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In a World... of magic, drama, Fantastic Racism, action, explosions, one-sided romance, Mind Screws, explosions, bad hair days and The End of the World as We Know It (maybe), the harbinger of hope could perchance just be the littlest thing...or person.

Enter Midori Nesavas, a witch devoid of any power, and as a result a target of ridicule and general dislike. The teacher is nice enough, and she has one friend named Aiden. Oh, and her crush just happens to be the most feared (and powerful) kid in the school - Damian Grimshaw. Normal enough, right?.


Well, then there's this organization to destroy their school, and all other Wizarding Schools like it. In short, their aim is to end all magic - forever. At first, that sounds pretty bad, until our heroes uncover the corruption within the schools (and especially High Coven) that they never thought possible. But all the while, some freaky stuff is happening to Midori. As in, a mysterious and gross gash on her arm that seemingly happened out of nowhere. Fortunately, that's only part of her metamorphosis into her more powerful form - and everything turns out alright once her skin splits open to reveal her chrysalis.

The Grimshaws have some dark secrets of their own too. Like the horrible power Damian has kept from his father for years, the disappearance of their mother, and their whole family's part in a magical eugenics program.


It's magic and shit. Enjoy the ride.—

Tropes appearing in Rise of the Green Witch:

     Story and Plot 


Midori Nesavas

Aiden Flannery

Oberna Auberlin

Damien Grimshaw

Daria Grimshaw

Yseulto Kininski

Griffith Tesla

     Possible Developments 

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