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Can you hear us? Has the signal we sent out gone through?

Can you hear our SOS?

Sounds of Silence, Snow of Solitude is a closed Discord-based Danganronpa roleplay group.

Sounds of Silence, Snow of Solitude demonstrates these examples of tropes:

  • A Student Body Divided
  • After the End: Typically Danganronpa affair on it's own, but as early as Chapter 1 with the suggestion that the Killing Game the students are playing through is far from the first one.
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  • Amateur Sleuth
  • Body of the Week: Every chapter results in at least one death that the remaining students have to investigate.
  • Characters Dropping Like Flies
  • Clear My Name/Clear Their Name: Happens whenever somebody is accused of the crime and fights the charges, or when their friends do their best to help them. Of course, the question of whether or not they're actually guilty is very real....
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: The executions, which are tailor-made for each culprit. Usually, they either mock their Super High School Level talent or exploit their deepest fears, ensuring their punishment is as terrifying as possible. Occasionally, a murder victim also dies in a particularly horrible manner.
  • Deadly Game
  • Developing Doomed Characters: That's some to most of the characters. Good luck figuring out which ones they are before they die. They include:
    • Noriko Yabuuchi, SHSL Bus Driver, Chapter 1 Victim
    • Varfolomei Amatsunai, SHSL Worm Magician, Chapter 1 Killer
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  • Dwindling Party
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: But who knows how much the students will have to sacrifice to achieve it?
  • Emotional Torque
  • Everyone Is a Suspect: The objective of each trial is to find out who is the most suspicious. Extends to before each individual murder, when the students must attempt to figure out who the possible complicit person might be.
  • Evidence Scavenger Hunt
  • Evil Only Has to Win Once: A single failed trial results in the execution of the contestants
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Often, relationships (both platonic and possibly romantic) are formed due to the stress everyone is put under and the bonds created thusly.
  • Frying Pan of Doom: The very first murder weapon used happened to be a frying pan, of all things.
  • Ghost City: Both the starting area and the first one unlocked are parts of a place referred to as 'Ni-o Tokyo', a desolate and completely empty city.
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  • Humans Are Flawed
  • Involuntary Battle to the Death
  • Kangaroo Court
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: Considering its premise and the fact that it's a roleplay, the characters are not above poking fun at the supposed absurdity of their circumstances.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: By killing game standards. Canon, and most games following its examples, start off with a cast of 16, while this one opens up with 22.
  • Meaningful Name: 'So So S' has to stand for something.
  • Mystery of the Week: There's a new murder every two-ish weeks in real life.
  • Pink Blood
  • Public Execution
  • Red Herring: Par for the course in a murder mystery. There's usually one or two big ones every case.
  • Shout-Out: May contain references to popular culture, internet phenomena and call-backs to previous games the muns and their muses have been in.
  • Snow Means Death: The entire setting counts.
  • Teen Genius: All the students to some extent. They were initially accepted into Hope's Peak for being the best in their age bracket at what they do.
  • Tonight, Someone Dies: Specifically, every couple of weeks, someone will be murdered. Subverted in the fact that each murder can be prevented through a series of specific conditions.
  • Translation Convention: All characters are presumed to be speaking Japanese unless otherwise noted, even though the game is written in English.
  • Win Your Freedom
  • You Can't Go Home Again


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     Male Students 

Varfolomei Amatsunai

SHSL Worm Magician

quote goes here

Varfolomei Amatsunai, the amazing wacky magician, known in the competitive ring as ‘The Worm Demon.’ What kind of magician? The kind that specializes in slight of hand using a fuzzy worm on a string! He’s popular with children, but perhaps a few not-children may know of his grand accomplishments. Well, he worms and he squirms. Best of all, Amatsunai performs with only rhymes. Isn’t he the coolest and the sweetest? The wormiest?


  • Teens Are Short: Look. I needed a trope for his height. Despite being the oldest(?) of the cast, Varfolomei is the second to shortest.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: Upon first introduction, Varfolomei only speaks in rhymes of various quality. This is because as a performer for children, that's just what he does.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: he knows russian. what can i say.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: He acts sweet, but it's clear internally he isn't as nice as he likes to act, especially towards children.
  • *Cough* Snark *Cough*: He tends to pass off anything mean he says as unintentional, rather than owning up to it.
  • Exotic Eye Designs: hi im raye and i draw varfy's eyes different because if he were a danganronpa character his eyes are funny and he just looks funny in general.
  • First-Name Basis: He only refers to people by their entire first name, and certainly doesn't appreciate any shortening on his given first name. I'm looking at you Mikiko.
  • Hey, You!: Due to his knack for rhyming, he tends to use pointing or saying 'you' or 'miss' or similar short and rhymable things to refer to people. Can't rhyme most names too well.
  • Love at First Sight: As soon as he saw Haruki Amemori, he fell in LOVE.
  • Child Hater: Despite being a child performer,,,
  • Stalker with a Crush: Towards Haruki, creeping (nearly) everyone else out immensely.

Haruki Amemori

SHSL Weathercaster

quote goes here

Between his viral appearances on the news, to his newest television program, it's not hard to have heard the name Haruki Amemori from somewhere. The teenager is known for his keen predictions, particularly of the weather, without the need for anything but himself. For those who don't know him for his prediction abilities know him from his 15 minute television program "Kero Kero Tenkeyohō".

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Jackson Coyote Davis

SHSL Rumormonger

quote goes here

Recently, a public apology was released by an induvidual known as Jackson Coyote Davis, a high school student, who debunked a variety of rumors that had been plaguing the country. Jackson has been found responsible for many of the most recent scandals and rumors, such as the celebrity love dodecahedron, the ghost hauntings of Nakano Broadway, and many politician-related scandals.

Despite his age, he has clearly displayed skills of being able to manipulate the flow of rumors on a national scale, and as a result, he has been offered a title as a Super High School Level in exchange for avoiding facing various charges. It’s unknown what rumors he’s responsible of beyond the major ones he debunked, but there’s a rumor itself that he runs an underground business where he spreads rumors for ridiculous fees.

Despite all this, looking up his name only leads to a multitude of results, none of them realistic in their description of him and often contradictory within their own text, let alone when compared with each other. As a result, he’s quite an enigma.

Norio Mamoru

SHSL Superhero

quote goes here

Never fear, the Brawling Beetle is here! Norio Mamoru, the SHSL Superhero, is widely known for his acts of good deeds and justice. With his inhuman strength and speed, he fights crime on the daily. Though yes, his spread of justice is known, Norio is more known for the time he single handedly took down three armed robbers at a local bank. The incident was all over the news, which earned him the title of SHSL Superhero.


  • The Big Guy: Standing at 6'6", he is beaten in stature only by Jak.
  • Calling Your Attacks: He just yells a lot.
  • For Great Justice: As an actual Superhero, Norio's actions and motivations are presumably driven by this!
  • Genius Bruiser: Not just a dumb hunk of muscle, Norio also has knowledge of mechanics and likes to spend his free time fiddling with mechanical objects.
  • Shout-Out: His name evokes Blue Beetle, and aside from that he has the outward demeanor and appearance in general of a dyed-in-the-wool Tokusatsu hero. The Beetle motif also, in particular, calls forth thoughts of Kamen Rider.
  • Super Speed / Super Strength: Norio has "inhuman" strength and speed, which aid him in saving the day!

Himura Masaru

SHSL Spiker

quote goes here

If you saw Himura a few years ago, you may not be able to recognize him with his weak posture, refusal to make eye contact, and general shyness. However, he’s made a complete 180 in recent years. He’s incredibly outgoing and flirtatious, finding it funny when a cute girl blushes or has trouble maintaining eye contact from a quick quip. It comes naturally to him to be the leader of the pack or to have all eyes on him, making it the most important thing to be the center of attention at all times. Despite his high and mighty nature, he’s a coward for most things, not having the muscle to be able to back up most of his claims.

  • Middle Child Syndrome: The forgotten middle child, left to make his own way in the world....
  • Motor Mouth: He sure loves to run his mouth.
  • Not So Above It All: Hit the right spot with Himura and you'll find out that he really does get bothered by certain things.
  • Really Gets Around: From what he says, at least, Himura seems to have a reputation for sleeping around a lot.

Kirashi Matomoe


quote goes here

Kirashi is an incredibly mysterious individual. He’s known for being quiet about anything including himself, he’s quite good at covering up anything known about him. Therefore very little about him is known at all. Even anything Kirashi does, no one can really tell what he’s up to at all. Unless you were to literally stalk him, his actions aren’t too predictable. It might even seem that he knows more about what’s happening than his other classmates, which heightens the mystery surrounding him.

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Naoto Murasaki

SHSL Gardener

quote goes here

Naoto is a quiet, standoffish young man that likes to keep to himself. No one really knows why he prefers to keep to himself— There are rumors that say he’s simply too anxious to start a conversation with others, or some of the worse rumors say that he’s a murderer, observing everyone and waiting for his time to strike. All that anyone really knows is his love for music and gardening, and that he doesn’t really look like he wants to hurt anybody. He lives vicariously through his cutesy, online persona girl. However, if anyone knew who the famous "Neo" was, he just might die.

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Shiori Nishijima

SHSL Collector

quote goes here

From war photographs to cartoon collectibles, items from Shiori Nishijima's expansive collections span hundreds of museums worldwide. Although he is rarely seen in public, he has gained massive fame with historians and, surprisingly, fast food fanatics (for his immense collection of vintage American Happy Meal toys). When he does leave his apartment, he can often be spotted shopping in antique stores and eating at local cafés.

  • Hopeless with Tech: Maybe because he spends so much time collecting old things, Shiori isn't accustomed to using certain modern technologies.

Miguel Alvarez Ortiz

SHSL Heel Wrestler

"Sick. I'll look out for ya, don't worry. Need anything, just come find me."

Miguel “The Crowbar” Alvarez Ortiz is a professional wrestler from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Known for his brutal tactics and harsh strikes he is a wrestler who fans love to hate. He is especially popular in Japan where his stiff strikes and intense performances match the expectations of the fans. His nickname “The Crowbar” was coined for him frequently causing bleeding in the opponent due to his brutal strikes, he plays a bad-guy character, frequently cheating, trash talking and generally showing bad sportsmanship to not only get into the head of his opponent but also keep the fans entertained, he’s been known to keep the illusion of his character very real out of his matches, acting in character whenever a fan recognizes him or he’s in his wrestling gear.

  • Cool Mask: His face mask has a teeth design on it. Generic? Yes. Cool? Definitely.
  • Dumb Muscle: He's just slow on the uptake.
  • Guys Are Slobs: He's not really a slob, but he does frequently eat with his mouth open and is usually pretty sweaty from working out.
  • Lovable Jock: Despite being a heel (A really good one at that), he's friendly enough. He probably has a face turn in him.
  • It's All About Me: He's a narcissist, though it's not clear if that's just him being in character, he tries to make conversation about himself if he can.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: He's among the shortest of the cast but is no doubt among the strongest.
  • Rated M for Manly: His love of exercise, muscles and showing off is pretty manly.
  • Shout-Out: His height, weight and date of birth are the same as Rey Mysterio Jr.'s. His T-Shirt and slogan are inspired by Kevin Owens.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: When introducing himself he said "You probably know me as 'The Crowbar'." No one knew him as The Crowbar.

     Female Students 


SHSL Freestyle Dancer

quote goes here

The world of freestyle dance is a fickle place, the right sort of music has the potential to make or break a lot of newcomers careers. But, there are the exceptional few that seem to be able to move their body to any tune thrown their way, and 'Apollo’ is most definitely one of these few. For a relatively recent name on the freestyle disco dancing scene, Apollo appeared out of seemingly nowhere but is gaining fans fast, they already have a number of first place awards under their belt and show no sign of slowing down in their antics.

  • "Awesome McCool" Name: Apollo? Yeah, like the God of music and light. Obviously this kid picked their own stage name.
  • Dancing Is Serious Business:
  • Motor Mouth: Apparently always has something to say, whether it's actually worth vocalising is another story.
    • Apollo also has a tendency to repeat words or short phrases when they're excited.
  • Only One Name: Just goes by their stage name.
  • Pointless Band-Aid: They're clumsy, but not clumsy enough to warrant all the band aids they wear.
  • Quirky Curls:
  • Tricked-Out Shoes: Not only does Apollo's silly footwear have wings attached to the heels, they also contain a function that makes them light up.

Kimi Himi


quote goes here

Kimi Himi's surname isn't attached to any known relevant family for anything, and the lack of information on her herself combined with her self-proclaimed Super High School Level Liar talent means there's really not much to go on. Still, being someone to leave an impression and walk away seems to be her mantra, so there must be something going on with her.

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Mikiko Kumagai

SHSL Jazz Pianist

"W-Well, we can try to think positive, right~? I don't think everything has to be all bad, you know? We - We'll all be fine!"

Mention the name “Kumagai”, and most music fans in Japan will immediately think of the fifteen-year-old piano prodigy who turned an industry upside down. When Mikiko started playing jazz, the genre was largely failing in Japan and most other parts of the world. However, in middle school she formed the Kumagai Atomic Jazz Band with the help of several other more seasoned jazz musicians that her piano instructor referred to her. Even surrounded by musical greats, Mikiko’s incredible skill in jazz improvisation shone brightest, and music critics were taking notice.

With young Kumagai Mikiko’s piano playing at the forefront, the band played more and more gigs by the month. By the time Mikiko reached her fifteenth birthday, she and her band had been signed by a major record label. They released an album, titled Blue Keys At Birdland, that critics called “groundbreaking” and “unprecedented”. The album exploded in popularity and singlehandedly revived jazz music in the East. Now the trend is spreading to the West as well, and jazz enthusiasts everywhere marvel at the young musician’s entrepreneurial skill as well as her innate musical talent.

  • Cuddle Bug: She loves giving out hugs! - Especially to characters who seem to need some comforting.
  • The Cutie: Mikiko is one of the youngest characters, and her wide-eyed idealism tends to make her a rather easy target. Considering what kind of roleplay she's in, it's likely her character arc will continue along one of two paths: Break the Cutie or Kill the Cutie. Or even both....
  • The Ingenue: She's a very sheltered, innocent girl with an idealistic outlook on life as a whole.
  • Prone to Tears: She's normally cheerful and upbeat, but considering that she's in quite stressful circumstance already, Mikiko has a difficult time dealing with situations that make her even more emotional - hence, what seems like a lot of crying.
  • Regal Ringlets: Indeed, her tightly-wound ponytail is a sign of her upbringing.
  • Shout-Out: Her band's name is a reference to The Atomic Mr. Basie - an album of Count Basie, a famous jazz artist from the 1940's.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: Mikiko does her very best to see the best qualities in everyone around her, and to always keep up a sense of hope even when things seem hopeless.
  • You Gotta Have Purple Hair: Mikiko's hair is dyed light lavender.

Sumiko Kurenai

SHSL Milkshake Maker

quote goes here

Sumiko Kurenai rose to fame while working at her local ice-cream shop. Milkshakes of any and all kind are her forte- getting only the finest of ingredients and decorating them meticulously to make them have just the right taste and touch. Try her specialty sometime, a classic strawberry milkshake. She’ll serve it to you with heart-shaped sprinkles and a smile!

Tsubame Okada

SHSL Falconer

quote goes here

Tsubame Okada is known widely as the Super High School Level Falconer! She runs a sanctuary for rescued raptors and performs in shows around the world. She spends most of her time training her birds, all of which are incapable of surviving in the wild. She uses her shows to demonstrate her birds’ skills and educate others about the importance of preserving wildlife and telling the correct organizations about injured animals. Tsubame is a friend to all, talking to anyone who is willing to listen about birds. When she’s not with her birds, Tsubame can be seen reading or exploring nature. People who have seen her shows have said that Tsubame has unreal control over the birds, almost like she is talking to them without actually sharing words. Tsubame just attributes her skill to her experience and bond with the birds. She wishes to see a world where humans and nature can live in harmony. Until then, Tsubame will continue to work as the Super High School Level Falconer to protect wildlife and show others the wonders of raptors!


Shizuka Sakurai

SHSL ???

quote goes here

Shizuka Sakurai is yet another high school student recognized as worthy of Super High-school Level Status. Her unsociable, intimidating manner and apparent lack of interest in most goings on make it hard to picture just what the hell she does, though. Does she even know? If so she refuses to say.

  • '80s Hair: A mullet, to be exact!
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Described by her player as having Batman-esque "near peak human physical condition" abilities.
  • Contralto of Danger: The words she does speak are in a low, brusque tone.
  • Cool Shades: Specifically the anime-classic triangular shades.
  • Custom Uniform: Wears her school's blazer over a white hoodie that reads 'POWER MOVE' in faded English text, sweatpants, and military-grade combat boots.
  • Death Glare: A stated specialty of hers.
  • Humble Hero: Her stated reason for not sharing her talent is that she doesn't want the attention tied to it, and underneath her outward demeanor she's pretty transparently nice.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Not exactly a stunning conversationalist, and more than willing to just spring to violence or silently intimidate people into getting her way, but in the first chapter alone has gone out of her way to help people a few times without a passing comment.
  • No Social Skills: Generally prefers to keep to herself, and is uncomfortable with a lot of attention.
  • Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training: Academically and socially, she falls behind, but physically she's practically in a league of her own. Some of this isn't her fault, given that she's dyslexic, but these difficulties did still contribute to her decision to follow this.
  • Statuesque Stunner: Clocking in at 5'10!
  • The Quiet One: Described as a woman of few words. Starts talking unprompted more as time goes on, though she's still not exactly a social butterfly.

Umi Shiina

SHSL Seafarer

quote goes here

Umi Shiina, the Super High School Level Seafarer, of course grew up in a small seaside village as a child, going out to sea with her family on a regular basis from the age of nine, and occasionally running off on her own independent adventures. She is able to do all of the things that a typical seafarer does with expertise line none other; fishing, exploring, charting and even the occasional mariner work.

She’s competitive and a pottymouth sometimes to her detriment, but makes up for it with her determination and intuitive way of thinking and travelling. Due to her many adventures Umi has found herself capable of assessing a potential way forward for most adventuring situations, but domestic situations and people she’s not familiar with may leave her stumped.

  • Punny Name: "Umi" means "sea" in Japanese, funnily enough given that she's the SHSL Seafarer. Bring this up with her, though, and it's a Berserk Button.
  • Sir Swearsalot: She curses like a sailor, apparently.

Otome Tarou

SHSL Unlucky Student

quote goes here

Growing up in a quiet town with a quiet family, Otome has always experienced bad luck when she least expects it, and that’s what gets her. She tries not to think about it so it doesn’t get to her but when she completely forgets about it, she has something horrible happen to her and she’s back at square one. Often times, she tends to bring what she deems “good luck charms” around her and her being for her own piece of mind. She’s just riddled with horrible luck at the worst times.

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Ume Umehara

SHSL Joggler

quote goes here

Famous from Europe to Asia and everywhere in between, Ume Umehara is known to be called the “Traveling One-Women Circus” for her broad repertoire of skills and performance skits. She's went by many names throughout her career and gained herself many fans across the globe, but the accomplishment she's been credited with the most is the popularization of the obscure sport known as 'joggling’ which she uses often in her shows.


Noriko Yabuuchi

SHSL Bus Driver

quote goes here

Star driver is not the first thing that comes to mind when one looks at Noriko Yabuuchi. As a driver-for-hire, she has the ability to take any bus and give a flawless ride. Despite her cold demeanour, she is reliable and can get things done. Yabuuchi has extensive knowledge on the inner workings of her vehicles and rumor has it that she soups up her own for faster transport.


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     Nonbinary Students 

Abadon Belladona

SHSL Herbalist

I'm here to help Father carry out his will, you know? That's always been my purpose. Well, that.. and feeding you guys. Heheh.

Abadon originates from a small, unmapped village, where those who live there choose a life free from modern responsibilities. Those who inhabit the village are required to keep any outsiders away, and are taught from a young age the importance of things such as gardening and hunting. While their life style is outdated, they still retain many habits and electronics from the modern age.

Each person in the village is assigned a role at a young age which they must live by, Abadon being given the task of herbalism. As such, he mainly takes care of medicinal needs, though has also been taught to cook meals for the village.

  • Mysterious Past: The unusual village Abadon originates from leaves lots of answers to be desired.
  • Creepy Good: Despite how unsettling or dangerous Abadon's actions may be, he does it all with a smile.
  • Preacher Man: Abadon frequently mentions 'Father', a supposed god in the religion he follows.
  • Sour Outside, Sad Inside: Despite his rude and unsettling attitude, his personality is implied to have something more to it.
  • Lack of Empathy: Abadon has a hard time picking up on social cues, and usually doesn't realize when a joke or prank of his has gone too far. More often than not, his jokes can cause legitimate danger in the lives of those around him.
  • Catchphrase: Sentences often end with "You know?"

Nikephoras Florakis

SHSL Sybil

quote goes here

Future sight - a fictitious concept that can hardly be grasped by mankind, but has been spoken of for as long as centuries. Bearing an ancient technique in a modern world, Nikephoras “Niki” Florakis is the only proven sibyl, or seer, in Greece. Along with their elder sibling, Icarius Florakis, they run a business showing off their ethereal ability to foresee events that are yet to come.

Aisukurimu Saiki

SHSL Politician

quote goes here

Aisukurimu Saiki is a sweet talking politician with an aptitude for making the wrong decision. With a big heart and a bigger mouth, he’s always the darling of the crowd when he enters an election. He can sway any audience, win over any rival with his charming words. However, there’s a curse that haunts his every waking hour. When he makes a choice intentionally, it will be the wrong one. Somehow, things go south every time. To remedy this, he relies on random chance, and the urgings of others. What’s a politician without a little curve to their backbone? Put an opinion in his mouth, and he’ll spread the good word with no questions asked. But can such a precocious wreck of a candidate keep up with the runnings when murder is involved?


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