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Ten years ago, a fortune teller told Hippo to abandon everything in his life - his family, his job, his identity. Instead, she said, he should travel the world, taking every opportunity for adventure he could find.

This is not the story of those adventures.

Ten years later, he's completely out of money to pay the bills and accidentally runs into the fortune teller again. He goes after her seeking answers. Having long left the fortune-telling business for the glamour of the Mc Cheesy's drive-thru, she initially refuses to tell him anything more than that his time is coming.


Meanwhile, Hippo has taken in a houseguest who claims to be staying in town to find something she lost. Having nothing else to do, he offers help, but she is hesitant to give details. Then, desperate for cash, he robs a grave and uncovers exactly what she was looking for: a gem in the shape of an egg. His guest reveals herself as an Egg Genie. She explains that the egg has given her great powers, but at the cost of having to serve whoever obtains it. Not one to throw away an opportunity, Hippo decides to enlist her help in taking down the new government-instated cult that is bringing all the homeless into its ranks... and with a slim wallet, he has little time before they come for him as well. Without giving too much away, he'll eventually have to deal with the six other egg genies, and a plot to take over the country... all without being able to afford plane tickets.


Think a cross between Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Butler, and Planes, Trains and Automobiles with just a pinch of Only Yesterday.


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