However, if the moves connects, it's devastatingly powerful.
  • Light 'em Up: Tal's main form of attack.
  • Mandatory Twist Ending: As per Goosebumps tradition, misfortune befalls upon Lizzy or Billy even during their victory animation.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: For one of her special moves, Blue can power up any assist character she summons during the duration of the move.
    • Gregor has a rage meter that increases whenever he takes damage. When it fills up, he becomes faster and more powerful, but at the cost of defense.
    • John has a very powerful but risky wish-granting special move that he can only do three times per battle.
    • With one special move, Scipio can steal items from opponents, similar to Locke in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Using the special again will make him swing a bag-of-loot forward for a more damaging attack, but a different special will allow him to consume the item, receive it's benefit, and freeing him up to steal another item.
    • Dan has a special move similar to Wii Fit Trainer's Deep Breathing. If timed correctly, he'll hold his breath and any status effects he's currently inflicted by will last longer. However, this applies to both buffs and nerfs. Also, if he's inflicted by a new status effect during the move's duration, the special move will be cancelled out.
    • If Dumbledore is KO'd while having full special gauge, Fawkes will shed a tear and revive him with about 20 percent health, to make up for Dumbledore's extremely low defense.
  • Moveset Clone: Lizzy and Billy, John and Philippa, Lief and Rye, Meggie and Mo, and Cam and Alex. All of these pairs share the same attack animations, but differ in stats and victory animations, making them akin to the clone fighters in Smash Bros. Melee. The differences between each pair of fighters are as followed:
    • Mo is essentially a bigger, stronger, but slower version of Meggie.
    • Alex isn't as fast as her preppy sister, but her ice magic is more devastating than Cam's fire magic.
    • Despite being slightly shorter than John, Philippa is still slower but more powerful than him, making her an even more extreme Glass Cannon.
    • Rye is generally faster and weaker than Lief, but some of his attacks are multi hit moves, making him more akin to the Roy to Lief's Marth. Two of Rye's special moves is unique to him, one of which is an Attack Reflector, to contrast with Lief's Counter Attack.
    • Billy isn't as fast as Lizzy, but some of his attacks have an added water effect, improving his range and power. Also, Billy has a unique Spellbinding Climax in which he throws Captain Ben's leg like a spear!
  • Museum Game: You can read sample chapters as well as miscellaneous information about the various book series' represented in this game.
  • One-Winged Angel: In the Final Battle of the Story Mode, Morbid Transylvester grows to a gargantuan size via The Power of Hate, making him a big red dog.
  • Power Copying: Morbida has a Special Move where he grabs the opponent and gains a new attack from them, while mixing a horror flavor to the move when he performs it. Like Android 21, he will gain one of four abilities depending on the character, with the whole cast separated into four categories: Mages (characters who fight using magic, such as Harry Potter, Charlie Bone, and Sandry), Warriors (characters who mainly fight with weapons, such as Katniss, Arthur, and Lief), Sci-Fiers (characters who fight using technology or have special abilities gained from science or biology, such as Jake, Captain Underpants, and Ms. Frizzle), and Brawlers (characters who either fight bare-handed or with improvised objects, such as the Cahills, Scipio, and Kristy).
  • Power Creep, Power Seep: Obvious when characters like Kristy and Mem can stand on even grounds with wizards, superheroes, and the like.
  • Primal Stance: The Haunted Mask's fighting stance.
  • Puppet Fighter:
    • Conor & Briggan are functionally similar to Rosalina & Luma.
    • Downplayed with Tal and Adras, who function more similarly to Joker.
    • George & Harold, however, are NOT examples of this trope, as they will always remain together, no matter what.
  • The Rival: In Arcade Mode, the penultimate Final Boss will be a battle with your two fighters' designated rivals, just like in Playstation All-Stars. The rivalry pairs (and logic behind each pair), are as followed.
    • Harry Potter vs. Arthur Penhaligon (Both are from seven-book series' where seven is an Arc Number.)
    • Katniss vs. Mo (Both took the name of a bird, more specifically a jay.)
    • Jake vs. Gale (Both fought in wars and adopted ruthless tactics against their enemies.)
    • Dan Cahill vs. John (Both are the brother of a Brother-Sister Team that adventures throughout the world.)
    • Amy Cahill vs. Alex (Both are the less-outgoing, older sister of a sibling duo.)
    • Ron Weasley vs. Marco (Both are the Foils and best friends of The Hero of their stories.)
    • Hermione vs. Philippa (Both are genius girls with magic.)
    • Peeta vs. Lizzy (Both had to survive deadly televised games.)
    • Dumbledore vs. Miss Frizzle (Both are eccentric educators.)
    • Charlie Bone vs. Meggie Folchart (Both can enter new worlds through objects.)
    • Rachel vs. Gregor (Both are bersekers.)
    • Haunted Mask vs. David (Both are villainous minors with sadistic streaks.note )
    • Cassie vs. Conor (Cassie's signature battle morph and Conor's spirit animal are both wolves.)
    • George and Harold vs. Monster Blood (Gross characters, and Monster Blood is exactly the type of monster that George and Harold would come up with. More directly could be seen as a reference to the Inedible Hunk.)
    • Matthew Freeman vs. Billy (Both must deal with horrible monsters. Also a reference to Jillian and Jackson betraying the other Very Special Guests.)
    • Lief vs. Sandry (Both are of noble birth.)
    • Rye vs. Blue (Both have a love of and affiliation with trees. Also, they both changed the future, in a sense.)
    • Mem vs. Kristy (Both are Muggles and the representatives of series' aimed at girls.)
    • Scipio vs. Jaron ( Both are boys with high social status that disguised themselves as orphans.)
    • Tal vs. Cam (Both are magic-users with powers associated with the sun.)
    • Snape vs. Slappy (Both are vindictive and bullying users of dark-magic.)
    • Captain Underpants vs. WordGirl (Both are superheroes.)
    • Voldemort vs. Cato (Both are killers and BadBosses to their subordinates/allies.)
    • Arragatis vs. Count Morbida (Both are classical movie monsters.)
  • Series Mascot: Harry Potter, Katniss, Slappy, and Jake all share this role.
  • Shotoclone: Harry Potter. Yes, really. He has Stupefy as a fireball attack, riding his broom as a Shoryuken, and using Flipendo Duo to conjure a tornado around himself, more-or-less functioning similarly to a Hurricane Kick.
  • Shout-Out: I'm at least considering giving Captain Underpants an UNDERPANTS PUNCH!!!
  • Smurfette Principle: For a fighting game, surprisingly averted. Out of 48 playable characters, approximately 17 are female.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Crossover: Harry Potter has the lion's share of overall representation, with The Hunger Games, Goosebumps, and Animorphs not too far behind.
  • Status Effects:
    • Attack Up: Raises attack power. Granted by Tomas Serum.
    • Defense Up: Raises defense. Granted by Body Armor.
    • Speed Up: Raises running speed. Granted by Fleet Ring.
    • Winged: Increases jump height, number of midair jumps, and overall aerial mobility. Granted by Wings.
    • Giant: Increases your size. Granted by Chocolate Cake.
    • Invisibility: Renders you invisible on the other player's screens. Granted by Lief's Cloak.
    • X-Ray Vision: Gives you the ability to see invisible characters, as well as see what's inside containers. Granted by Magnifying Glass.
    • Reflect: Gives you the ability to automatically reflect any projectile that hits you. Granted by Shield Hat.
    • Super Armor: Attacks no longer make you flinch (but you still take damage) at the cost of some movement speed. Granted by Black Armor.
    • Attack Down: Lowers your attack power. Caused by Herbs of Infatuation.
    • Defense Down: Lowers your defense. Caused by Old Man Mask.
    • Speed Down: Lowers your running speed. Caused by Weights.
    • Small: Shrinks your size. Caused by Purple Peanut Butter.
    • Poison: Gradually lowers your health. Caused by Nightlock.
    • Paralysis: Renders you immobile. Caused by Charged Vial.
    • Sleep: Also renders you immobile. Only caused by Kristy's Spellbinding Climax.
    • Freeze: Renders you immobile AND decreases your defense.
    • Cursed: Gradually lowers your special gauge. Caused by Lost Legend and Grool.
    • Burn: Gradually lowers your health and forces you to run. Touching another fighter spreads the ailment to them. Caused by Creemy's Special Special.
    • Blind: Blackens your screen, making you unable to see. Caused by Sunstone.
    • Tag Blocked: Prevents you from switching to your other character. Caused by getting hit by a Forced Change attack, a universal mechanic that all fighters can do.
    • Assist Blocked: Prevents you from calling out assists. Caused by Fake Doggy Doo-Doo.
    • Confusion: Inverts your left and right controls. Caused by Confusing Concoction.
    • Controlled: You can't stop running. Caused by Yeerk.
    • (Note: Many Assists and enemy attacks can also cause these Status Effects.)
  • Summon Magic: Meggie's entire shtick.
  • Sword and Fist: Peeta fights with both his hands and feet and a large knife.
  • Tornado Move: John and Philippa can summon whirlwinds to ride on. Also, Harry's Flipendo Duo spell.
  • Truer to the Text: All characters have their appearances as described and/or illustrated in their original books, as opposed to their looks in their various film or TV adaptations. For example, Lief has black hair, Katniss has "olive skin", the T*Witches are NOT RaceLifted, etc.
    • This also applies to everyone's characterizations. For instance, Ron isn't an Adaptational Wimp in this.
  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: Where else will you find Katniss fighting Voldemort?
  • The Unexpected: A few characters.
    • Kristy Thomas, due to being from a non-Speculative Fiction Slice of Life series and having no canon fighting abilities whatsoever.
    • Mem, for mostly the same reasons as Kristy.
    • Since it's a Villain-Based Franchise, one probably wouldn't expect actual main characters from Goosebumps like Lizzy or Billy.
    • Monster Blood, despite being one of the most iconic Goosebumps monsters, may count, as it's literally just a pile of green goo that grows nonstop. It's not even an individual character, as there have been multiple cans of Monster Blood throughout the Goosebumps series.
    • David could qualify, as he was (for the most part) only present in a single arc in the original series.
    • The second Deltora Quest rep isn't Barda or Jasmine, but Rye from The Three Doors trilogy.
    • Ms. Frizzle, ESPECIALLY since she fights WITH the bus.
    • WordGirl since she isn't even from a book.
    • Count Morbida, due to being from a magazine that was mostly popular way back in the 70s and 80s.
    • In the Story Mode, perhaps the biggest example is the Continuem Crystal, from the Animorphs: Shattered Reality video game, being the cause of the worlds crossing over.
  • Victory Quote: All fighters (except Monster Blood) will have a few generic ones, as well as some character specific lines if they KO that character last in the match. A few examples:
    Amy (after KOing Harry): H...Harry Potter!?
    Marco (after KOing Rachel): What's wrong? Having an off-day, Xena?
    Cassie (after KOing Slappy): That's for calling me a slave!
    Harry (after KOing George & Harold): I heard about the 'Hairy Potty' thing. I'm not amused.
  • Villain Team-Up: Various villains from different series' team up in the game's Story Mode.
  • Walking Armory: Arthur, who carries with him all seven Keys at once.
  • Wrestler in All of Us: Peeta has a moveset geared towards this. After all, he did place second in a District 12 wrestling contest.

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