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Raise If Fall, stylized as if(fall == 1); raise;, is a turn-based Eastern RPG meant to be a Spiritual Successor to Makai Toushi Sa Ga, featuring many of the same features such as Breakable Weapons, Perma Death, and Loads and Loads of Races to use as playable characters.

The game takes place on the World Tree, starting out on the world of fairly standard humans, pointy-eared, furry-faced elves, stout, stone-skinned dwarves adapted to living in the dark, and borderline Little Bit Beastly halfings along with their creations, a bevy of robots and drones that serve as the workforce for most of the world. Using the Fellstones' magic, they've been able to make leaps and bounds in technological progress, and the world they live in is more or less idyllic.


However, there are other worlds that are not so ideal. The world below is filled with the Beast Men known as the anima, and they make up a number of tribes vying for an increasingly limited supply of resources and but a single Fellstone, and the world below that is a lightless hellhole where goblins, trolls, and fallen elves reside and fight for survival with no Fellstone keeping them in a perpetual Dark Age. And below that? Hell...but not for any of the above races.

So naturally, the anima, goblins, trolls, drow, and demons are all trying to climb the Tree to get to your idyllic world, which has lead to a number of attacks around the Tree itself. The territory, dubbed Ground Zero, is home to no one but soldiers who guard the Tree day and night. You are the leader of a lowly squad of guards, and it seem a handful of goblins slipped under your radar and stole one of the Fellstones. Now it's your job to get it back, which means you'll have to fight mutated creatures and monsters and maybe even the other races...maybe...


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