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Sakura the Rabbit: "This... is not his story... at least not anymore..."

This unfinished project was originally conceived by EternalNothingness, who desires to one day turn it into a game.

One millenium ago, in the land of Xiombus, an anthropomorphic rabbit by the name of Christophe brought an end to the Xiombus War, which pitted numerous nations against each other to determine which one unites the rest under its own rule, and thus brought peace to said land. However, it was at the expense of its people's freedom, as in the process Christophe would form an empire to rule over Xiombus with an iron fist, the Purifiers, all in the name of keeping the very peace he worked long and hard to bring. That was until another anthropomorphic rabbit, Tina, sacrificed her life to battle and defeat Christophe with the legendary Garnet Sword, disbanding the Purifiers and freeing Xiombus in the process. Unfortunately, ten years after his defeat, Christophe would return from the dead and reform his Purifier Empire, enslaving Xiombus once more in the process. Since then, the fate of Xiombus' freedom would rest in the hands of Tina's descendants for the next millenium, as every time Christophe is defeated, each of Tina's descendents would also die, but Christophe would return ten years later to continue ruling Xiombus with his Purifier Empire. Thus, a cycle of death would be brought forth.


Rurisagi the male, blue rabbit would be the most recent of Tina's descendants to defeat Christophe... but this would not be his story. He would die to save his fiancee, a pink, female rabbit named Sakura, from Christophe, but without bearing Sakura's child to pass the Garnet Sword on to, and with it his destiny to defeat Christophe and repeat that cycle of death. Since then, Sakura would go on a dangerous quest to resurrect Rurisagi out of love and repayment, and to do that, she has to collect four phoenix feathers to resurrect the one person who would do so for her, Xenia the Phoenix.

Throughout her quest, she would encounter a variety of friends and enemies along the way, each with their own reasons to either help or hinder her quest.


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